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Unique Groomsmen Gifts for 2023


When the post-engagement glow is over, you might suddenly find yourself in the middle of checklists and planners. Hola wedding planning! Even the most simplified wedding planning resources will tell you that you have a lot on your plate, and they aren't lying either. While preparing for your big day, you have a lot going on. From picking a wedding date to finding the perfect wedding venue to preparing the wedding reception timeline down to the vendor details, this part might seem never-ending. Of course, you and your partner will spend a lot of time deciding on the perfect wedding cake and finding the best wedding shoes, but there is another group of people who will be putting in some serious "man-hours" too! The gang of groomsmen. Your groomsmen's wedding party has been with you through thick and thin, good and bad, and rain and shine. They have witnessed you find the love of your life, complain about your in-laws, plan your bachelor party, and suggest the best signature wedding drinks! Just like you have gone through every detail while choosing bridesmaid dresses for your girl squad, it is time to shine the limelight on the groomsmen team so that you can thank them properly on the biggest day of your life! 


While the ladies' gangs tend to steal the spotlight in weddings, there are different ways to add a dash of style to the groom's look as well as style the gang of groomsmen in a unique tie and boutonniere combos to make them stand out equally. Stunning groomsmen portraits are some of our favorite wedding photo moments anyway! If you want to show your appreciation to your team of groomsmen, there are many unique groomsmen gift ideas for you to choose from. It is obvious that fun groomsmen gifts can be hard to choose from as you would have to pick someone from your friends, family members, co-workers, or whoever to stand by your side on your big day. Everybody might not have the same taste. The chances are they have already received a lot of traditional groomsmen gifts like beer koozies, bottle openers, and whatnot. So why not go for creative groomsmen gift ideas that can not only steal the show but something that will excite them to open, that can mean anything plain funny, practical, sentimental, or creative. Plan for ingenious groomsmen gifts ideas so that the groom and their groomsmen go back home smiling.


Cool groomsmen gift ideas that you can steal:


Gift box for the groomsmen from Timeless Treasures USA
Can't decide what to get your best man? This best man gift idea has everything. It comes with a flask, lighter, pocket knife, and bottle opener, so it can be given as a one-and-done gift. Each item is unique and comes in a custom-engraved box, so he will have everything he needs for your wedding and afterward. It can also be amazing if you want to include a unique wedding monogram and initial details!


Custom bobbleheads
Remember how we said that giving gifts should be fun? These personalized bobbleheads are both thoughtful and funny, and they don't already have one. This artist will make a resin doll from a picture you send in and a body you choose. You can even have their favorite pet put on it. How thoughtful is that?


Monogrammed personalized cufflinks 
Give retro-style cufflinks that have a classic shape and an art deco monogram. They remind us of the glitz, glamor, and sophistication of the Jazz Age. With their vintage look, these polished cufflinks make any suit look better, and they might even make your best man want to dance the Charleston. 


Personalized leather wallet
If you have ever seen a friend pull out a worn-out wallet, you can be sure they will be thrilled when you give them a brand-new one. These custom leather wallets are made of real leather, come in different colors, and have lots of slots for cards and cash. The really special part is that their initials and name can be engraved on the outside, and a message or quote can be written on the inside. 


Baseball bat bottle openers
This gift is a home run for the baseball fan who likes to crack open a cold one! Used baseball bats from a Major League Baseball team are used to make the bottle openers. Each one is engraved and comes with a stand and a story about the game it was used in, giving your best man a good story to tell.


Engraved pocket knife
A knife might not be the first thing you think of when you think of a wedding party-worthy gift, but if the people in your group like to go on outdoor adventures, they will like this. Each one is made by hand, and different fonts and messages can be engraved on it. It's a gift that a guy who likes to be outside will use over and over again.


Personalized golf ball gift sets
If your boys like to spend the weekend hitting golf balls on the course, this gift will come in handy. A set of 12 personalized golf balls, tees, and pencils come in a nice display case that has a monogram on it. This gift is perfect for someone who plays golf a lot. This can also be a unique best-man present!


Comfortable robes 
Let's take a moment to remember that everyone loves getting comfortable robes as a gift, not just the bridal party. Especially the one that is made from cotton and comes from sources that are good for the environment. It has a thick waffle weave that soaks up water and keeps them warm. What's even better? There are pockets! The guys will like a gift that feels like it should be in a spa at a fancy hotel.


Craft beer club membership 
Here's a gift for your best man if he's a beer snob. The beers in this monthly club come from small, independent breweries all over the country. Each beer that comes to your door has been taste-tested and approved before it gets there. This gift is perfect for beer lovers because it sends them 12 craft beers every month, three of each of four different styles. Chances are your groomsmen will thank you forever more than you do!


Customizable cheese boards
Who doesn't love a dinner party that starts with a cheese and charcuterie platter that looks good enough to post on Instagram? Help them be more entertaining by giving them a 7" or 10" board with their name on it and all the tools they need to cut brie and shave off a good slice of gruyere. Now, there's really no reason why they can't host the next game night!


Apple watches
This sleek watch is about as close as you can get to having a personal assistant. It's the perfect gift for your tech-savvy friend. With news, information, fitness, music, and digital communication all at his fingertips, he will not only be the best man, but also the go-to person for sharing information. You can search for other affordable smartwatch options for your groomsmen.


Leather personalized cufflinks
Another set of cufflinks? Why not? Your groomsmen will need cool cufflinks to wear to your rustic wedding. These are made of full-grain leather that has been aged and backed with steel. The letter of your choice has been hand-punched into the leather. You can get them in this caramel color, as well as in black or dark brown. They have a rough-meets-polished look that they will wear again and again.


Timex Waterbury watch
This sleek and stylish watch is a modern take on a design that has been around for a long time. It's fully customizable, so you can choose from different watch straps and dials to match the different styles of your groomsmen. Put your initials or a special message on it to make it feel more special. 


Stackable mugs 
This handy travel mug is great for both campers and coffee lovers. The stainless steel liner and double-walled insulation will keep their brew either hot or cold. Buy each guy a different color or make it more unique by adding a design or their initials.


Double-pour over coffee stands
These handmade pour-over coffee makers are perfect for guys who love to get a buzz. This thoughtful groomsmen gift comes in a variety of materials and can be made to fit his taste in style. It is made of copper pipes and pine wood board. This gift is perfect for a coffee lover who likes to make things on their own and has a good eye for design. It also tastes good.


Handcrafted double-edge safety razors
Practical groomsmen will like a gift like this stylish razor that they can use every day. Made with chrome blades and a carved wood handle, it's a big step up from the kind you can buy at a drugstore. Add a monogram to make it theirs, but each one is unique even without a monogram because the wood is different.


Carry on cocktail kits
These groomsmen's presents are great for a wedding in a faraway place and will keep the party going even at 30,000 feet. You can choose from a variety of classic cocktails or go for the "full bar," and your best man will be over the moon with this gift. 


Engraved decanter 
Whiskey fans will love this stylish glass decanter that can hold a full bottle of their favorite spirit and can be personalized. It's a cool thing to put on a bar cart because it's made of frosted glass with a hand-etched pattern. If you want to show your gratitude, even more, give this with a bottle of their favorite alcohol.


Carbonated growler
Once he gets this gift, he will always have a cold beer on hand because of you. This stylish beer growler made of stainless steel keeps beer fresh for weeks. It has a gauge that makes it easy to see how much beer is left and a dispenser tap that makes it easy to keep getting a beer. 


Whisky and rum-making kits
You and your friends may be experts at drinking spirits, but could you also make them? You can find out with this whisky and rum-making kit. The groomsmen can learn how to season the barrel, fill it with grain alcohol, add flavoring, and let it age. In two weeks, they will have a blend that's just right for them. The kit comes with the extras they need to make spice rum, Kentucky bourbon whiskey, and highland malt whiskey. Cheers!


Craft beer bottle coolers
This beer cooler makes it easy to take a cold one or twelve with you. This groomsmen gift can be personalized, so they will always have beers with their names on them, whether they are taking them to the game or to the beach.


Modern-age FM radio
Do you and your friends always listen to Spotify? Give them a way to turn up the volume around the house or at their next party instead of earbuds, which they probably already have. With Bluetooth technology, this speaker can play FM radio or any music you have on your phone. It's easy to pack and take anywhere because the whole thing is less than 6" wide. The silicon case is waterproof, so you can take it to the pool or the beach.


Warby Parker Durand Sunglasses
Sunglasses make everyone look cooler. It's a natural law. Even your best man, who is cooler than the rest of them. This pair of sunglasses is no different. These retro-meets-modern shades are the perfect mix of round and square shapes, so most face shapes will look good in them.


Toiletry kits
Send your groomsmen a message: "guys, you need to shave for the wedding!" If you want something simple that almost everyone will find useful, you don't need to look any further. You can also just send them something nice for themselves. This shave kit has everything he needs, so when it's time to walk down the aisle, he will definitely look clean. Even if they don't travel much, they will still use it at home to organize their deodorant, shaving cream, and pomade.


Southern hot sauces gift box
"May you never feel unwanted, unloved, or hungry," the family who makes these famous Southern hot sauces would say! With this present, he won't! This gift is for someone who really likes hot sauce. It comes with three spicy sauces made from family recipes.


Shot glasses with leather
If the guys in your group are always up for a good time, give them this very cool set of shot glasses to get their weekend off on the right foot. The set has four glasses made of stainless steel that are kept in a holder made of embossed cowhide leather. These will be useful whether your guests are toasting you at your rehearsal dinner or going camping.


Weekender bag
This stylish weekend bag will be a hit with the best man who is always on the go. It's pretty and useful, and it's made of a material that is both very light and waterproof. A great way to help the man you are with carrying less, rain or shine.


Mako Bar Tool Set
It's time to level up your gifting game! This classic stainless steel bar set has everything they need to make their favorite drink at home. They will probably have enough to drink at the wedding, but if not, they can now muddle, strain, and shake to their hearts' content to make their own Martini or Negroni when they get home. 


Monogrammed tie
This one-of-a-kind gift is a different take on the traditional necktie. When you look at the tie from a distance, the monogram print looks like a geometric pattern. But when you look more closely, you can see that each pattern is unique. 


Kodak instant print digital camera
We all take pictures with our iPhones, but isn't it fun to go back in time every now and then? This camera takes pictures and prints them right away. It slides open and has all the best features of a digital camera and a Polaroid. The guys will have a great time taking pictures while you get ready, and you will be able to look back on them for a long time.


They have been through all the good and rough times and have witnessed you evolve from a young boy to a grown-up man. It just feels surreal to think about this journey, isn't it? Chances are they have a few embarrassing stories which you should hope do not re-emerge during your wedding toasts! Your team of groomsmen aren't just random men- they are your ride-or-die! And they deserve personalized groomsmen gifts that day they can store as souvenirs from their fallen king (pun, please!) While there is nothing wrong with classic groomsmen gifts like koozies and pocket squares, personalized and cool groomsmen gift ideas can make them feel a bit more special and can be the perfect way to thank your wedding party! From the dapper groomsmen gift picks to the soon-to-be inside jokes, choose the one from the above list that fits the persona of your gang.


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