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The Petroleum Club of Houston Wedding Featuring Starry Nights Inside and Out!

Every couple is different and so is their idea of that perfect wedding. This means there is a huge range of differences when it comes to choosing that perfect wedding venue. While some of you might think that weddings are best celebrated in the lap of natural beauty, the birds chirping, the leaves rustling, and the gentle breeze flowing through the air as you say the words ‘I do’. But are you the kind of couple who likes to beat with the beating heart of the city, and enjoy the view of the glittering cityscape and a location filled with splendor and drama? If the answer is yes, and you are placed in Houston, we have the perfect match for you! 

Houston is a vibrant city that also happens to be a large metropolis in Texas, extending to Galveston Bay. The city’s compact yet lively Downtown includes the Theater District and is home to the renowned Houston Grand Opera, and the Historic District. It is also brimming with 19th-century architecture and upscale restaurants, and it’s basically a bustling buzz of activity! Being home to the most beautiful performing arts in the world, Houston has a bunch to offer. With amazing tourist attractions, towering architectural structures, inviting parks, museums, and more, the city provides just the perfect setting for your wedding photography!

Situated right in the lap of Downtown Houston, the Historic Petroleum Club of Houston witnesses the most gorgeous skylines of all and plays host to some of Houston's most sophisticated events. Since 1952, Petroleum Club has been known to be one of the premier locations for weddings, rehearsal dinners, engagements, receptions, and everything in between. Featuring exquisite dining choices and impeccable service and stunning views this location walks the line between intimate weddings and grand celebrations with perfect poise. This eloquent private social club located on the 35th floor in the Total Plaza features an all-glass façade offering eminent views and abundant natural light. The perfect embodiment of the quintessential Houston city life, this event location does justice to its location and makes your Houston wedding an unforgettable memory etched forever!

The Petroleum Club of Houston is the consequence of a vision, vigorous effort, and accomplishment. The vision first shared by Wilbur Ginther, Howard C. Warren, and Harris Underwood, Petroleum Club of Houston can be seen as one of the nation's finest, most attractive clubs, towering above Houston's busy commercial avenues. The feeling of luxurious exclusivity of the club welcomes you right from the second you walk in through the doors. There is an innate sense of easy celebration and penthouse level privilege which makes your wedding day feel that much more special. Coming with a history of celebration and exclusivity and adorned with the splendor of neutral-hued perfection, this wedding venue is as far from the ordinary as you can imagine. Once boasting of celebration after business deals were sealed with a handshake and a toast, the Petroleum Club of Houston is no stranger to a union sealed with integrity, and a wedding just happens to be another extension of the same.

As soon as you walk into this jaw-dropping wedding venue, you instantly will be reassured that this is different. The Petroleum Club of Houston whispers reassuring words that promise you a day which will be nothing short of cinematic and enchanting. Surrounded by the best views of Houston's Downtown skyline, the Petroleum Club of Houston has a long history of providing entertainment with unsurpassed elegance and uncompromising style. The floor-to-ceiling windows on every wall is an imperative addition to the venue, enabling panoramic views of Houston’s downtown skyline from the 35th floor while also filling up the expansive space with best of natural light, enabling our Houston wedding photographer to capture the delicate moments of the wedding in spectacular detail.

Whether it is an intimate setting that you have in mind or a glittering grand affair, the venue is equipped to meet both expectations with an easy grace and glamor. Whether your special celebration includes an intimate setting of around 50 guests or is a grand celebration including 250 guests, the Petroleum Club of Houston’s elaborate and flexible location is accommodating to fit your dream wedding perfectly! The classy yet vivacious elegance of the Petroleum Club of Houston is adaptable enough to match any color scheme or wedding theme imaginable and will be just a little more special. Perfectly decorated in tones of ivory, gold and blush pink, and featuring stunning chandeliers, the venue will make your wedding day stand out in the most perfect way. In the day time, the wedding lights up in the streaming natural light and makes you feel like you are floating in the clouds, with easy photo opportunities laid out in abundance, our Houston wedding photographers will be able to capture you and your partner in the most flattering light. As the day changes into night, the sparkling city lights act as a bed of stars sharing the festivity of the occasion and the interiors light up in a glorious golden glow, sitting pretty in the perfect balance of cozy and glamorous. Whether your guest chose to focus on the dramatic glam decor indoors or the dark skylined spread of activity laid outside, we promise they will surely be touched by the brilliance of it all! The stunning views also make it the perfect backdrop for you and your partner to pose for a picture or two!

As the cutlery clinking in the background is swiftly replaced by the carefully curated playlist for the night, you know for sure that you couldn’t have chosen a better venue, even if you tried. The gentle murmur of content guests inside, the soothing music blending into the environment, and the gorgeous views at your disposal, everything ensures that you and your guests have the time of their lives. Boasting a wide variety of opulent menus and unique beverage options, an exceptional valet service, and experienced staff, this wedding location takes care of everything while you are crafting the best day of your life. The extremely professional and experienced staff will be there to attend you and will help you with anything from a personalized menu to planning for the wedding receptions. Whether it is a wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, or any other wedding celebration, the team of the Petroleum Club of Houston will be there to make every occasion a special one. 

Of course, you want your wedding day to be a special occasion, the kind you see on the silver screen. By choosing this wedding venue as a location for your dream wedding, you will be adding a whole different level of ‘special’ to it. Whether it is the view which you just can’t get used to or the quiet elegance of the decor, whether it is the history than comes attached to it or the uncanny feeling exclusivity that comes with it all, the bottom line is that this place will have you feeling special in every sense of the word. When the last of champagne has been had, and the last of the guests drive away, and you finally look around the empty room spread out in front of you, and the dawn which is slowly creeping behind the skyscraping buildings, you know it surer than ever before- getting married in Petroleum Club of Houston is the best and the most special Houston wedding that you can have.

Petroleum Club of Houston

1201 Louisiana, 35th Floor
Houston, TX   77002
(713) 659-1431

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