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Amazing Wedding Cake Ideas For The Outdoorsy Couple


Not only us, but we believe that everyone loves a wedding cake covered in elegant buttercream details or bursting with romantic blooms. But, if you are a millennial couple who have some different plans for your wedding day and these kinds of wedding cake aesthetics do not exactly fit your style, then we have something in store for you that you will just love! And if you are a couple who just loves to spend your time outdoors, doing various adventurous outdoor activities, and have been planning a more rustic or outdoor-inspired wedding celebration, then, of course, you have to do something out-of-the-ordinary to make a remarkable statement on your wedding day. 


And with a common love for the great outdoors, your wedding cake certainly needs to match your outdoorsy personality and your outdoor wedding theme. And luckily, there are endless outdoorsy wedding cake designs that are trending these days and making a huge sensation in the wedding world. From incredibly hand-painted mountainscapes and meadows to cakes decked out in lovely greenery, and wildflowers, there is a confection to suit the wishes of you and your adventure-loving partner for your wedding day. 


Here are some amazingly delicious wedding cakes ideas that are just perfect for all the outdoorsy couples. Choose the one that suits you best to get your adventure started in no time! 


Delicious and Fresh Flower Garden Wedding Cakes For A Romantic Backyard Wedding

If you have decided to host a lovely backyard wedding or a garden wedding surrounded by all the natural seasonal blooms and lovely greens, then we have something for your wedding day dessert. If you ask us or our professional wedding photographers, then no garden wedding can go without the pretty and photo-worthy blooms, and when it comes to your garden wedding cake, too! Fresh and vibrant seasonal flowers are the most popular way to adorn a wedding cake for a backyard or garden wedding. You can also consider topping them off with flowers, and also consider covering each tier with them or be placed between tiers. All these flowers can be of various colors depending on the season as well as they can be garden blooms or wildflowers. If you have a trendy look for your outdoor wedding cake, then consider going with a white buttercream wedding cake with lovely pressed edible flowers. Trust us, it will not only look amazing and swoon-worthy to capture but also taste extremely yummilicious. Or you can consider parking them with fresh berries, fruits, gold foil, and beads to make your outdoorsy wedding cake ultimate and incredible. Well, you can try one more thing which is in trend these days dried flowers, especially on the wedding cake. So, consider elevating the look of your outdoor wedding cake by adding colorful drips, meringues, berries, and leaves. 


Wow All Your Wedding Guests With Classic Winter White For An Outdoor Wedding

If you are planning to host a lovely and whimsical white wedding in the great outdoors, then there is something that you are definitely going to love when it comes to your wedding cake. And, if you think you are a couple who just can’t wait to hit the slopes every season, then the best is to embrace it. All you have to do is to celebrate your love for powdery snow with a marvelous tiered cake finished with mouth-watering white buttercream mountains and trees. This kind of white wedding cake is an ideal wedding cake option for an outdoor winter wedding session. To make it more winter authentic, add a little touch of greenery to enhance the look so that our talented wedding photographers will have a bucket full of photography opportunities to add to your wedding portfolio


Keep It Minimal and Flaunt Your Style To The Best

When it comes to an outdoor wedding celebration, let us tell you that you don’t need to go overboard with your outdoor wedding cake. If you are a bride who wants and loves everything simple and want to make it a statement on your wedding day, then embrace a simple and sophisticated design with a two-tiered semi-naked cake (as naked wedding cakes are in trend these days) adorned with lovely pine boughs and a thistle on top for a subtle statement. For all the brides who are planning to have something out-of-the-ordinary for their wedding day cake, this is indeed a great option that will leave all your wedding guests in great amazement and also drooling for sure! 


A Sweet & Tasty Sugar Flower Garden Wedding Cakes

For your big day outdoor celebration, if you are looking for everything edible, along with if you are in search of blooms that would not only look artsy but are also yummy and edible, then you should look for sugar ones! Trust us, the creative and artsy sugar blooms can easily cover the whole cake in no time while it can be easily paired with the real ones to make sugar ones look more natural and eye-catching. You can easily and gracefully pair the sugar blooms with greenery, fresh fruits, and berries to make your outdoorsy wedding cake look extremely cooler and taste sweeter! 


Bring in Lovely Mountains and the Moon If You are Having a Mountainesque Wedding

All the romantic couples who are mountain and moon babies, do you think there is anything more romantic than majestic mountains lit up by the moonlight? Nothing, right? So, why not bring the same charm and beauty to your wedding cake for your mountain wedding celebration? Ask your baker for a wedding cake that gracefully captures the panoramic landscape perfectly with fabulously silver-painted hills and does not forget a romantic and breathtaking glowing moon for a classic and extremely tender and romantic outdoor-inspired wedding celebration under the starry sky


Don’t Say No To Chocolate For Your Outdoor Wedding Cake

To have the best outdoor vibe introduced into your wedding day celebration, don’t forget to add chocolate. For a classic outdoor wedding cake, chocolate is indeed a big yes! Depending upon your style, and how many tiers you want your wedding cake to have you can create a combination of chocolate with other flavors so that it offers the best of outdoorsy vibes


Recreate A Backdrop of Your Wedding Location With Your Wedding Cake

If you are planning a romantic destination wedding or thinking of getting married to the love of your life at your favorite outdoor spot, then you can easily create a magical and whimsical backdrop of your location with your wedding cake. All you have to do is to bring a photo of the location where you both are getting married to your baker and then just ask them to create a replica on your wedding cake to offer the best of outdoor vibes! If you are getting married to a location that is encircled by mountains all around, you can ask your baker to incorporate mountain-inspired stunner hues to celebrate a whimsical fall mountain scene. In fact, this style of wedding cake when posted on Instagram will make you a trendy bride for sure! Even our creative wedding photographers will also have a great time capturing the natural essence of your wedding cake. 


A Wedding Cake With Lovely Wildflowers Is a Great Idea for Adventurous Couples

For all the adventurous couples out there, we completely understand the thrill and the adrenaline rush that you feel when you hike through the hills searching for wildflowers that are the highlight of the season. So, do the same thing with your wedding cake and feel all that rush and enthusiasm again on your wedding day and let our wedding photographers capture in the most incredible frames possible. All you have to do is to bring that lovely and stunning beauty to your wedding day celebration with a delicious multi-tiered wedding cake featuring pressed, edible flowers for a lovely pop of color that will make your wedding day cake-cutting ceremony a bit hit and also offer great photography opportunities. 


Go For A Natural Birch If an Outdoor Rustic-Themed Wedding Is Your Choice

For all the couples who are planning a romantic outdoor rustic wedding celebration, we want to tell you that birch trees are one of the most stunning and romantic trees. So, why not capture the natural beauty of these lovely and rustic trees just by featuring the same exterior pattern on your wedding day cake to evoke the best rustic outdoor setting? To bring in a more authentic vibe, consider going for a remarkable and gorgeous statement by displaying your rustic wedding cake on a wooden tree trunk! A suggestion here, go for a small and white wedding cake as it will beautifully resonate with the rustic outdoors and will make all your wedding day photos look amazing! 


Outdoorsy Couple Can Never Have Enough of Greenery and Dainty Blooms

Are you amongst those couples who can just never have enough of holding hands and then running through meadows? Or, perhaps you and your darling are just obsessed with picking wildflowers on the side of the road? Well, if the answer to these questions is yes, then we have something for you that will not only excite you but also leave your wedding guests swooning over you! All you have to do is to celebrate with dainty blooms just to add a hint of romance to have a blasting and adventurous-inspired wedding celebration in the great outdoors. Our wedding photographers just love capturing outdoor weddings as it has a lot to offer from a photography point of view. The natural light and endless greenery always make a great wedding photography combination


Divert Your Attention Towards Foraged Fruit

Who said being an outdoorsy couple always means intense hiking, climbing, and mountain biking? Well, that is not absolutely true when it comes to outdoorsy couples. Being an outdoorsy couple also means that you love to spend time outdoors with the love of your life foraging, whether for wild mushrooms or beautiful fruits, or anything in-between. So, celebrate your love for that activity simply by featuring a textured cake covered in fresh, wild blackberries to show your love for the foraged fruits. 


Gracefully Channel A Lovely Desert Vibe

If by any chance you can not get enough of exploring the desert, then don’t need to stress away! From hiking red rocks with your sweetheart, and discovering new plants and cacti, the desert is an outdoor lover’s paradise. The outdoorsy couples, it will be an out-of-the-box kind of idea to introduce the desert vibes to your wedding day cake. Trust us, it will be an amazing and unique treat for all your wedding guests not only to eat but also to look at. To have the best outdoor desert vibe introduced to your wedding cake, consider bringing in the coral and sage green hues of the desert with a beautiful hand-painted sweet in order to bring all the elements of the sandy desert alive through your wedding cake. 


Cherish and Embrace A Springtime Setting for a Romantic Outdoor Spring Wedding

There is absolutely no denying the fact that spring is indeed a great time of the year to get married and to also introduce the lovely and vibrant setting of the panoramic outdoors to your wedding decor and also to your wedding day cake. So, when it comes to bringing the beautiful season to your wedding cake there are endless options that you can consider. Consider a wedding cake with a marvelous and incredible painting landscape while gracefully highlighting a mountain meadow in the most enchanting way! 


Consider Painting a Purple Mountainscape

If you and your sweetheart are mountain people and always want the charming and majestic views of the lovely mountains on your wedding cake then consider getting a lovely and photo-worthy purple mountain gracefully painted on your wedding cake. Ask your baker to beautifully paint your wedding cake with tinted buttercream featuring multiple purple hues, which will lead to a stunning mountainscape adorned with edible gold luster dust. 


Showcase Snowy Mountains

Yes, a snowy mountain truly gives off such a cozy vibe, so why not your wedding cake captures the essence of the same in the best possible way? Get the best of the wedding cake that radiates the best outdoorsy vibe which will be a delight for our wedding photographers to capture in the most delicious frames by opting for a single-tiered cake that amazingly showcases the incredible texture and moody hues of lovely and whimsical snow-capped hills. Trust us, this kind of wedding cake will definitely be a lovely addition to your outdoor wedding celebration.


Celebrate The Lovely Sea With Your Wedding Day Cake

Exploring rugged coastlines with your sweetheart will always be more up your alley than hiking the mountain trails. So, if you and your partner are water babies then it is a great way to bring all the lovely coastline designs to your wedding cake to make everyone feel like you are getting hitched next to a coastline. Let your wedding cake have an abstract water feature, with beautiful turquoise hues, and stunning gold detailing to resonate with the actual real-time coastline. Garnish it with the natural shells on the top to finish the complete look. Once done, this kind of outdoor wedding cake will surely create a rustic-meets-sophisticated design that will be the centerpiece of your wedding day celebration. 


Summing everything up, all we want to say is there are great options when it comes to couples to choose from pretty-looking and mouth-watering outdoor wedding cakes.


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