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World's Fair Pavilion Wedding Photos

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The heady romantic elegance of the World's Fair Pavilion wedding!

Congrats! So you just said “Yes!” to a lifetime of being together with your sweetheart! The world seems to have adopted a rosy glow and everything sure feels serene and magical. After the initial congratulations and basking in the engagement glow, you will soon find yourself in the thick of wedding planning! While there are many pieces of advice that will be pouring in from friends, family, and the internet, creating a perfect wedding is a personal journey! A perfect wedding consists of just two basic things- you and your partner, but additionally, you will also get a chance to represent your taste in a unique and aesthetic way! The perfect white dress, the blooming flowers, the scrumptious food are all very fascinating, but what really lends a wedding a personality of its own and makes it unique is the wedding venue! A place for your dream-come-true moment, your wedding venue not only talks a lot about you and your partner, but it also makes your special day truly memorable!

If you are a pair of lovebirds who have found their love in the land of St. Louis, this city will surely meet and surpass your expectations. Being the second-largest city in Missouri, and rests pretty on the westernmost bank of the Mississippi River. A city packed with captivating architectures and lovely settings, it sets the fitting backdrop for a love story. From its grand baseball stadiums to the beautiful parks, from water-front scenes to niches of nature, several factors in the city make it one of the ideals when it comes to wedding and engagement destinations in St. Louis, Missouri. From the enchanting bird’s eye view of St. Louis from one of the windows at the top of the Gateway Arch to the shimmering skyline to the quiet currents of the Mississippi River, St. Louis, MO is admired among wedding photographers and engagement photographers from around the world, and rightly so! Filled with exceptional architectural structures like the Compton Hill Reservoir Park and trademarks of the USA's rich history and heritage like the Jefferson Barracks Park, St. Louis has something to charm everyone. By hosting your wedding in St. Louis, you will be full of potential choices when it comes to engaging backdrops for your St. Louis wedding photography. There are several wedding venues in the city that will command your heart at a glimpse!

Witness the perfect blend of whimsy and romance in the awe-inspiring World’s Fair Pavilion! Every couple's dream-come-true, this is a wedding venue that will be a perfect fit for you if you are a couple who like things to be unique yet classically appealing and timeless! This open-air shelter sits on top of a Government Hill, offering exceptional views of Forest Park, and was built in 1909. An enchanting historic building spanned over a huge 5,500 square feet of event space, this wedding venue can easily accommodate approximately 500 guests. From romantic first looks to dreamy ceremonies, from extraordinary receptions to a sentimental send-off, World’s Fair Pavilion, with its stunning architecture, dramatic arches, and neutral hues can set just the perfect backdrop for a wedding fit borrowed from a fairytale! The wedding venue grounds are exceptionally beautiful, and the arched Pavilion sweeps the lovers in with a magical feeling of its own. The neutral colors and the amicable nature of the wedding venue ensure that the place accommodates all wedding themes and creative ideas possible. The couple can host their ceremony outdoors, amidst the ravishing greenery and the romantic ambiance that the ground provides. After the vows are said and the rings are exchanged, the couple can move to the enclosed pavilion for a night of celebration among the closed ones! The romantic arches and the arched windows indoors provide the perfect frames for the stunning grounds outdoors and will invite the outdoors in and will add to the wedding reception celebrations. The catering area at the west end of the pavilion presents access to water and adequate space for caterers to operate. Dimmer switches for the lighting under the pavilion are located inside the catering area and can be customized to provide a suitable ambiance for your special day. Adequate electrical outlets are positioned on the columns of the archways as well as inside the catering area. Newly installed accessible restrooms for men and women are positioned on the west end of the pavilion. A Rock House restroom is located across the parking lot from the pavilion. The east end of the pavilion is being reopened which provides additional enclosed floor space that can be used for supplementary seating or as a serving area. All food and beverages to be served at the World's Fair Pavilion can be provisioned by a company from the authorized caterer's list. The Pavilion with its abundance of spaces and easy malleability can be booked for a variety of events like wedding ceremonies, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, among others!

World's Fair Pavilion wedding venue is one gorgeous place full of photographic potential, and having this beautiful setting as part of your wedding album will lead to some amazing captures. From the romantic grounds to the wide expanse of land spread out enticingly, there are several settings that any wedding photographer in St. Louis will love to capture. From the elegant interiors to the romantic outdoor filled with fountains and greenery and nature, World's Fair Pavilion is full of promises and will most certainly let you live your elegant wedding dreams while our St. Louis wedding photographers skillfully capture them in the most flattering light! We especially love the arched courtyard and the romantic terraces and the subtle elegance that the place exudes, which translates beautifully on film. Let the arched pavilion provide the perfect frame as you pose with your loved one, and let the vibrant grounds brighten up your frame fittingly. The sheltered pavilion also provides plenty of opportunities for silhouette photography. Alternatively, if time favors, you and your partner can also explore the beautiful city to capture the essence of the city in your wedding album. The old-world slow-moving romantic charm of the city will add an apt filter to your wedding day! No matter what weather you are getting married in on the grounds of the city your St. Louis wedding will be just stunning by all accounts!

The view, the grandeur, the architectural richness, of course, all of these matters in the decision towards choosing your wedding venue, but what really matters at the end of the day is how the staff of a wedding venue is like. World's Fair Pavilion professional event staff is unbelievable in every sense of the word and is committed to bringing to your foot the most impressive wedding you have ever seen, the kind of St. Louis wedding you have been daydreaming about! Not only are they there to help you plan the wedding of your hopes, but they are also right there to help you combat and resolve any issue which might turn up on your wedding day. From administering with the littlest of details to organizing through the event, World's Fair Pavilion sure knows how to take care of a couple to be wedded. They realize that you might have a lot on your mind already, and they will do all in their power to deliver a stress-free wedding day. The wedding venue also comes with several tools that make your wedding planning a whole lot smoother. The couple not only gets to live their well-kept dream by getting wedded in the stunning World's Fair Pavilion, but they also get to revel in their wedding day radiance thanks to the accommodating staff waiting to tend to their every whim and wish. With impeccable service and sufficient facilities, World's Fair Pavilion makes its mark as one of the smoothest wedding venues to work with. The curated wedding packages come with perks and facilities which have really thought of everything and comes with all the means to assure that your wedding day is nothing but perfect. 

Every wedding day is special, and one-of-a-kind, and a start to a promising tomorrow. But your special day gets a bit more special with a wedding venue like World's Fair Pavilion, it’s a little more so! From beautiful natural fairways and flower beds to elegant architecture, from stunning variety spaces to the special touches of timeless decor gracing the venue, this is an idyllic location that takes it on itself to provide you the most marvelous wedding imaginable. Whether it is you glancing back at the event years later and still feeling joy in your heart, or it is the guests speaking about your special day, the venue guarantees to deliver a wedding day that will stand out in your memories and will be inebriating. Years later, when you will flip through your wedding album or watch your wedding film, you will be awed by the beauty of the vistas again and will be glad you chose the place!

World's Fair Pavilion

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