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When To Say “I Do” In 2023: Our Best Wedding Date Recommendations


Marrying the love of your life should come with a lot of joy and pleasure! If you’ve been engaged for a while and are just beginning to plan your wedding, then remember to pick the wedding date carefully! One of the key elements of your wedding will be the wedding date. The importance and how to choose the right wedding date are in the last section of this blog. To make your wedding planning super easy, we have made a list of some of the best times to say “I do!” 


Wedding Dates to Choose in 2023 - Dates, Time Periods, and More
Choosing a wedding date may seem like a daunting task if you simply look at the calendar. Every day seems like a good day to get married, right? Well, if that’s what you think and feel a little overwhelmed, then here are some ideas to help you out! We have a list of different times when you can think of tying the knot with your partner. 


No-fuss Wedding Planning is No Longer a Dream With These Dates and Time Periods to say “I Do”


Looking for the right time to tie the knot with your soulmate? Here are some amazing times to choose to say your “I dos:” 


  1. A Milestone Marker
    One of the most romantic times to get married is to celebrate a milestone with your partner. Instead of looking for a date, you can simply choose your “yearly” anniversary date. Or you could choose a date when you and your partner did something together and you knew you’d want to spend the rest of your lives together. Marking years of togetherness is also a romantic wedding idea! You can choose anything that speaks to you and is close to you! 


  1. The Sentimental Wedding Dates
    Whether you’re of the opinion to celebrate your love for your soulmate, or honoring those who have passed on, there’s nothing better than choosing a wedding date that is close to you. For example, you could choose the same wedding date as your parents, your grandparents, or as your friend’s wedding date. These people can mean the world to you, and choosing the same day to honor what you feel for them is a beautiful gesture. Furthermore, you can even draw some wedding decor inspiration from the personalities of these people or even use what they like in your wedding decor.


  1. Lucky Number
    Another idea that we love is choosing a lucky number if you have one. You can choose your lucky number as your wedding date, the month, or use it as a date as a “combination” of the MM/DD/YYYY. The choice is yours! There are many combinations to come to the lucky number, your lucky number. You can add, subtract, divide or even multiply to get to your lucky number! Not only will it be a romantic wedding for you and your partner, but we feel this will be a super fun wedding to plan!  


Astrology Lovers? Here are Some Great Times to Tie the Knot


If you love astrology and enjoy feasting in the energies of the cosmos, then here are some amazing astrologically important times to tie the knot: 


  1. A New Moon
    In Astrology, a new moon represents a time of planting seeds and starting afresh. What’s more, the moon in the tarot talks about the heart of space, the things one feels. So, if you’re looking for the perfect time to marry your soulmate, then there’s no better time than a new moon. And the best part is, you can choose to pick a wedding date in any month, the moon cycle yields a new moon every month! You can even choose a celestial wedding theme to go with it! 


  1. A Solar Eclipse
    A solar eclipse is a rare thing, it only happens about three times a year, and it is impossibly beautiful. One of the best things about this moment is that it gives you such beautiful wedding photos! In terms of astrology, this time is essentially a supercharged new moon. Whatever the previous point means, this is just that but multiply it by a hundred! In our opinion, there’s nothing better than a solar eclipse to tie the knot in. 


  1. New Moon in Libra or Capricorn Season
    Libra and Capricorns in terms of astrology are some of the most stable, and deeply loving zodiacs. While a Virgo is noted for its loving relationships, balanced nature, togetherness, and companionship, a Capricorn is known for determination, longevity, and endurance. New moons in both of these zodiac seasons are a great time to get married! Say “I do” during these times to have a great wedding. What’s more, you can even throw an evening wedding to enjoy the new moon in this season! Also, you can choose a wedding color scheme inspired by the zodiacs, or just one zodiac!   


Although we titled this section “for astrology lovers,” anyone can use these times. These ideas are not subject to belief or acceptance. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, the symbolism of these days can help you add a touch of romanticism to your wedding


How to Pick a Wedding Date in 2023?


Tying the knot with the love of your life is not only a joyous occasion, but is also a celebration of your love, commitment, and the beginning of new beginnings. And because this moment is one of the most important, and magical moments, it only makes sense for you to take your wedding planning to the next level. Your wedding date will be a crucial factor, simply because it will affect your wedding venue and the guests. Throwing a wedding is much more than simply choosing your wedding decor, the venue, and who to invite to the wedding. Throwing a wedding is more about making the right decisions, finding the right wedding decor in the budget, and ensuring that you have the right wedding date. If you’ve read the above ideas, you pretty much know how to throw a wedding, and which date you’d love to choose for your 2023 wedding. However, if you’re not sure about which wedding date or you feel like choosing a date apart from the ones we’ve picked out, then here are some tips, and advice on how to choose your wedding date


Advice for Choosing your Wedding Date

How soon after getting engaged should you pick your wedding date?
Well, the answer to that is that there is no “waiting period.” Depending on your relationship, you choose to settle on a date. However, the general way of doing things is to plan a wedding within 12 to 18 months from the engagement date. Remember, the wedding and the life you and your partner will have is yours. So, if you feel that you want to tie the knot earlier than that time, do it. It is your wedding after all. 


  1. Know the Most Popular Months for Weddings
    Knowing when most of the weddings happen throughout the year will help you get a great deal on the venue and the decor. Usually, during the peak wedding season, what happens is that everything is expensive, because everyone is getting married, so there may be a shortage of the things you’d want. Along with that, with so many weddings happening all over the country, your wedding guests may be tired, and lethargic and some of them may not even show up because they’re burnt out. It is because of these reasons that we recommend an off-season wedding if you can and are willing to wait. The most popular months are usually late October and early November, and also May for summer. Avoiding these months may help you. Also, May is one of the most popular months for outdoor weddings. If you are thinking of an indoor wedding, then you can still choose a May wedding date, just remember to check if your friends and family will be available for the date you choose. 


  1. Holiday Weddings are Fun, but not These Holidays!
    If you’re thinking of a big wedding, with all of your friends and family, and even extended family to enjoy your wedding, then avoid the “family-centric” holidays. Although Christmas weddings are love, most of your wedding guests will not be able to make it as they’d be busy with their family. However, if your heart is set on throwing a winter wedding, and adopting the Christmas love for your wedding, you should choose to throw a Christmas-inspired wedding instead of choosing the holiday. Using this as an example, make sure that weddings around Thanksgiving, New Year's, and Christmas could be a good idea as long as you do not throw it on the day of the holiday! 


Tips to Choose your Wedding Date


Apart from the update above, here are some additional tips to help you choose your wedding date without any fuss. 


  1. Always check in with your VIPs
    One of the most important parts of selecting a wedding date is to ensure that those who are closest to you are there on your wedding day. After all, your wedding day is not just about your celebration, it is about you sharing your joy with those who’ve been with you throughout your life. So, before you settle on a date, make sure that you ask your parents, your friends and your family, or any other “must-attend” folks if they are available on the date you have picked out. Find a date for your wedding when all of the “must-attend” guests for your wedding are available. 


  1. Talk to your Vendors
    Of course, when we talk about wedding planning, we know that there’s a chance that you’ve already picked out certain aspects of the wedding day. Maybe you already know a wedding photographer from a friend’s wedding who’s very good, maybe you want the same wedding band as your best man’s wedding, or maybe you want the same wedding florist from a wedding you attended a couple of years ago, and they are not available around the time, then you will have to choose a date as per their availability. However, a word of caution, if you will, always go in with the mindset that you probably will not have all of the vendors you want when you’re settling on a wedding date. Yes, there’s a chance that you can be one of the few lucky ones who can have every vendor you want for your wedding. But it is always better to be prepared because trying to get all the vendors may mean that you extend the wedding date. Keep that in mind when you plan your wedding, and consider what’s more important to you when you talk to vendors. 


  1. Big Events in the City? Avoid those.
    Weekend weddings are a fun thing to plan, and are a great way to celebrate without worrying about the Monday blues. However, one of the things to keep in mind is that your wedding date should not clash with big events in the city. By big events what we mean is big games, big celebrations, or even an occasion that will be celebrated city-wide. The reason why we ask you to avoid these days is that the city may be jam-packed, there may be traffic which may cause delays and for those wedding guests visiting from other cities, they may not find accommodation. So, check the events in your city, so that it does not coincide with your wedding day. 


  1. Overlapping Wedding Guest List? Do this!
    If you know another wedding that is happening around the same time as yours with a similar wedding guest list as yours, remember to space it out. For example, if you and your cousin are getting married around the same time, then allow at least four to five weeks of a cooling period in between, if not more. This will help your wedding guests to space things out easily, and make it to your wedding. You have to factor in the exhaustion from the weddings for your guests. If your wedding list is usually made of “younger” guests, then you can count on them to hop from one state to another without an issue. However, the older wedding guests may not be so excited about it. Simply choosing the time and spacing out the events will help. 


We hope that the blog above helps you find the right time to say, “I do.” You can use the ideas for when to throw your wedding to choose the best wedding date for your wedding. Above all, we hope that our tips and advice help you to understand how to find your wedding date. We wish you and your partner luck, and we hope you have a great time picking out the wedding date and planning your dream wedding!


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