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Thoughtful Ways To Honor Your Mom Or MIL On Your Wedding Day!


Weddings are significant for everyone involved. From your family members to your friends, from you and your partner to your cousins, the day evokes emotions of different kinds. Every person is invested in the day, as much as you are. As the wedding day approaches and the day’s festivities begin, it is only natural for you to involve everyone in the day. When you plan your wedding, make sure that you add everyone to your wedding festivities. The thing is apart from wedding photos you should consider honoring every person who is close to you at your wedding. Since we know apart from bridesmaid photos and groomsmen photos, honoring your bridal party, you should know how to honor your mother and mother-in-law. There is a special space at every wedding for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. So, if you want to make the mothers happy and feel special, then we have some good ideas to make their day just as special and memorable as the wedding day will be for you. 


  1. Make Time for Photos 


One of the best ways to make the mothers happy during your wedding festivities is to have some photos. There are a few ways to ensure that your wedding photos include the mother of the bride and groom. The first thing to do is to talk to the wedding photographer and let them know that you need many candid photos of the mothers. Additionally, you should think of some amazing photo ideas to take photos with your special ladies. You can choreograph some photo ideas and ask your photographer to direct the poses so that you and your mother and your mother-in-law with some quirky photos. For this idea, you can also look at some photo inspiration and choose a few poses that you and the mothers can do comfortably. That said aside, you can also ask both of the mothers what kind of poses you like. Think about poses for both the groom and the bride, so that everyone is included. You can have both of the mothers pose for you when you’re getting ready. A great way to include both of the mothers and make them feel special is to have both of them wear the same or similar outfits for the day. For the outfits, make sure that you ask both of the mothers if they are okay with the idea of the same outfits or similar outfits. 


  1. Give Your Mothers a Special Gift 


A wedding day is a celebration of love for everyone involved. From the parents to the siblings, the day holds a special place in the hearts of everyone who is close to you. A great way to make the mothers of the couple is to pamper them with gifts and something amazing, something nice. Apart from the photos at your wedding, which is not only recommended but also a mandatory part of the wedding day, you can choose to shower your mothers with some extravagant gifts. One of the best ways to make the two mothers happy and feel special and honored as well as to use the opportunity to bring some gifts to both of them. So, our ideas for gift giving are as simple as choosing a gift that your mothers love. For example, if they are art lovers, you can purchase some amazing art pieces, if they love health and wellness, you can get them a health box subscription or even an exercise machine. And if you want to take this to the next level, you can also book both mothers a cool vacation, together or separately, depending on the situation! Another way to say thank you is to have portraits made for the mothers and the bride and groom, which they can hang up in their favorite room or in their office! To add more to this idea, you can also add a handwritten note, expressing exactly what you want to tell your mother and have a photo that you cherish with your mother framed for her. Additionally, you can also give a sweet and emotional speech dedicated to your mother


Gift your Mothers a Great Gift 


Although gift ideas like an iPhone, a trendy new outfit, or even designer products may be a great idea, we are firm believers that your mothers need something everlasting. To us, the gift of health, the gift of amazing memories, or a trip to a health and wellness retreat is better. We feel that you can also create an entire ceremony for your mothers, you and your partner can give the gifts you have chosen for your mother and your partner’s mothers together. So, in short, you will not only give your mother a gift but will also give your mother-in-law her gift as well! This is not only a great way to say thank you, but is also a great way to build the festivities and celebratory mood before the wedding day! Also, remember, a thank you note is a great way to touch their hearts. 


  1. An Emotional Touch 


A small gesture always makes a very big impact. So, if you’re trying to make your mothers feel happy and special, then you can try out a few things, which will put a bright smile on your mother’s face. For example, if the bride is close to both of the mothers, then she can use a swatch from the wedding day outfits from both of the mothers’ dresses and use one swatch to tie her bridal bouquet and the other swatch she can use as a headband or add it to a part of your wedding gown. Apart from this, in some cases, if your mother has already given you some of her items, maybe something that they loved when they were younger, you can use that as a part of your wedding day outfit. Also, the groom can also do the same. The groom can use swatches from both of their mother’s dresses and use them to create pocket squares for the day! The groom can also cut out patterns from the swatches and have them stitched on the tie as well! A better way to honor your mother with small gestures is to use a piece of jewelry your mother has given you in the past, or a watch or anything that can be used as an accessory, and wear it on your wedding day! This idea also works for those who are looking for ideas to honor their mothers if they have passed on. 


  1. Help her look the Best on your Wedding Day 


Another great way to show your love to your mother and your partner’s mother is to help them look their best on your wedding day. You can help them by taking them outfit shopping. As we mentioned earlier, while the mothers are deciding what to wear for your special day, you can pitch the idea of them twinning in similar colors and outfits. If they are comfortable, you can help them pick out the outfits, together. This will not only help them but also give you a chance to have something amazing with your mothers! You can also turn the day of outfit shopping into a day out! You can have lunch, discuss the wedding timeline, borrow some pearls of wisdom from the mothers, and also have the dress shopping done. Another way to make your mothers feel special when you’re dress shopping is to tell them the wedding outfits for your mother and your partner’s mother is on you! From accessorizing the dress to the dress itself, you can cover that to make them feel special in your life! Another interesting idea is to incorporate some elements of the outfits that your mothers will wear into your wedding day outfit. For example, if they choose an embossed dress, you can look for an embossed wedding dress, and if they choose to wear something with glitter, you can choose to have some glitter in the wedding day outfit. 


  1. Invite your Mother and Mother-in-law to Plan or Host a Rehearsal Dinner


Although your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, it goes without saying that the rehearsal dinner will be just as important. Mothers love helping their children, which is why you and your partner can ask your mothers to help you plan your wedding rehearsal dinner! One of the best ways to do this right is to pop the question, in a romantic way, this will make them smile and giggle, and more importantly, make them feel very special. However, before you pop the question and give them an entire rehearsal dinner to plan, make sure that you know if they will be up for it. Do not push the responsibility onto them without knowing if they will be excited to help you. See, the thing is, your mother and your partner’s mother should not feel overwhelmed or obligated to do it. As the emotion is to make your mothers feel special, make sure you ask them first. If you want it to be a surprise, you can quietly figure out if they will want to team up and work on this. Another way of making them feel special when you ask them to plan a rehearsal dinner and not be overwhelmed is to pop the question and then let them know that you will if they do not want to. Also, you can also ask them to be the host for your wedding rehearsal dinner, instead of planning and designing what the day looks like! Another way is to ask them if they would like to plan some parts, as in you and your partner can divide the work amongst yourselves and your mothers, this way everyone will have something to plan and design without being overwhelmed! Another idea related to rehearsal dinners and making your mothers happy is to ask them if they want to pick out the colors and help you with ideas for the rehearsal dinner. So, what we mean to emphasize here is simple, ask your mothers about what they want to do and how they want to be a part of your wedding rehearsal dinner. You can also ask them to be a part of the wedding planning. However, these ideas that we mention are amazing and fun to use only when you want them to be a part of the planning process and they are completely okay with the responsibility of it all. Make sure that if you do use this idea, none of it should feel like an extra thing to do for you or them, only then planning a wedding rehearsal dinner or even a wedding with your mothers will be a fun, and sentimental memory. The reason why we are emphasizing this is that everyone has a different perspective of what their wedding and wedding rehearsal dinner should look like, and this idea will work only when all of you share the same views.


With that, we come to the end of our inspiration blog. Your parents have so much importance, and it is necessary for you to not only acknowledge their love and emotions for you but also to show your appreciation for them. Your wedding and the wedding day is a great way to let them know how important they are to you. Additionally, the same goes for your mother-in-law, she will not only play a huge role in your life but also is important to your partner. Showing love, and respect and being close to her will make your mother-in-law and your partner know how much they mean to you. Because when you tie the knot with the love of your life, it is not only them that you start a new journey with, but also with the people who matter to them. We hope that the ideas above help you to show them how much they mean to you. You can use one of these ideas to shower your mothers with love, or you can use all of them. Also, these are just ideas, feel free to tweak these ideas as per the preferences of the mothers.


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