Unravel an Adorable Love Story with Elizabeth and Matt, St. Louis

This warm and inviting engagement and wedding photo session will not only warm your heart but will also have you humming to the tune of, “Take Me to St. Louis” we promise! Elizabeth and Matt declared their love and tied the knot in some of the most picturesque locations scattered across St. Louis, while each moment was captured in utmost delicacy and elegance. There is a barefaced innocence and honest loving energy in this couple that comes through in every image. This adorable Saint Louis couple takes us through an endearing journey, letting us live the lovely moments vicariously through their engagement and wedding album, and we love it!

Elizabeth and Matt started with an engagement session in Forest Park, St. Louis, and the location couldn’t have been more perfect. The look was casual and simple, yet fun and the couple look relaxed and at ease. Elizabeth was dressed in a black scalloped-neck tank top, and fun printed shorts in white, blue and pink. Her hair was gently curled and pinned away from the face. Matt was dressed in a black and white picnic checkered shirt and tan cargo shorts, mirroring the same casual vibe. Some cute ones from the session are the waterfront pond photos and the portraits taken under the cascading billowy trees which gave a fresh and light tone. The individual portraits of the couple added a bit of quirk to the photoshoot. 

The couple went in for a second look within their engagement shoot after a quick wardrobe change, and the effect changes instantaneously from laidback casual to formal neutrals. Elizabeth wore a sleeveless white dress with delicate details and a pair of nude pumps to complete the ensemble. Matt wore a white shirt and tan trousers and the black blazer added to the classy understated look. They both looked ravishing as they posed for several adorable captures, as the day slowly drifted into night. Both the looks of this engagement shoot showcased starkly different moods and sides of the couple’s personality and we loved each look with equal vigor!

 The day of the wedding dawned bright yet moody with a few puffs of overcast clouds hanging from the sky like toasted marshmallows. Elizabeth, along with her bridesmaids was photographed sitting pretty as they started getting ready for the wedding. The bride donned a floral kimono which was refreshingly springy, lifting hearts. The bridesmaids wore matching wraps in lush indigo and looked equally ravishing. It was a sweet moment captured in perfect images before the wedding events took flight.

 The wedding ceremony took place in the palatial and imposing 'St. Francis Xavier College Church and the church is so brilliantly beautiful and architecturally marvelous that it will surely take your breathe away. The bride looked ethereal as she walked down the long aisle, and the tall arched windows and brilliant blue stained glasswork gave the place a magical feel. With a clan of guests the couple held close to their heart witnessing the affair, the ceremony took place most perfectly and was captured in some priceless shots by our wedding photographers. After the ceremony, the couple snuck in for a few pictures, capturing the moment forever.

 After the wedding ceremony was completed, it was now time to eat, drink, dance and be merry! The reception was held at the gorgeous venue Windows on Washington, and the location has the crowd gaping for the second time in the day! Uniquely designed loft spaces with open-air verandas and the majestic cityscape views, the Windows gave the reception a contemporary flair. The unique light fixture was one of the prime talking points of the venue and gave a vintage 70s spin to the setting. Getting clicked beneath that chandelier brought out the warm tones of the location, reflected off of the brickwork and warm woody tones. The loft-style venue space was cozy and intimate because of the exposed brick walls and polished wood accents. The quaint vintage-inspired filament lights added a beacon of warmth to the environment. With delicate fairy lights and minimal decor elements, the place came alive and became the perfect spot for enjoying the presence of the loved ones and dancing the night away.

 The wedding photographer did a great job capturing the bride with the bridesmaids all lined up for the perfect picture. The delicate powder-blue of the bridesmaids’ dresses was refreshing and balanced the warm tones from the background perfectly. The lovely cream bouquets added a slice of spring to the colder days. It broke the tonal monopoly of the black and the white and the woodsy tones significantly and brought in whispered tales of warmer weather. The groom and the groomsmen looked ever-so-dapper leaning casually against the brick wall and wide windows, and the photographer captured the moment perfectly with understated grace. The wedding photography team did a great job capturing blink-and-miss wedding details which the couple will treasure for life. Be it the image of the bridal shoes against the rainy window sill, the closeups of the bridal bouquet with Elizabeth’s rings sparkling or the special first dance moments, the captures ranged from artistic to emotional and the effect was flawless!

 Elizabeth and Matt, along with the wedding party, snuck out for a couple of quick post-wedding shots by the iconic Gateway Arch. The day was dramatically overcast and the turquoise looked stunning against the grey sky. There was a sporadic mix of portraits, perfect couple shots and group photos featuring the wedding party, and each picture came out beautiful! The married couple held up the bunting which said “Thank You,” which was touching and so considerate! Not only was the picture an apt closing to the wonderful day, but it also made the perfect thank you card for the guests! 

 The day came to an end with a grateful heart, loving guests and the sound of merrymaking, as the couple danced away to the wee hours, tapping onto the wooden floors-all signs of a perfect wedding! If that doesn’t bring in a smile on your lips and warmth to your heart, we don’t know what will!


DJ/Band: TKO DJs

Florist: Walter Knoll Florist

Ceremony Venue: St. Francis Xavier College Church

Reception Venue: Windows on Washington

Wedding Dress Retailer: Town & Country Bridal and Formalwear

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