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A February San Antonio Wedding Which Is Equal Parts Elegant And Romantic!


Life is precious on its own, but add a sprinkling of love, and it's instantly made better! Love provides us a sliver of a fairytale in the midst of the mundanity. It encourages us to dream, to love selflessly, and to protect fiercely. Falling in love is easy and happens in a matter of minutes sometimes. But how do you know you have found the person you will want to live all your tomorrows with? In this huge endless universe, finding a spouse who holds the same values, goals, and view on life as you do is not an easy endeavor. But it's by no means impossible! Take a look around, it's happening all around us, every second! People still fall in love despite all the odds, and they promise “forever” without a doubt in their minds. Such is love! Being able to spend the rest of your life with someone who deeply loves you is a wonderful thing, regardless of whether you've been dreaming about this day since you were ten or it's only recently become a reality for you. 


We are lucky to see these happy miracles as the outline of work allows us to watch as people fall in love and get married! Every time we get to write about a couple that is so madly in love that everything else is just a blur for them, our faith in love gets a revival, which is often threatened by the hard world around us! Love inspires, plants hope, and makes us smile even through the most trying periods in life. We get an instantaneous increase in serotonin when we watch a love story. A delightful and once-in-a-lifetime event, seeing a love story blossom from a spark and take flight is truly an experience that never gets old. Love is one of nature's extraordinary charms since it never wears us out and always fills us with wonder and excitement. We can never get enough of the vibrant hues of love, and Alicia and Levi remind us yet again of its allure!


The wedding of Alicia and Levi in the lovely city of San Antonio is the one that made us misty-eyed and warmed our hearts. Today, we're presenting the love story of two star-crossed lovers who can't keep their eyes off each other, and the wave of positivity and love they bring into the special day! The romantic, warm, and heartwarmingly wonderful wedding of Alicia and Levi will steal your heart. It combines all the picturesque, romantic, and outdoor characteristics with elegant flourishes that are tasteful and liberally sprinkled with class. Take a look at these gorgeous pictures from this adorable couple's wedding.


Alicia and Levi chose San Antonio as the setting for their love story! San Antonio ranks as the seventh most populous city in the nation and has the greatest rate of population growth nationwide. One of the most well-known cities in south-central Texas, San Antonio, has a significant colonial past. With the Alamo, the infamous 18th-century Spanish mission preserved as a museum that immortalizes the 1836 battle for Texas' independence from Mexico, or at San Antonio RiverWalk, which is located alongside the San Antonio River and features a wide array of shops and cafes, San Antonio is the titillating combination of history and beauty that has been tempered to just the right shade of perfect. Whether it's the breathtaking panoramic views of the city that cast the most amazing silhouette across the city skyline or the vibrant and upbeat atmosphere of the city, San Antonio is a pleasure for both locals and visitors.


If you have the time to get beyond the city, there are a lot of things to do, from golfing and caving to channeling your inner cowboy in the nearby Hill Country. Depending on when you decide to travel there, you could even be able to participate in the city's famous Fiesta. San Antonio is recognized for its fantastic Tex-Mex food, breathtaking River Walk, and distinctive heavy metal and hardcore music scene. It has a lot of character. If you want to try some of the wonderful cuisines of the city, consider dining in San Antonio's Pearl District or enrolling in a cooking class. If you and your significant other fell in love with this lovely city and want to use it as the setting for your wedding or engagement photos, you're in luck, as the city is rife with options! And we promise, one look at Alicia and Levi’s wedding day is enough to convince you about this gorgeous city!


While the city of San Antonio is rampant with some jaw-dropping wedding venues, Alicia and Levi’s wedding was hosted in the lovely La Cantera Resort & Spa. Atop one of San Antonio's highest elevations is the Hill Country getaway known as La Cantera Resort & Spa. It has gorgeous venues for events, an excellent golf course, a destination spa, and more. At La Cantera, tranquility and elegance coexist. For the most important day of your life, we are ready to provide an amazing Hill Country experience unmatched elsewhere in San Antonio. La Cantera Resort & Spa is the perfect setting for your ideal wedding, whether it's a small gathering of only 25 of your closest family and friends overlooking the beautiful Hill Country or a grandiose feast for over 800 guests. For this wonderful event, we offer a variety of stunning indoor and outdoor wedding locations. On the site of a former limestone quarry, our venue was built. Only 20 minutes separate La Cantera, which is situated on 550 tranquil acres with views of the Texas Hill Country, from the San Antonio airport. Due to its limestone arches and stunning view of the surrounding hills, the El Fortin Lawn is a fantastic choice for outdoor wedding celebrations. The enormous ballroom can accommodate 1,000 guests and boasts a 20-foot ceiling with glistening chandeliers. Views of the neighboring Hill Country and the spotless golf course are provided. This location is great for out-of-town guests who want easy access to hotels and entertainment. Nearby attractions include SeaWorld San Antonio, the San Antonio RiverWalk, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and the Alamo. Needless to say, it was the perfect match for our gorgeous Texan couple!


Speaking of the gorgeous couple, let us take a closer look at Alicia and Levi’s gorgeous day. The warm February day in San Antonio started fresh and bright and we found our couple getting ready for a day they will never forget! Alicia got her hair and makeup done as she donned a crisp white robe, which said “Bride” on her back. As she got ready, we got to see glimpses of the stunning packages she had ready for her lovely bridal party! Her bridesmaids got ready in some lovely robes with pink floral details, and our San Antonio wedding photographer captured some lovely shots of the girl gang together as they shared a drink together! Our bride soon slipped into a gorgeous mermaid-cut bridal dress with off-shoulder details and a lovely tulle veil to complete her look. Her hair was done in soft curls, and Alicia carried a classy rose bridal bouquet to finish off her look. Her girl gang was all dressed up in powder-pink bridesmaid dresses and matching bouquets.


While our bride looked gorgeous, our groom also looked dashing to match his bride! Levi looked handsome in his black trouser, crisp white shirt, and a white blazer with black lapel details. His black bow tie and white boutonniere completed his look beautifully. His groomsmen all wore matching black suits with black bow-tie, and we loved how the wedding photographers captured the boys exchanging a drink before the ceremony. Overall the wedding party looked visually balanced and made for a lovely group of people.


After the getting ready process and the mandatory shots with bridesmaids and groomsmen, the couple met each other outside for a quick first-look session. The emotion and anticipation reflected on Levi’s face just seconds before Alicia tapped him on his shoulder are almost palpable, and we love that our wedding photographer in San Antonio was able to capture these beautiful moments in perfect shots. After the first look, the ceremony started, and the couple headed to the ceremony site. While Levi waited for the love of his life on the altar, Alicia was walked down the aisle by her father! The couple then said their vows, exchanged rings, and were soon declared married! After the ceremony, the couple then walks down the aisle, as their guests cheered for them. 


After the ceremony, the couple was captured in some lovely couple portraits as well as some group photography with friends and family. We especially love the sweet capture of Alicia with her adorable flower girls, who were dressed in powder pink dresses and clutched their little bouquets. Once the photography is finished, we get to transition into the wedding reception area. Decorated in soothing color choices like cream, baby pink, and gold, the wedding reception was the true depiction of the wedding theme which was romantic as well as elegant. The flowers were mainly roses in cream and pink, and the floating candles in glass holders added to the incandescent light! Our favorite will have to be the sweetheart table which was gorgeous and looked like a dream, and the cake! The cake was a four-tiered white cake with gold details and floral accents. It matched the wedding theme perfectly and had its own spotlight. The couple joined their guests and celebrated the rest of the evening with them. Our San Antonio wedding photographer captured them delightfully as they cut their cake, and had their first dance, Alicia had her father-daughter dance and Levi had his mother-son dance. We love how the photographer captured all the monumental moments from the day with gorgeous frames.


It will not come as a surprise that photographs are important on any special occasion, and we have a special corner in our hearts for wedding photography. Something about the thrill and the love of that day being encapsulated into photo squares is sentimental and heart-warming and makes us feel grateful to be a part of the process. A picture may convey a lot of information even when words can't. But when it comes to this adorable couple, each of their stunning photographs expertly captures the story of their enchanted love. A couple spends months planning their wedding, organizing every crucial detail to make sure the big day is everything they had thought it would be. This requires rigorous planning, endless phone calls, errands, and Plan Bs to finally close the gap between your ideal wedding and reality. However, when the wedding day finally arrives, the day is over in a blink of an eye. The day is a joyous tangle of events that gets over too soon, and all you're left with are memories and photographs! The physical and sentimental memories are preserved for the rest of your lives, and even as they age, they continue to tell a tale.


The reality is that throughout your life, you will only genuinely treasure a select few memories, and your wedding day will undoubtedly be at the top of that list. Every couple wants the beauty of their special day to be immortalized in the perfect images, from the aisle lined with flowers and vines to the sparkling pin in your hair, so they can recall the joyous occasion whenever they like and be greeted by the memories of the day as by an old friend. Photos from a wedding unquestionably show a lot about the celebration as well as many poignant and important moments that individuals could have missed but that the camera captured. Our San Antonio wedding photographers did a fantastic job of capturing the gorgeous couple. Every frame is skilfully taken and can be stated to be worthy of framing, whether it be the serene and delicate moments from the breathtaking couple photography session or the playful moments from the spectacular group picture with the natural backdrop presented behind. The pair was carefully posed against the most dramatic of backgrounds by our top-notch wedding photographers in San Antonio, and they also produced intriguing frames that astounded and amazed. We really adore how Alicia and Levi’s fairytale moment was caught by the San Antonio wedding photographers as they gracefully posed in front of the breathtakingly beautiful outdoor background. Our talented wedding photographer skillfully captured the tender moments of the day because these are the things that couples want to remember.


Weddings offer us magic between mundane moments. It gives us hope that we will all discover true love and that a happily-ever-after is conceivable in actual life as well. Every kind of wedding is stunning and has the potential to bring people to tears. It is unique, which is why the concept of the ideal wedding is perceived as incongruous. In the end, what matters is that every wedding day is perfect in the eyes of the lovers, which is why that is the case. Every pair completes itself through the unique charm and unique story that they each bring to the relationship. Even if there were a few minor delays, detours, or things that didn't go precisely as planned, these tiny details are what make a wedding beautiful! The wedding day was already a wonderful day before it even started because there were two individuals there who genuinely loved each other to stake a claim on "forever"!


When we say “forever”, it usually sounds like a long time, but with your partner at your side, forever will be a short adventure. Taking one look at Alicia and Levi, it feels like this is a couple ready to have a string of adventures in this short feat of “forever”. Their wedding day looks like it's a leaf taken from a storybook! We love the pastel tones, elegant touches, and classic choices, whether it's the gold accents, the romantic roses, or just the minimal bouquets. We hope the couple has a lovely future ahead of them!



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