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Weekly Wedding Resources: December 11th, 2020


The most wonderful time of the year has arrived, and did we need this festive cheer or what?! After the adventure(mildly choosing my words here!) that 2020 has been, we have sure deep dived into the festivities like there is no tomorrow. Things are looking up probably for the first time in a long time. Maybe its the twinkle lights in every corner, maybe its the smell of the “Fresh Balsm” burning in your living room, maybe its the retro Christmas music drifting in from the other room, and the crackle from the fireplace lulling you into a spell, or maybe its the hope that comes when a new year comes, offering you a fresh start, but together, things are starting to look brighter and merrier! If you are celebrating not just the festive season but also a wedding in the works, there is all the more reason to hang some more mistletoe and get lost in the winding lanes of wishlist, Black Friday sales, and festive offers. Wedding planning during the festive season has a special vibe of its own, and we are all about that! If you need that extra bit of help as you maneuver the wedding planning journey, we are bringing you some exciting reads across the internet! Have fun exploring!


The wedding colors are the first things we decide on before we get deeper into the details. It is no surprise that the wedding colors you choose to include in your wedding tapestry has a prominent impact on how your wedding looks and feels like! While trends and styles shift throughout the years, it is the Pantone Colors which decade how a year is going to look like aesthetically. Let’s first find out how the Pantone Colors of 2021 shows resiliency as we head into 2021, and then look back at how the previous Pantone colors aptly represented the years! Curl up and dig into colorful read!



Here's Why Pantone's Color(s) of the Year Will Be a Huge Hit with 2021 Weddings

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Your bridesmaids are undoubtedly one of the most important elements of your wedding day. It is these girls who will fix your lipstick or hold your dress as you go to the bathroom, they will ensure you have a straw as you sip in water and that everything is working like clockwork. Most importantly these are the girls who will bring a whole lot of soul to your wedding day, making it truly memorable. So when you ask them to be a part of your special day, we encourage you to go creative and all out! Here are some fun bridesmaid proposals which will make your girls go “aww”!



30 Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

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Dreaming about a Christmas wedding and having your first kiss under the mistletoe? Or are you planning a spring wedding with the crisp fresh air and pastel hues? Seasons play a huge role in our wedding plans for sure. But can it entice you into spending more than you otherwise would? Find out here, as this article goes into some unaccounted seasonal wedding costs which may come in as a surprise! Read on to find out more!



Unexpected Seasonal Wedding Costs Every Couple Should Know About

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Wedding signage is a brilliant way of saying something without sayings a word! Whether they are actually doing the talking for you, and giving out important information, or are just a sweet touch with a romantic quote and such, wedding signage is huge when it comes to wedding decor. From welcoming guests, to directions, these are super versatile and can be used everywhere! If you are stuck for inspiration, let these wedding signage options provide you with just that!



7 Wedding Signs You Definitely Need At Your Wedding

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A micro wedding is undoubtedly the buzzword of the year, and it has made weddings a lot more personal and flexible. While it is a minimal wedding with a shorter guest list, it is a wedding nonetheless. The ceremony decor of a micro wedding is probably one of the few ways the personality of the wedding can be expressed aptly. Let us go into some ceremony backdrop decor that will inspire you for your micro wedding decor. 



27 Stunning Ceremony Decor Ideas For Your Micro Wedding

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What are the token rings? What was wrong with engagement rings? Are these adult promise rings? The questions are many, but this article will answer them all! Meet token rings, the ring of intention, ensuing that an engagement ring is coming and can be picked out together. A genius concept which eliminates the pressure associated with choosing the perfect engagement ring, a token ring  symbolic ring that you pop that question with. Intrigued? Read more here!



What is a Token Engagement Ring?

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There are certain things in our life that come in and instantly make our lives seem alright. The change of the season, the festivities, the feeling of being in love are just some of them for sure. They embrace us in comfort, reassurance, and joy. And if there was ever a year we needed it more, it’s this one! So it’s all right to ring in the Christmas cheer a bit earlier this year. It’s okay to watch the Christmas movies and watch the snowfall from the window seat and pretend for a big that everything is perfect and magical and a-okay. It is okay to plan for your happily-ever-after waiting for you out there. It is okay to plan with fury and feel the satisfaction of getting things off that to-do-list. You need this, dear brides-to-be! So plan away, and we will be here again, bringing in resources that we think you will love! Happy weekend!


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