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Have an Elegant Wedding at The Carter Center in Atlanta

A wedding is not just a one-day affair. It's a commitment for life to be there by the side of your partner, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish. And once in your life, you’ll come across a place so beautiful that will make you daydream about saying your wedding vows to your soulmate right there. The Carter Center in Atlanta is that kinda place! FromWith its ivy-covered walls and rolling green hills, to modern architecture, to the Japanese garden filled with azaleas, rhododendrons, and waterfalls, this unparalleled wedding venue in Atlanta is the answer to a perfect unforgettable wedding and a great beginning of marital bliss. 

The Carter Center offers a unique experience of intimate celebrations, located two miles from the hustle and bustle of the city. And that’s one of the biggest attributes of this vintage wedding venue in Atlanta. It is neither too far nor within the city, it’s the best of both worlds. Over the years, The Carter Center has entertained dignitaries, ambassadors, and queens and offered many Atlanta couples a phenomenal Atlanta wedding experience. 

A wedding comprises boundless elements and requires excessive planning, from start to finish. Weddings are not only a way to celebrate a love story but also to set a tone for the new beginnings for a newly engaged couple. From the wedding invites that set the tone for the wedding to the decor, theme, bridal look, wedding menu, guest entertainment, and countless little details, a wedding requires months of planning. And therefore, chalking out a wedding checklist is a great way to start with it. 

One of the biggest elements of a wedding - the wedding venue not only makes your wedding dreams come alive but also says a lot about your personality as a couple. A photographer’s delight, The Carter Center is a wonderful place to transform the magic of romance, wedding celebrations, history, and the soul of your love story into the most precious wedding keepsake of your big day - your wedding photos. Looking every bit like a work of art, your The Carter Center wedding photography by our Atlanta wedding photographers would be your portal to hop back into time and relive your wedding day. 

Imagine an Atlanta wedding venue that is elegant, beautiful, an epitome of romantic celebrations, and sets a spectacular backdrop for your wedding photos. All this, while offering you complete tranquility that’ll make you feel as if you’re in a little world-away-from-the-world. That’s The Carter Center for you. This gorgeous wedding venue in Atlanta is a favorite not only among the newly engaged couples of this city but also that of its neighborhoods and suburbs like Sandy SpringsDecaturMiltonRoswellJohns CreekAlpharettaMariettaPeachtree City, Dunwoody, and many more. 

Let’s take you through a virtual tour of the event spaces that this historic Atlanta wedding venue has to offer. The Carter Center is home to spectacular event spaces for both wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. Adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows, sparkling crystal chandeliers, and immaculately elegant interiors, The Carter Center is every photographer’s delight! 

The Carter Center has everything you need to have a uniquely memorable wedding - breathtaking views, elegance, luxurious decor, impeccable service, and an intimate wedding setting. So you’ll be away from the hurly-burly of a busy city, surrounded by solitude and lush nature, totally unbothered by the cacophony out there! The Carter Center houses the Cecil B Day Chapel which makes a great wedding ceremony location with huge windows that form the most beautiful of backdrops for your ‘I dos’. Picture this setting - as your partner looks at you walking down the aisle, feeling like the luckiest man on earth, our Atlanta wedding photographers capture all his priceless expressions! Wouldn’t you simply love looking at that forever? Slowly, you join him under the wedding arbor, that you both have meticulously designed, and feel like the universe is smiling at you. The warm glow of the grand chandelier adds to the romantic ambiance of your wedding ceremony. Your wedding vows just add to the eternal beauty of the moment and lend more romance to the settings. And while all this happens, nature glows with love right behind you. Our Atlanta wedding photographers love capturing candid moments of your wedding ceremony amidst such cozy lighting as it transforms into an unmatched radiance in your wedding photos. This great amalgamation of romance and nature would leave your guests spellbound and at that moment, you’d give a little pat on your own back for choosing this wedding venue to celebrate your happiest day! Did you like the picture that we painted? And this is only an imagination, you can feel all of this in real life at The Carter Center. 

Post the wedding ceremony, you both can take to the lush outdoors for romantic bridal portraits and couple portraits. The Japanese garden boasts lush natural beauty, and so do the pond and the rocks around it. While the outdoors are scenic, the indoors also have great backdrop options for romantic wedding photos. The spiral staircase is a favorite of our Atlanta wedding photographers. The humongous windows that let nature join you in your celebrations make a gorgeous backdrop too!  You can also get wedding portraits captured with your family and friends as the sun lends a stunning glow on the abundant natural beauty. You can grab all your bridesmaids, who have been waiting to get portraits clicked with the bride and let our wedding photographer capture all the nuances of friendship. How about letting go a bit and celebrating your friendship like how you always have! This is the day you all had been waiting for and your besties have supported and stuck by you through all this time. From running errands to giving you the best bachelorette party ever, they have proved how important friendships are. Let yourselves lose and immerse in the joy of your happiest day with them. It goes without saying that it’s an ideal time to take portraits with grooms and groomsmen as well. Here are some interesting ways to capture groomsmen. 

Moving to your wedding reception, The Carter Center makes an ideal choice with elegance and poise. Luxurious decor and sparkling crystal chandeliers make the rooms look elegant and grand, ideal for a black-tie wedding. The Carter Center houses various event spaces for a wedding reception, ranging from a guest count of 30 to 300 - Cyprus Room, Executive Room, Library Room, and Rotunda. Floor-to-ceiling windows in most of the event spaces at this Atlanta wedding venue offer astounding views of the city from every seat in the room. You could decorate the interiors according to the theme of your wedding if you’re planning to have one. Wedding themes can be various, season-related like a spring-themed wedding or winter-themed wedding, festival-related like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even New Year, style-related such as vintage-themed, gothic, movie-related, boho, or others. The neutral color palette interiors of the rooms give the brides and grooms-to-be to design the decor as per their own style. You could even add your initials and monograms to the wedding decor for a trendsetting look. 

Once you are done with your wedding reception and your grand wedding exit, it is a perfect time to indulge in your post-wedding photography as well. As we mentioned earlier, The Carter Center is home to some gorgeous spots like the entrance and the park on the premises.  However, if you wish to venture out, you could even hop to various nearby locations. Atlanta is an unquestionably ravishing city with a lot of photogenic locations ranging from classic historical sites to verdant parks and everything in between. Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia offers a plethora of glamor and urban flavor that also serves as a perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding or engagement photo session. It’s a big city with southern charm concocted with urban and historic vibes. 

To give you a fair idea, we have compiled a list of nearby locations where your pre-wedding photography and post-wedding photography will be trendsetters! In fact, you could even visit these locations on the way to The Carter Center for spectacular pre-wedding ceremony photography, wedding day photography, or your first look. Read on to explore more. 

Fox Theatre

If your wedding has continued till late and you are short of places for your post-wedding photography, there’s always the Fox Theatre. Just six minutes away! After all, what’s more Atlanta than the Fox Theatre? A National Historic Landmark, its classic marquee sign, and architecture are not only a favorite of all the locals but our Atlanta wedding photographers as well! Strike a romantic pose with your husband against the iconic backdrop of the Fox Theater sign, with that perfect wedding glow, and witness your wedding day photo album get its most iconic Atlanta post-wedding photos.  

Centennial Olympic Park

Here’s another one that’s near the wedding venue. Located just 8 minutes from The Carter Center, this 21-acre public park is home to some of the most spectacular backdrops for post-wedding photography and engagement photos. Perfect for an evening-night time photoshoot it suits all the prerequisites for your The Carter Center post-wedding photo sessions like vibrant colors, timing, and proximity. As the sun goes down, the SkyView Ferris Wheel lights up behind you in all its glory, as a stunning backdrop for your classic Atlanta post-wedding photos. The Olympic Ring Water Fountain plays a brilliant host to your romantic photos as it adds life to them. And if it rains, you are in for some really stunning photos that’ll give the word ‘romantic’ a run for its money! We highly recommend you carry an umbrella throughout the day as rain brings beautiful settings for romantic photography in Atlanta, be it during the wedding (take a cue from Jessica and Adam’s rainy wedding), or after or before it. 

Downtown Decatur

Located just 11 minutes away from the wedding venue, Downtown Decatur is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind Atlanta engagement photography location for the Atlanta couples. Seated at an ideal location between Downtown Atlanta and Stone Mountain, Decatur holds a serene small-town essence and is overloaded with charming storefronts and parks to bring the perfect engagement photos. The open pavilion, mural, old buildings, and gazebo are brilliant spots for taking romantic photos for your pre-engagement or post-wedding photography. The old courtyard steps are a favorite of our Atlanta engagement photographers. 

Stone Mountain

This Atlanta post-wedding photography location is about a 23-minutes drive from the wedding venue. With 3,200 acres of natural beauty, the options are endless at Stone Mountain for an Atlanta engagement photoshoot. While the top of Stone Mountain lets you enjoy the sweeping views of the trees and a gorgeous sunset, you can get the amazing pictures to add to your save-the-dates. The mountain which is a quartz monzonite dome monadnock is a great place for golden hour photography as well. You could explore the wooded paths and covered bridges, or wade barefoot in a beautiful rushing creek for a dreamy engagement photoshoot. However, if you plan to hit this location for your post-wedding photography, we would recommend you to leave a bit early for this place so that you can include the bliss of golden hour in your surreal post-wedding photos.

Fort Mountain State Park

This 3,712-acre state park located between Chatsworth and Ellijay on Fort Mountain was founded in 1938. It is home to plenty of photogenic spots like a 17-acre lake, little cottages, picnic shelters, a playground, and a sandy beach. Fort Mountain State Park offers some gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Located about an hour and a half from the wedding venue, you’ll have to time it carefully though. If not for your wedding photography, you can certainly visit this beauty for your pre-wedding photo session. You could wear something classy yet comfortable for the location and carry a couple of props along. For more inspiration, take a cue from Lauren and Kyle’s Denver engagement session along the mountains. 

Indian Springs State Park

This beautiful Georgia state park is located near Jackson and Flovilla and spans 528 acres. It is one of the oldest parks in the country and is home to several springs. Their water is believed to be carrying mineral-rich healing waters containing sulfur. It’s also a great camping ground. Located roughly an hour from The Carter Center, wedding photography at the Indian Springs State Park has to be meticulously timed.  However, pre-wedding photography at the Indian Springs State Park is totally doable and absolutely worth it! The springs form a perfect backdrop to your photos, adding whimsy to the romance. The exposed-stone bridge, pillars, and walls look beautiful as backdrops adding an element of rusticity. 

Old Mill Park

Just a half-an-hour drive from The Carter Center takes you to this timeless beauty which is home to natural beauty and significant history. The Old Mill Park has plenty of photo ops where you capture stunning wedding photos like the bridge, the waterfall, benches, various trails, and the stream. The covered bridge offers great frames for your romantic photos. You can go down to the waterfall for some jaw-dropping wedding photography. For your pre-wedding photography, you can indulge in a nature walk or go to the rocks, while the water runs peacefully around you. The fact that it’s quite close to the wedding venue makes it an ideal location for your post-wedding photography in Roswell. If you plan to include your dog in your engagement photo shoot, you can take a cue from our blog

From your wedding ceremony to your wedding exit, The Carter Center is a complete package with great outdoors, luxurious interiors and impeccable service. All that, topped with amazing photo ops! Now, whether you get your post-wedding photo session done at one of these locations or the wedding venue, our professional wedding photographers will create magic with their lenses. This chic wedding venue in Atlanta is a great place to step into the marital bliss with your life -partner and beautifully document this transition in the form of artistic and soulful wedding photos captured by our Atlanta wedding photographers. Looking every bit like a work of art, your The Carter Center wedding photography would be your passageway to hop back into time and relive your wedding day. You’d love to flaunt The Carter Center wedding photos captured by our talented team at George Street Photo & Video and so will the generations to come! Trust our Atlanta wedding photographers to capture all the nuances, raw emotions, every little tear, every joy accompanied by smiles and laughter of your wedding day, and relive your happiest day anytime you want! 

We at George Street Photo and Video provide an exceptionally talented wedding photography team and highly competitive packages, starting from USD 1,500. Click to know more about our wide range of wedding photography and video packages by scheduling an appointment with us!

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