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Plan an Elegant and Romantic D.C. Wedding at Whitehall Manor, Virginia!

When two handwritten vows have the same opening line… it means it’s eternal love! And to celebrate this love every bride wants her wedding day to be one-of-a-kind. A unique wedding venue is just the thing you need to set your wedding apart. Whitehall Manor in Bluemont is that kind of venue. With unbelievable views and an elegant estate, this award-winning Washington D.C. wedding venue is guaranteed to leave you and your wedding guests in awe.

There are endless reasons why our D.C. brides prefer Whitehall Estate over any other wedding venue in  D.C. suburbs because this whimsical location offers the best of both worlds. The beauty and romance of a rustic yet elegant barn, and a lovely vineyard with a plethora of options boasting photo opportunities for our Washington D.C. wedding photographers to capture. On your wedding day, you and your wedding guests will have the best of facilities year-round, stress-free, beautifully complemented with an indoor celebration space with excellent in-house gratifying cuisine. 

Nestled just outside Leesburg, Virginia in Bluemont, Whitehall Manor is an excellent D.C. wedding venue. One of Northern Virginia’s most recognized wedding venues, Whitehall Estate is located near Purcellville and an easy drive for all your wedding guests who are coming from D.C. and Winchester. You can host your glorious wedding amongst the majesty of Northern Virginia’s rolling hills on this countryside estate. The majestic mountains of Bluemont in the background of your wedding photos will make you feel so close that it feels like you can touch them in reality. The cherry on the cake is the sunset in the background, twilight lights up the sky making the venue come to life! Our wedding photographers in DC suburbs will love documenting your wedding here at Whitehall Manor. This ravishing property is a spectacular reminder to all your people that a short drive down a gravel road can lead them to the most breathtaking and photographic locations in Northern Virginia

This charming and elegant estate is a scenic property with 200 years old, full of history and memories. A sense of romance unfolds before you on a property rich in history and scenic beauty. The grounds featured by this mansion is adorned with picturesque views and timeless architecture, lending a perfect backdrop for your D.C. wedding photos. Our wedding photographers in D.C. would love to capture the unparalleled beauty of this mansion in the best of frames. The grandeur of this property will flawlessly highlight in all your D.C. wedding photos.

Whether you are planning for a classic D.C. wedding ceremony or an outstanding wedding reception, indoor or outdoor, casual or formal... Whitehall Manor is the ideal wedding location for all the happy D.C. couples to escape the city and absorb the feel of the country in tranquility. The venue features lush gardens in front of a centuries-old home in Virginia's wine country, which creates an incredible background setting for your must-have wedding photos.

This luxurious and spacious property boasts a wide variety of ceremony spaces for you to choose from. From small and intimate to large gatherings, Whitehall Manor can accommodate weddings of any kind and style. All you have to do is take a tour of all the event spaces and then select the one that perfectly suits your story, style, theme, and budget. We can assure you that upon your wedding guests’ arrival, they will get captivated by the sense of zen created by the harmony of the spaces featured by the Whitehall Manor wedding venue in DC. The natural setting and the views that can only be found here will leave you, your wedding guests, and our D.C. wedding photographers awe-inspiring! So, let’s go ahead and explore every event space of this gorgeous DC wedding venue so that you can find your perfect match! 

The Great Hall  & Farm Terrace

For your glorious and extravagant reception, the Great Hall is an ideal fit. This lavish space is specially designed for extraordinary ceremonies and lavish fun receptions keeping the couples and their guest' sheer comfort in mind. This ravishing space exhibits an idyllic steadiness of sophisticated elegance and rustic charm, that will make your wedding photos glow. Exquisitely graced with hand-forged iron chandeliers and a canopy of vintage lights hanging over the expansive dance floor for you to dance the night away with the love of your life, this show exemplifies the true meaning of sheer elegance. We assure you that our wedding photographers from D.C. and suburbs will capture every moment of your wedding day in most dramatic frames offered by this beautiful Great Hall. This charming Great Hall comes with a terrace that offers quinquennial Whitehall Farm panoramic views inside and out. While your loved ones relishing this day inside the Great Hall, sneak out with your darling to the terrace and pose for romantic and tender wedding couple portraits under the gleaming Washington D.C. skyline

The Palladian Ballroom

Designed to host a promenade a century ago when guests came out to the cool and majestic mountains to savor charming Bluemont, the last station on the W&OD Railroad. The Palladian Ballroom is a classical revival ballroom that has been refurbished and is once again appreciated for dancing, dining, and cocktails. History repeats itself, better than ever! The neutral color palette of this room gracefully twins with the golden glow lent by the lovely crystal chandeliers. Not to be missed are the beautiful windows that allow the easy pour in of wealth of natural light to brighten up the interiors with its warm color composition. Our professional wedding photographers in and around Washington D.C would love to capture every second of your celebration in this light and airy setting! Your indoor wedding photography will stand out in this dazzling ambiance. While cherishing your indoor celebration, your near and dear ones will have the best of both the worlds.

The Stone Barn

All the couples who are looking for a rustic setting in their green surrounding should check out the Stone Barn featured by the Whitehall Manor. No wonder the farm is the real deal but the Stone Barn of this property is a testament to the craftsmanship that you will rarely find in D.C. and nearby areas. The natural colors and texture of the stones that are original to the property become a beautiful contrast for wedding photos. After your wedding ceremony, you can make this rustic setting a perfect backdrop for your photos which will surely trend on your Instagram feeds!

Mountain View Terrace & Fire Pit

Who wants to leave a setting which is enriched with the august Blue Ridge Mountains, we think nobody! An ideal setting amongst the lush greenery and beautiful panoramas, the Mountain View Terrace creates an unparalleled stage for you to exchange your vows! Have your ‘I do’ moment under the clear blue skies of D.C. while the mountain in the background witnesses the union of your love and in the meanwhile our Washington D.C. suburbs wedding photographers capture every minute of your celebration. Allow your wedding guests to just relax and soak up nature while being spoiled with comfort, refreshing beverages, and fine Whitehall Farm Estate hospitality.

Gazebo & Shade Tree Garden

We can ensure that your wedding guests will definitely love your outdoor wedding ceremony filled with a plethora of spring colors, summer shade, and fall foliage under century-old trees. Imagine standing right in front of your sweetheart under the canopy of a delicate clematis archway surrounded by panoramic vineyards and striking mountain views… savoring the splendor of a formal garden reminiscent of a by-gone era. Undoubtedly your vow exchange ceremony will look like a moment from a fairytale book! No wonder our wedding photographers from D.C. and its suburbs love to document your outdoor wedding here as it gives them ample opportunities to have iconic outdoor wedding photography options! Wild, open pastures become a stunning backdrop for magical wedding photographs. You and your partner may also wander through the working vineyard to get some must-have wedding photographs

With so many event spaces, the Whitehall Manor also features a classic, sophisticated, and elegant bridal suite- Federal Manor House on its property. To make the best of this charming and luxurious on-site bridal suite, all you have to do is check-in early and relish this very special and elegant place with ready suites and verandas for dressing, glamor, pampering, relaxation, photoshoots, and refreshments so that your entire bridal party and immediate family get time to enjoy getting ready for your big day ahead! So, while getting ready for your day, pop a champagne bottle with your bridesmaids and pose for some Instagram-worthy photos with your bridal party. The room offers endless nooks for pretty selfies also, so get a gallery full of bridal portraits! You can also have your daddy-daughter first look in this space once you are all dolled up for your special day! We assure you that our skilled Washington D.C. wedding photographers would not leave any stone unturned in capturing all the family moments before your ‘I do’ moment! Don’t forget to have some cliche and mandatory bridal portraits here. 

Once you are all dressed up for the biggest day of your life, you can have some dreamy first-look in the Equestrian Pasture area of the property. Settled at an outcrop of boulders and adjacent to the Federal Manor House, this iconic spot with its open space and natural vista is a favorite for beautiful group portrait sessions. Your first look photos here will be nothing less than a dreamy photography session. After setting those adorable expressions on your partners face, you and your bridesmaids can pose for endless group photos mentioning bridesmaids goals! 

The verandas featured by this dazzling property can be an ideal spot for hosting cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvres. Cool refreshing Lavender Lemonade and some vintage wine will never taste so good without the timeless enjoyment of white wicker on the verandas or Adirondacks in the garden. Bonus? The verandas and garden can be transformed into a location for fun and games with croquet or bocce ball on the lawn. Allow your wedding guests to take a break from the celebration and relish some time in this tranquil spot while adoring the majestic views underneath the starry DC skyline! 

The team of experts working at Whitehall Estate is proud to provide high-quality service for all of their events and offers private access to the entire property. Their event planners are happy to coordinate a beautiful indoor or outdoor D.C. wedding in a style that will be unforgettable! So, host a wedding that is true to you and your groom’s personality at the striking Estate at White Hall Vineyard.

We all know that Virginia is a beautiful state and especially Northern Virginia has a bucket full of scenic locations that offer ideal and stunning backdrops for post-wedding and engagement photo sessions. Just a short drive from Washington D.C., it’s an easy-breeze to find the perfect backdrop to celebrate the best decisions of your life and have relaxed after-wedding photography. If you're a D.C. bride, we are pretty sure that you can see the true awesomeness of this stunning location. Northern Virginia has chic and peppy urban areas like Arlington (and let’s not forget that this place is only a stone’s throw away from D.C.), true and traditional suburbs like Ashburn and Sterling (holla, 703!), and then alluring and charming rolling mountains and vineyards out west in Purcellville and beyond. Seriously, sprinkled with so much variety - you and our wedding photographers in D.C. will have a ton of options when it comes to picking a location for your photo session! To make things easier for you, we have curated a list of some stunning spots that are considered as the best locations for engagement photoshoot and also for your post-wedding photography! 

Morven Park

Morven Park is the location that will give you the most bang for your buck! This stunning place has everything. From manicured gardens to brick walls to magnolia trees to the beautiful iron gate, your post-wedding photography here will have a classic setting. This spot can also be considered by soon-to-be-married couples if they want to have a stunning outdoor engagement photo session.

Oatlands Plantation

At Oatlands Plantation, our photographers from Washington D.C. and suburbs will have many beautiful locations to explore. Fountains, gorgeous gardens, giant trees, hidden nooks, and crannies - it will be fun for our photographers to shoot here, they will always discover a "new" favorite spot at Oatlands!

Red Rocks Park

Red Rocks is definitely a go-to in the Leesburg area - look at all these fun walls!! Our DC wedding photographers love the variety of stone textures, and this location works well for engagements and post-wedding golden hour portraits when the sun paints the entire sky with velvet, pink and orange hues in the mornings and evenings! 

We know that your wedding is something that you will experience once in a lifetime and therefore this celebration of yours needs the utmost attention. To make your wedding a lasting affair, you will hire professional wedding photographers who know exactly how to capture you when you look at your best and who know how to make pictures tell the essence of your story. When it comes to hiring a professional team of wedding photographers on an affordable budget, George Street Photo & Video always tops the chart! The team of photographers at George Street Photo & Video firmly believes that photos are loved by all because they remind people of something beautiful that happened in the past. Pictures are beautiful whether they are taken by you or your friends. But the impact will definitely be more when you give your wedding to the professional photographer you hire from GSPV. We have the easiest process of getting in touch with the talented and skilled wedding photographers, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with us, and meanwhile you just wait for the magic to happen!

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