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Cress Creek Country Club Wedding Photos

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Choose The Historic Cress Creek Country Club for an Elegant Chicago Wedding!

A wedding day is a day that has the power to make you feel you can do anything and that your love is invincible. It is not surprising that you want your wedding day to look as close to perfect as possible. Isn't this your one shot of making your fairytale dreams come alive? It doesn't have to be a Disney princess kind of fairytale, but it's amazing if it is too. But there are so many different versions of fairytale weddings, which depend majorly on what a fairytale looks like to you! Dreaming about an island escapade wedding forever? Is an enchanting forest wedding more your style? A gorgeous ballroom reception with a sweeping staircase and elegant pillars? Everything is possible! A wedding day is a day you get to bring your dreams to life in sparkling colors. This a critical moment of your life, a day you will be creating lasting memories for years and decades to come and every detail matters. While there are so many big and small decisions which go into a wedding, choosing the perfect wedding venue is of utmost importance. It not only provides the perfect backdrop for the most important day of your life, but it also is the defining factor of the entire wedding and is the biggest piece of the puzzle. It ties together the vibe of your wedding day with perfect finesse!

If you and your partner are from Chicago, you are sure to probably be spoilt for options when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue. A gorgeous city filled with picturesque locations for engagement as well as wedding, Chicago is a city which will never fall short in its promise to deliver. Bringing with it some of the world-class architecture and stunning artwork, along with a range of statues and sculptures, Chicago is abundant in interesting elements which provide the city its class and stature. A recluse for lovers and a muse for photographers, Chicago is undeniably a gorgeous city to look at, with every sight jaw-dropping and good enough to be captured and framed in one’s living room. Lovingly named ‘Windy City’, Chicago comes with its trademark breeze which can escalate to a temperamental wind depending on the time of the year, creating a hauntingly beautiful picture. Home to some of the most epic skylines in the country, Chicago sure flaunts some of the most amazing city sunsets, drenching the city in its magical melancholy every evening! Apart from the amazing cityscape, the city also houses several stunning pieces of architecture, be it the Cloud Gate or the Sears Tower. It is also home to touristy spots like the Navy Pier or the Shedd Aquarium, making Chicago a fun experience that promises to leave behind only good memories and a feel-good vibe. Located by the stunning Lake Michigan, Chicago is a vivacious city that always has something fun to do, from its stunning white-sand beaches and parks and museums. A crackling city full of energy and charm, with Chicago starring in your love story, your Chicago wedding photography will come alive with the enchanting glow. Whether you are hoping for a fun engagement session or a gorgeous wedding venue, the city is sure to step up and deliver.

If you are looking for the perfect location for your dream wedding, Cress Creek Country Club in Chicago might be just the spot. A classic Chicago wedding venue with a striking character of its own, this is a place that will do the perfect justification for your wedding day and add a special flair to the special day. Cress Creek Country Club comes with decades worth of history. Founded in 1963, the history of this wedding location can be split into three distinct phases. The first phase was from 1963 to 1988, a time duration when the Club was owned and operated by the corporation that developed the Cress Creek Country Club Estates subdivision. The second phase began in December 1988 when the Club's facilities and the golf course were purchased by its members and it began operations as a private, equity country club. Several significant improvements have been made since then, be it to the golf, swim, and tennis programs. The third phase of the Club's history began when the members approved the construction of a new $8 million clubhouse in 2001, an exciting project which replaced the existing Clubhouse with new state-of-the-art facilities. The stunning new plantation-style clubhouse opened up in June 2004. The latest phase of renovation started in September 2008, as the Club undertook golf course renovation projects. The course reopened in June 2009. Today this stunning wedding venue showcases the best of its historic splendor and provides the perfect setting for a couple in love to tie the knot. 

As soon as you step into the property, Cress Creek Country Club will greet you with its stunning architecture and sweeping greens, blinding you with its absolute beauty at the first step in. The exterior is reminiscent of French colonial estates from bygone centuries. Complete with rotund, Greek-style pillars, crisp white paint, and a romantic wrap-around porch, the property immediately will put your soul at ease and transport you to a different land. The gorgeous verandah is built to host and for friends and family and have a good time in. You can almost imagine the happy inflow and outflow of guests on your wedding day as our wedding photographers in Chicago and its suburbs capture the lure of the charming verandah and the glow of a happy time beautifully framed against the acres of golf greens surrounding the estate. 

You can take advantage of the lush, rolling greens as you say “I do” at your wedding ceremony with panoramic views of vibrant greens surrounding you from all sides. While the grass glows a luminous green in the warmer months, they paint quite a colorful picture when the autumn arrives. If you and your partner are keen on an outdoor ceremony, another option is to exchange your vows in one of their outdoor, red-brick terraces. After the ceremony, you can explore the grounds and pose for some classic and romantic couple portraits, be it under the wispy romantic willows lining the property or by the edges of the charming ponds.

Once you step inside the stunning Greek Revival-style clubhouse, the stunning reception area sweeps you in. With sparkling domed chandeliers dancing above and a shiny cherry wood dance floor below you, your wedding reception will feel like it is cut out from a movie scene. As an evening full of celebration unfolds in this gorgeous setting, our Chicago wedding photographer is bound to get some amazing captures from the day. There are plenty of windows surrounding the venue space, allowing an abundance of natural light. The interiors of the setting are in neutral gray tones, allowing a blank canvas for the couple to decorate their dream wedding just as they imagined. In short, Cress Creek Country Club provides opportunities by the handful to make your wedding day the most striking and memorable day ever. Starting from the breathtaking ceremony locations to the elegant reception spaces, this is a wedding venue that will add just that touch of sublime elegance to your special day! 

Sure a good looking wedding venue adds definition and character to your wedding day, but as the years pass by, it is not really the architecture of the place that you will remember, but the way it left you feeling. Do you still smile when you think of the wedding venue of your choice? Does it leave you feeling warm and fuzzy? If a decade later, the answer to this is still yes, you must have chosen right! When you choose a wedding venue over a dozen others and are treated well, it's worth every bit of the search. An aesthetically beautiful wedding venue that does not come with an eloquent staff is nothing but a building, an address! Cress Creek Country Club wedding venue does not only come with the most panoramic settings that will wow all your guests and will have them talking about it for ages, but it also comes with a service to match. The considerate and efficient staff at Cress Creek Country Club is here and more than happy to help you engineer a dream wedding just as you envisioned. Not only are they available to be of service throughout the wedding events, but they are also there to troubleshoot any problem which might crop up, helping you maneuver your wedding day in a seamless manner. They are not only attentive to the couple, but pay attention to every little detail, resulting in a wedding day which is flawless and perfect. 

A wedding venue provides the perfect location for a dream wedding to come alive in, and by definition, it is just an address. But in reality, it is so much more than that. When a couple chooses a wedding venue over the others, that name forever becomes part of their love story. There are some wedding venues which do a great job of hosting the wedding but then there are some wedding venues which will have you feeling extra special, not just on the day of the wedding, but for every time you think about your special day. Not only is it a perfect aesthetic setting for your wedding day, but it is also the perfect addition to your forever memory. Choosing Cress Creek Country Club as your wedding venue of choice will ensure that your wedding day is a picture of perfection. Years later, when you will be rummaging through your memories, flipping through your wedding album, or watching your wedding video in a cozy evening, you will feel glad to have chosen this gorgeous Chicago wedding venue to be the part of your story!

Cress Creek Country Club

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