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Alyssa And Zack’s Wedding: Minimal, Glamorous, And Stunning


Looking at our couple, we were reminded of many things. Above all, we were reminded of a particular quote by Lilly Pulitzer, “Despite the forecast, live like it's spring." The quote has a profound meaning, and we love it for that. But the reason we were reminded of this quote when we saw the wedding photos of Alyssa and Zack was that these two were deeply in love, and were exceptionally into each other, which warmed our hearts. But above all, we simply loved their authenticity and genuine smiles, even in their photos. Looking at the wedding photos of the couple, we saw the detailed wedding planning and the effort both of them took to make their wedding a beautiful affair. From the color combinations of the wedding day to the beautiful wedding outfits, the couple planned every detail. The beautiful bride had a bright smile, and her bridesmaids were just as happy as her. The groom and his groomsmen had a similar charm and were excited about the day’s festivities. The couple added some interesting additions to their wedding, which made their wedding even more special. Our wedding photographer had a blast working with them and was happy to cover their wedding. Alyssa and Zach were natural in front of the camera and had no trouble working with the poses our photographer had for them. 


The wedding day was on 20th March 2022, and it was a beautiful day. Even though the couple was from Jacksonville, the two decided to book their wedding venue a short drive away from their home city, St. Augustine. Treasury on The Plaza was the venue for the day. The wedding venue was quaint, picturesque, and historic. With a waterbody in the venue, this venue was everything a spring wedding venue should look like. Alyssa and Zack had decided that the wedding ceremony and the reception party for their wedding will be held in the same venue, in different locations. Both of the locations were decorated with beautiful flowers and lovely greenery. The wedding color scheme was a very simple white, gold, and green, with splashes of metallic colors. Zach and Alyssa’s wedding was a simple yet glamorous affair, with everything arranged and delicately planned. We fell in love with how the two had come up with their ideas. The couple’s wedding planner also helped the two to attain their dream wedding, and made the entire wedding look like an easy task. 


Jacksonville is a beautiful city tucked in the northeast corner of Florida. Florida, in general, is a beautiful state and is one of the most visited states in the country. The beauty of the state does not disappoint when it comes to Jacksonville either. With pleasant weather all year round, it is a great place to live and have a vacation. However, for their wedding day, Zach and Alyssa decided to change the scenery and chose a beautiful wedding venue in St. Augustine, which is only a short drive away from Jacksonville. Jacksonville is a beautiful city, but St. Augustine, on the other hand, is a beautiful mix of new and old charms. The city is one of the oldest continuously occupied settlements in the country and is full of amazing things to do. From bustling beaches to amazing restaurants, from rowdy college spring break scenes to historic relevance, this city has a lot to offer to the youngsters and those who’re forever young at heart. The establishment of the city goes back to 1565 and has been fabled as the Fountain of Youth. That aside, the city has much to offer, amazing amusement parks, historic downtown, and a friendly ambiance. It was here, in this bustling city, Alyssa and Zack tied the knot. The day of the wedding was beautiful, neither too sunny nor too cloudy, it was just perfect. As the day progressed, the wedding day looked prettier. 


For the day, our Jacksonville wedding photographer met the two at the wedding venue. The wedding venue was located in the heart of the city and is a part of one of the oldest buildings. The Treasury on the Plaza is one of the oldest and tallest buildings in St. Augustine. In the city since the 1920s, the building has undergone many changes, and yet remains to be one of the most beautiful places in the city. The exterior looks retro and vintage. However, the inside of the building is peppered with modern sophistication and conveniences. All of these reasons made us fall in love with the choice of the wedding venue, and once we saw the photos of the day, we were more than impressed. For the wedding day, the couple decided not to have a first-look photo session and decided to get dressed in separate rooms. The groom and the groomsmen had a fun time, they sat down together, chatted a bit, and got dressed. The groomsmen helped Zack get dressed, and helped him with his wedding outfit and wedding accessories. The groom and groomsmen were dressed in similar outfits, making them look like a band of brothers. The choice of wedding outfit for the day was a gray three-piece suit with a charcoal gray tie and floral boutonniere. After the boys were dressed, they made their way to the wedding ceremony location. 


The bride and the bridal party were dressing up in a separate room and were just as excited as the boys. They sat down together, chatted for a bit, and decided on how to go ahead with the day. The bride had carefully picked out beautiful robes for all of them and was excited to dress up for the day. The bride was dressed in a white satin robe, while the bridesmaids were dressed in lovely blush pink robes. Before all of them started dressing up, they posed for some getting-ready photos. All of the girls huddled together and smiled! The bridesmaids decided to get dressed first so that they could help the bride get dressed. As the bridesmaids were getting dressed for Alyssa’s special day, our wedding photographer took a few photos of the room. The table in the girl’s dressing room was peppered with amazing memories of Alyssa and Zack. A few of the photos on the table were from their engagement photo session. And in front of the photos, Alyssa had placed cute, framed quotes with some candles. Her wedding dress was hanging from a custom hanger, which said Mrs. Hangen with their wedding date. The bridal dress was from The Wedding Shoppe Michigan. The pretty dress had a lovely V-neck, with lace details that went up to the straps, and a beautiful, fluffy skirt. The mermaid wedding dress was complete with a bridal veil. For her wedding day, Alyssa decided to have a sleek bridal updo, which made her smile look even brighter. Once the bridesmaids were dressed, they helped Alyssa dress up, with her bridal hairstyle and her bridal makeup. Once Alyssa was dressed, she posed for a few photos with her mother and grandmother. The mother of the bride had a classy, deep purple outfit, while the bride’s grandmother chose a peach two-piece outfit. Then the bride posed with her bridal bouquet as well! Looking absolutely stunning, her bridal bouquet added more of the charms of the season. Her wedding bouquet was a beautiful mix of white blooms, along with greenery. To make the bouquet look even prettier, the bouquet had ferns added to it! The bridesmaids had a similar bouquet, the difference was that the bridesmaid’s bouquets were smaller in size in comparison to the bride’s bouquet. For the day, the bridesmaids were dressed in lovely slip dresses in light blue. 


Once all of the bridesmaids and the bride were dressed, they made their way to the wedding ceremony. The groom and groomsmen were already at the altar waiting for Alyssa to walk down the aisle. As Alyssa reached the ceremony venue, she was greeted by her father. The father of the bride was emotional and had a bright smile on his face. The wedding ceremony was decorated with many photos of the couple and their memories. The way to the wedding ceremony venue was lined with beautiful photos of the two. The ceremony decor was simple and minimalistic. The couple had chosen to keep their wedding ceremony decor ideas carefully. Right outside of the ceremony venue, there was a cutesy wedding signage. The signage had details of the wedding and some pretty informative icons. The wedding ceremony decor was lovely and minimalist. The altar was decorated with a single greenery hoop with a white satin backdrop. For the wedding guests, there were black wire chairs with white cushions. As the room filled with the wedding guests, the groom, and the groomsmen took their spots at the altar. As everyone waited, the wedding ceremony entrance opened, and in walked Alyssa with her arm entwined with her father. She gracefully walked down the aisle, with a smile. As she walked, her wedding veil and the dress’s train bounced a little, making her look like an angel. Reaching the altar, she carefully took Zack’s hand and stepped on the altar. The wedding officiant started the ceremony, and the guests keenly looked on. Zack and Alyssa softly smiled as they looked into each other’s eyes. After taking their wedding vows, they sealed their wedding with a soft kiss. The wedding guests erupted into claps and soft sighs. And then, they were married, and Alyssa walked down the aisle with Zack, out of the wedding ceremony venue. The wedding guests clapped and smiled at the newlywed couple.


After the ceremony, the guests slowly gathered outside, as the couple and close family members took some photos. Alyssa and Zack posed with their families for a group photo first. All of the family members gathered around the couple and smiled for the camera. Then, the couple took photos with the bride’s family and then with the groom’s family. Then the families decided to rest a little before the wedding reception, so Zack and Alyssa decided to pose with their close friends. Filled with broad smiles and happiness, everyone posed for brilliant wedding photos. And then, the couple decided to take photos with their groomsmen and bridesmaids. Before Alyssa and Zack posed separately with their groomsmen and bridesmaids. The group photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen turned out amazingly well. Then, the bride and the bridesmaids went outdoors to take some amazing photos. Finding a rustic-looking door, they posed in front of it. Then they took some group photos. Right after that, the groom posed for groom and groomsmen photos. Once these parts were done, the couple decided to take a few photos. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen decided to take a short break before the wedding reception party, which gave the couple an opportunity to take some romantic photos. 


Taking the opportunity to use the lovely outdoors of the wedding venue, the couple held hands as they hunted for some spots. Our wedding photographer helped them pose for their photos, and the couple was quick to do just that. One of our favorite photos is the one where Alyssa and Zack are under the wedding veil. Since the time for the wedding reception was inching closer, the couple decided to walk back to their reception party. For their wedding reception entry, the couple decided to do something amazing. The entrance had a hoop, similar to that of the wedding ceremony, which had paper wrapped in the front. To enter the reception party, the couple jumped through the paper. Right when they did, the entire room clapped and smiled. Our couple entered with their hands intertwined. After their amazing entrance, the couple took to the dance floor, enjoying and smiling. Their first dance was beautiful, tender, and joyous, much like the love they shared. Then, the two danced with their families before opening the dance floor for the wedding guests. Alyssa and Zack danced with each other and enjoyed the moment. 


For the reception party, the wedding decor was similar to the decor for the wedding ceremony, soft and minimal. The beauty of the venue was combined with minimalist wedding decor ideas. The couple had decided to have a round table dinner setting for their wedding guests. Every table had a gold flower vase with white flowers and greenery. The dinner settings were in bronze, which added to the beauty of the wedding tablescape. With white tablecloths and black chairs, the wedding setting was complete. The couple had a long table for themselves to sit with their family, bridesmaids, and groomsmen instead of a sweetheart table. As the wedding party progressed, Zack and Alyssa stepped out for a few more couple photos. Since the sun was setting, the couple decided to the waterfront side of the venue to take some mesmerizing wedding photos. They took some cute photos in the gardens of the venue before they headed back to the reception party. Before the dinner was served, the couple had their cake-cutting ceremony, surrounded by those who were close and dear to their hearts. And then, the night progressed with dinner and dancing. The couple took their leave before the wedding reception party was over with a beautiful wedding exit. Our photographer captured every moment of the day and was happy to see what love looked like. Our wedding photographers truly felt that they were in the presence of love, unconditional love.


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