Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach WEDDING PHOTOS

Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach Wedding Photos

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A Heavy Sprinkling of Florida Beach Elegance in a Benvenuto Restaurant Wedding

Once in a while, in the middle of a totally ordinary life, you get to live a slice of a fairytale and feel like one of those Disney princesses you grew up reading about. Everything revolves around you and the love of your life that day, and everybody close to your hearts raises a toast in celebration of your happiness and the future together. So it is only normal that for that one special day, you get to design every bit of that fairytale to the last excruciating detail. Whether your dream wedding involves getting married by a beautiful beach, or in the woods, we say make it happen! 

If you and your partner are hoping for a Miami wedding, we have the perfect options for you to consider- Boynton Beach. Located just north of Delray Beach and south of Palm Beach, this is an area that offers its visitors a variety of seaside recreations. Providing direct access to some of the Palm Beaches, the Boynton Beach enables one to enjoy some of the most beautiful coral and artificial reefs. From OceanFront Park, reputed to be South Florida’s most attractive beaches for Boynton Harbor Marina sports water activities, the Boynton Beach is full of opportunities when it comes to telling your love story with the stunning setting in the backdrop. Whether you are hoping to capture some amazing engagement photographs or just want to take advantage of the beautiful beaches by stopping by for a post-wedding photo session, there is a lot to capture in this area than you could imagine.  

In the heart of sunkissed Boynton Beach, Florida is a wedding location that adds a breathtaking beauty to your wedding day. Deliciously close to the Atlantic Ocean, this venue can be accessed directly from Highway 1 and lies at a 16-minute drive from Palm Beach International Airport. As soon as you get to Benvenuto Restaurant, you can instantly feel how it is steeped in history and will add so much personality to your wedding. Reflective of the post-Addison Mizner Era and designed in 1929 to be a headquarters for the Rainbow Tropicals Gardens by horticulturist C. O. Miller, Benvenuto Restaurant was then known to be a coveted tourist attraction. Ravaged by the 1947 hurricane and restored to perfection, the Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach wedding venue in Miami now offers an enchanting ambiance for events. 

With over 40 years of experience to their name, Benvenuto Restaurant has over the years become one of the most premium wedding destinations in Palm Beach County. The Benvenuto's bar and lounge is much appreciated by the Miami couples to host a cocktail hour, while the ravishing outside courtyard ensures that you entertain your wedding guests in style. Architecturally stunning Tuscan-influenced building, Benvenuto is a historic restaurant and wedding venue with a strong story of its own. The wedding venue offers tons of flexibility as there are several functional event spaces throughout the facility that are accommodating enough to help you express your creative flair in any event space you think is the best suit for you. Whether you want to celebrate your wedding under the blanket of twinkling stars or in one of the several flexible event spaces, Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach obliges you with anything you wish. Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach easily accommodates a wedding of any size, whether your wedding reception features 50 or 350 people. 

Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach wedding venue strives to make your wedding dreams come true in the most vibrant colors. A mesmerizing outdoor ceremony in the outdoor European Courtyard or Tuscan patio, a stylish cocktail hour underneath the stars, and an extraordinary wedding reception in the opulent Main Room, all the innumerable options of how the evening might play out all seem equally enchanting. As you soak in the beauty of south Florida, you and your guests will feel like you have transcended to a beautiful European piazza. With each frame of your wedding day being more precious than the last, our Miami wedding photographers better be on their toes capturing each moment while you live your dream! Each event space of this gorgeous wedding venue reflects a different feel of its own. While the romantic outdoor European Courtyard woos you in with its ethereal beauty, the cozy ambiance of the Fireplace Room is welcoming and warm! Each area has something special to offer, making them appealing in their own way. The various indoor and outdoor spaces embedded through Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach include the following. Let us go through them briefly.

The Outdoor European Courtyard is enveloped by the beautifully landscaped garden space and is perfect for outdoor ceremonies for 220 and receptions for up to 240 guests. While the lush greenery along with the water features adds to appeal, the zig-zagged string lights and pale yellow walls add enchantment to the area as the day gives way to the night. The abundant natural lighting in this area paired with the lush Florida-esqe greenery gives the Miami wedding photographers a lot of space to experiment with. The Main Room is mainly one huge area divided between the Courtyard Room and Jasmine Room can host ceremonies for 180 and receptions for up to 400. This is a majestic area with neutral tonessparkling chandeliers, wooden flooring, and arched windows and the area is full of elegant touches which is unmissable. The Garden Room is again a charming area for hosting ceremonies and receptions for up to 70 and is filled with calming pastel tones, bright neutral tones and whites, and pretty floral details. The Coral Room is equally delightful with the capacity to host ceremonies for 70 and receptions for up to 50. Adorned with bright tangerine accents, the Coral Room gets its name for its bright and cheery interiors. The Fireplace Room accommodates ceremonies for 100 and receptions for up to 70 and is full of warm lighting from the gold-hued chandeliers, the warm wooden accents throughout the floors, and exposed beams of the ceilings while the fireplace promises of a warm evening in a winter wedding!

The Lounge and Bar area is perfect for receptions for up to 60 guests and features arched glass closed windows which invite a lot of natural lighting, which is perfectly balanced by the warm tones from the light and dark wooden accents. The sandy neutral tones of the walls teamed with the arched windows make one think of a Mediterranean desert vacation home. The Little Room is perfect for a small wedding reception for up to 25 guests and is perfect for an intimate lunch or a rehearsal dinner. We love the Port Cochere and the Tuscan Patio which is perfect for your guests to mingle and sets the perfect backdrop for several photo opportunities. From the palm trees to the landscaped gardens and fountains, this is a wedding venue that is as pretty as it can be. From couple photography to family portraits to bridal photos to group pictures with your family, wedding party, and guests, this gorgeous Miami wedding venue provides several photo ops for our wedding photographers in and around Miami to capture one photographic gem after another. 

Granted that Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach is an incredibly stunning setting and it is a perfect place for something as important as your wedding day. However, it is not just a pretty place but also comes with an immense variety of facilities and services to ensure that your stay here is nothing less than perfect. A wedding venue is certainly gauged by the staff offering the services, and Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach has a team of dedicated specialists passionate to ensure every detail is taken care of and your wedding planning process is fuss-free and glides on smoothly. Whether it is a major emergency or just a matter of convenience, the staff here take your every whims and demand into consideration to ensure you get your perfect Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach wedding in Miami. Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach, being a full-service wedding venue, comes with on-site catering services along with event coordination. Some of the rental and inclusive services are the bridal suite, the wireless internet, and the cake. The Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach offers a wide range of diverse American cuisine, both for their restaurant and the events. All said and done, this stunning wedding venue will work closely with you to iron out any wrinkles and commits to providing a wedding day which is stress-free and just perfect in every sense of the word. 

It is funny with wedding venues, how they start with being just a place to host your wedding day and by the end of it all, ends with being an intricate part of our love story. From the time you step in until the time you ride away into the sunset with your partner, the wedding venue makes itself a part of your story. There is a distinct class about Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach wedding venue that you will love for it to be a part of your story. Hosting the most special day of your life in this Miami wedding location will ensure that every memory associated with your wedding day is nothing but magical. With stunning architecture, enchanting event spaces, and minimal yet contemporary decor, this location is timelessly elegant. Years later when you flip through your wedding album and take a trip down the memory lane, you will be glad you chose this epic setting to tell your love story. Isn’t that all that matters? Weaving your story in a way that will always make you happy? We thought so!

Benvenuto Restaurant-Boynton Beach

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