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A Rustic Romantic Wedding at The Old Mill in Rose Valley

A wedding is surely about two hearts’ union. But it is also a celebration and huge declaration of two lovers in the most aesthetic and idyllic setting so that when they look on this day years down the lane, the image looks pretty close to perfect. All the little elements of a wedding are contributors to make that image in your head when you are 80yo worth the while. From the perfect dress to the laboriously decorated setting and the venue itself are all parts of the puzzle which bring this picture together. Choosing the right wedding venue is a task of great importance. After all, it is the backdrop that will proudly be featured in your love story. However, as tedious as it sounds, walking into the right venue is all you need to do, and instantly, you know for sure that this is the place you want to capture and remember in your memories alongside your wedding day.

If you and your partner are thinking of tying the knot around Media, Pennsylvania, and are open to wedding venues in the Philadelphia suburbs we are happy for you, as the area has a lot of options. Media is a borough that is situated at a distance of 12.04 miles from Philadelphia, in the southwest direction, and around just 15 miles by car if you follow the Haverford Avenue route. Just 25 minutes away from the city of Philadelphia, Media is the first fair trade town in America and is quite a charming place. Just far enough from the city to be a recluse from the bustle. But still accessible for you to explore the city on your photographic journey, Media is a great option for our Philadelphia couples. While you can explore the rich arts and cultures that the city can provide, you can also have your Philadelphia wedding photographer capture the city's iconic structures like the Art Museum and The Franklin Institute in your engagement session or your post-wedding photography session. While all that is still accessible to you, you also get to escape and get married in the more idyllic and nature-friendly location just a few minutes away. Isn’t that the dream?

Nestled in the woods of Rose ValleyThe Old Mill is surely one of the most charming and idyllic settings for two people to declare their love. Gloriously romantic and close to nature, The Old Mill in Rose Valley is tucked away on the land of Ridley Creek, near a wildlife sanctuary that stretches across 12 acres. While stepping into the property, you will feel like you are miles and miles away from the city stop signs and the neon lights. As a purely natural recluse, the place offers abundant greenery and access to natural marvels including wild roses, bubbling streams, and swaying trees. It detoxifies your soul in a heartbeat and welcomes you in, promising a magical time ahead. 

A breathtaking sight full of rustic beauty, The Old Mill is the stuff that magical dream weddings are made of. With the minimum guest requirement of 100 people, this wedding venue can easily accommodate 250 guests and give them a wonderful experience. A rustic natural vibe of the outdoors also finds its way indoors as it woos your guests in with a stupefying splendor. Complete with stone-walls claimed by ivy creepers, grand spacious terrace, arched courtyards, and elegant ballrooms, this is a wedding location that will have you feeling like you stepped into your favorite fairytale. It is hard to tell where the indoors and the outdoors start because there are rustic natural touches all over the indoor space, without compromising on the elegance of the grand interiors. It is quite an art really, and The Old Mill has done a great job perfecting it. Our Philadelphia wedding photographers will love capturing the romantic ivy-covered stone walls and the vaulted ceilings of the ballroom in the most perfect photographs so that you are reassured that it wasn’t just a beautiful dream and it indeed looked like your memories recall. 

The Old Mill, despite having a cabin-in-the-woods vibe, will surprise you with its wide expanse of indoor and outdoor venue options for your special celebration. Their outdoor ceremony options are diverse and include the beautiful Marrying Meadow, the Garden Courtyard, the stunning Bamboo Garden, and the gorgeous River View, each space prettier than the other. Each of those event spaces come with a private setting accentuated by the most beautiful lush greenery, wild romantic roses, and gentle unexpected streams, providing them with a quaint charm. The blissful setting is not limited to the abundance of beautiful backdrops but also extends to the calming ambient sounds which make you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere and the car horns are just a far fetched dream. The Timber Pavilion is perfect for the quests to linger on with a drink in hand and mingle with each other. Be it any season, the outdoor settings are just as beautiful every time and will bear a different charm in each season. 

For your reception dinner, you can choose from the dine and dance activity to be held in either the charming Ballroom or the Garden Courtyard, both being equally enticing prospects. The Ballroom with its wooden touches and exposed beams details adds a rustic barn house vibe to the event. The welcoming glow of the warm lights makes the whole place cozy, while the stone wall details are reminiscent of the outdoors. The warm-toned details maintain the cabin-house vibe of the venue, while it still is up-to-date with all the latest amenities that you can think of. The wedding venue also provides you with a bridal suite, where the bride can get ready, relax with her bridesmaids, and get some stunning bridal portraits captured. The minimal overhead lighting gives the area a modern touch without robbing off the rustic charm. 

The location, along with its stunning architecture, also leaves you with a lot of opportunities to capture your special day in the most idyllic spot. Have our wedding photographer from Philadelphia capture the drama of the place and we assure you that you will be left with some amazing gems for your wedding album. Whether it is the Marrying Meadow, the ivy-covered walls, or the clusters of wild roses scattered throughout the property, each romantic corner is waiting to be captured in the most beautiful photographs. We especially love the unexpected setting the bamboo shoot clusters to provide, giving your couple photography quite an edge. From the gurgling stream flowing abundantly throughout the property to the woodsy corners, this is a location that provides you with photo opportunities by both the hands, leaving a trail of stunning couples portraits at its wake.

Apart from providing you with the most prolific setting for you to get married against, The Old Mill is also hands-on with their services. Armed with a staff that offers the best of hospitality and enables you to have a stress-free and a truly magical wedding experience. The venue's team of experts will work closely with the couple so that they are able to bring their vision to life with the utmost details in mind. The venue also has easy wheelchair access, which is always a plus! 

The Old Mill also provides the convenience of in-house catering with their partner Conner Catering. They enable your guests to experience the most exquisite food prepared from the freshest locally sourced ingredients and will work closely with you to help you finalize on a menu that not only fits your taste and budget but is agreeable to your wedding theme and style. From the table and chair to the china, flatware, and glassware everything will be provided by the team, leaving you stress-free.

A secret behind breathtaking wedding photography in Philadelphia, The Old Mill is one of the best venues in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and will surely be a muse to any photographers near Philadelphia. Some places feel like they are too good to be real. The Old Mill, with its magical ivy-clad glorious self amongst the lush beauty of its surrounding, might be just one of those places. The kind of place which will have you pinching to check whether it is all real. This enchanting Philadelphia wedding venue is proof that your fairytale wedding has just the perfect destination with your name in it. It is just about reaching out and borrowing this stunning location for just one day so that you can relive that magical day for decades to come. A glorious mansion with the most intricate of details, nature’s embrace which you can feel all around you, an idyllic location for your Philadelphia wedding photographer to capture, from the flowing stream to the bamboo clusters, everything is as perfect as perfect can be. Right from the moment you step into this property till the time you leave, clutching your sweetheart’s hand amidst the canopy of twinkling sparklers and the cloud of confetti, each photo in your wedding photo book will be pretty and each moment will be pure magic!

The Old Mill

9 Old Mill Lane
Rose Valley, PA   19063
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