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Christine and Thomas’s Gorgeous Green and Winter White Wedding, DC


All weddings are a happy affair, but then there are some which will have you grinning from ear to ear and have you rooting for the couple. There is something so infectiously charming about Christine and Thomas that it hits you at the get-go! Christine and Thomas have an energy about them which reflects through all the images and comes on strong and bold. Their chemistry took like wildfire, and from the moment they said hello they never looked back!


In light of couples facing planning challenges, we asked Christine and Thomas to share the story of how their day came to be. Read on for an endearing love story that inspires your own.


So how did they meet? Christine shares-

We met on Bumble! We talked on the app for about a week, FaceTimed off the app for about a week after that, and then we decided to have our first date on Friday, Feb 3, 2017. 


In just below a year, there was no room left for any doubt that they were meant for each other and Thomas popped the question. Christine continues to share their proposal story-

Thomas proposed to me on Christmas Eve 2017 at my parents' house in New Jersey. He and I had talked about it quite a bit before that night, and I was expecting it to happen later with our friends in Washington, DC. After all the gifts had been exchanged on Christmas Eve, he got down on one knee and said, "Will you make me the happiest man in the world?" I said yes, of course, and then I yelled, "ALREADY??" And I had been wondering why my mom was peer pressuring me to paint my nails…


Things moved quickly from then onwards and the wedding planning started. On being asked what wedding details she can share, Christine went on-

We didn't have a theme for our wedding, but it was in the middle of winter, so our colors were reflective of that. Our color palette was forest green, gold, beige, and ivory. Our style was really minimal - we don't do bells and whistles. Even my bouquet was mostly greens and herbs (yes, herbs. It smelled great). We had about 120 guests at our wedding, which was held at the Riverview at Occoquan in Lorton, VA; it was such a beautiful venue in the winter, with the bare trees, and a clear view across the water. 


Their vision surely came out perfectly as the refreshing tones of evergreen mixed with touches of gold to create a refreshing winter palette which was beautifully easy on the eyes. Be it the delicate decor elements or the most gorgeous arbor, the green and gold just worked in the most perfect way! When it came to attire, we absolutely adored the matching green shirts that the bridesmaids wore as they were getting ready for the wedding. The groom and the groomsmen wore charcoal gray suits with green bows, while Thomas chose a champagne bow instead and tufts of green as a boutonniere. The bridesmaids wore the same shade of evergreen as their bridesmaid dresses, while Christine looked like an angel in a gorgeous dress which was simple and skimmed down her length and poured around her feet as train trailed behind her. Her hair was swept to one side in a vintage-inspired style which added to her overall magic!


The wedding ceremony looked like a breeze, but we are certainly not naive about the challenges of planning a wedding. However on being asked whether they faced any challenges while wedding planning and how they overcame them as a couple, Cristine said-

We actually had a very easy time planning the wedding. We both had clear ideas of what we wanted and what we didn't. I think the best thing we did when we differed on something was figuring out who that particular item meant the most to. For example, Thomas was really adamant that he did not want the first look. He wanted the first time he saw me be when I was walking down the aisle. I wanted to do a first look to get our pictures done before the ceremony and be able to mingle later. We went with his idea because it really meant something to him to do it that way, and I loved that he felt that strongly about it. Turns out, that was our only time alone until the end of the evening, so it was a nice little escape in the middle of the madness. 


After the ceremony, it was time for the family pictures and photographs with the wedding party to commemorate the moments. The venue was River View at Occoquan and it yielded a lot of photo opportunities for those after-ceremony couple shots, as the sun went down for the day. 

After the pictures were done, they went in for the reception and it was finally time to party! 


The cake was quite a work of art in white and caramel gold and the effect that the cake topper added was magical. As the day came to an end and the party got started, we wanted to know what was the best advice on marriage that Christine received. She shared-

It sounds cliche, but never going to bed angry is huge. Being able to address a problem before you sleep on it, and internalize it, is so important. 


On being asked what advice would she give couples who are planning now, she quipped-

Don't stress about making everything perfect; things will go wrong, and that's okay - that's not what's important. Acknowledge the fact that all of your friends and family have gathered on that day to honor you two and your future, and just have fun. Or as Thomas said when I asked him this question, "sh*t happens, just roll with it."


We definitely agree with Thomas! Keeping a positive and flexible mindset surely helps in making your special day perfect in every aspect. We love the positive vibe that this couple exudes. Maybe it’s the fun cake, maybe it's the fun choice of color, or just the vibe that this couple carries within them, but it's refreshing and inspiring. 


On being asked her favorite moment of her wedding day, Christine said-

We both couldn't decide on one moment - the whole thing was amazing. It was, truly, the best day ever. Just such a great day.


From Christine, Thomas, and the George Street team, stay inspired and plan on! There’s a great day ahead.


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