Weddings in Philadelphia are Back-Anthony and Cindy!

In a normal year, we know you all would be set to attend various summer weddings right about now- those steam ironed new suits and sundresses, ordering gifts for the lovely and happy couples, writing happy toasts, rehearsing dance steps, and lastly ensuring amazing vacation days to travel out of town! But as we all know by now, that 2020 is no normal year! The coronavirus crisis has flipped the lives in Philly (and across the country) in more ways than we can ever imagine and count. With various stern guidelines focused on large group celebrations, weddings as the magnificent festivities we know and love are effectively halted! Though we can’t offer you an ideal roadmap for how to proceed, we can surely share how a real Philly-area couple- Anthony and Cindy modified their wedding plans in the wake of COVID-19


We knew it was not easy for Anthony and Cindy to alter the plans they have made for their big day, but we were thrilled to see their resilience. We appreciated that this amazing and deeply in love Philly couple looked towards the positivity and didn’t let this global pandemic come in-between their union! As there goes a saying ‘without the dark, we would never be able to see the stars!’ This is what made Anthony and Cindy keep going! They always looked through the silver lining this pandemic brought with it. They realized that their eternal love is the only thing that mattered, and they did find a way to celebrate their union despite the circumstances. Because of these things, our hearts are full! This blog is all about celebration, a celebration for the real couple who made their way for their happily ever after while inspiring all those lovey-dovey couples who are planning their wedding during this pandemic situation


Anthony and Cindy decided to have their intimate wedding celebration at the Warrington Country Club on August 15, 2020! Their wedding day, full of light and endless picturesque settings, gave endless opportunities to our Philadelphia wedding photographers to snapshot stunning and magical wedding photographs! Our skilled and talented wedding photographers started their day by capturing the beautiful and shimmery salmon pink and silver wedding heels that Cindy decided to wear with her beautiful wedding gown! The elegant single diamond ring placed on the edge of her wedding shoes indicated that from head to toe, she is all set and ready to step in the new chapter of her love story! Our wedding photographers did find an incredible outdoor arbor setting, where they captured the beautiful shots of Cindy’s wedding dress hanging on the hanger mentioning ‘Bride’ on it in beautiful calligraphy! The frame that our wedding photographers selected for capturing Cindy’s wedding dress featured endless natural beauty elements! The white lilies, verdant greenery, towering trees in the background, and the sea blue satin drapes, made swoon-worthy frames for her wedding dress and shoes to get clicked! 


After our wedding photographers captured her wedding dress from every angle, they moved inside the bridal suite and started documenting her getting-ready pictures! Cindy’s highlighted hair was parted from the center and was tied up in a loose and a messy ponytail, adorned with crystal Comb Barrette. With the help of her bridesmaids, she slipped into her sheath styled wedding dress! The deep plunging V neck with a net overlay flawlessly highlighted her curvaceous body and made her look nothing short of an angel! Cindy coupled the intricate embroidery on the bodice of the wedding dress with the minimal makeup look! A contoured complexion, mauve lips, and glam eye gave Cindy an alluring appeal. This was a perfect and stunning look for an early-afternoon wedding. She gracefully rocked her complete bridal look, and headed outside holding a beautiful bouquet with textural flowers, greens, and blues, with her lovely bridesmaids and a cute flower girl to get some pictures clicked with her wedding party! Her gorgeous bridesmaids also excelled in their look with the enchanting caroline blue halter neck and V-neck flowing gowns with the lovely bouquets resonating with Cindy’s! Our wedding photographers in Philadelphia and its neighborhoods did not leave any stone unturned while documenting Cindy’s pre-bridal photoshoot with her bridesmaids and family members! They also captured Cindy’s fine and detailed portraits where she flawlessly flaunted her back shoulder tattoo in that plunging V-neck wedding dress while the train of her wedding dress made her look like a beautiful mermaid! Her radiating smile was something that holds the potential to light up the whole town! 


While she was swaying her bridal look in full swing, on the other hand, Anthony looked drop-dead handsome! For his big day, he went for the enchanting and deadly combination of all black and white. He coupled his crisp white shirt with a formal black pantsuit and shining black loafers! His black bowtie perfectly complemented his stubble beard look and shaved head! No wonder he outshined the entire groom look that made every head turned towards him, especially when he decided to walk down the aisle with the minister of the day!


Before Cindy walked down the aisle towards the love of her life- Anthony, she hugged her dearest daddy and then posed with her sweet family to have her favorite family moments captured in the best of frames! She walked down the aisle with her superman (dearest daddy) who was looking nothing but dashing in his sapphire blue pant-suit! With each step towards her wedding arbor, the excitement and glow on her face kept on increasing, which were perfectly highlighted in her bridal portraits! The moment she reached the arbor, the couples made their promises with each other bringing tears and smiles on each other’s and everybody’s face! They exchanged their wedding bands which declared them as an officially married couple, after which they both got themselves immersed in the moment of their first kiss as newlyweds! They both walked down the aisle, kissing each other and forgetting the world behind them, while our wedding photographers clicked every moment of their beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony! 


While they walked the aisle together as the husband and wife, their gangs were eagerly waiting for them to get clicked with the ‘couple of the day’! Our wedding photographers clicked their post-wedding pictures with their friends and close ones! The outdoors of the Warrington Country Club features various cozy and romantic nooks and corners that make an ideal setting for outdoor wedding photographs! Anthony and Cindy ventured to the grounds of this ravishing Philadelphia wedding venue and found a beautiful wooden bench where they posed for utterly romantic and swoon-worthy couple portraits


After their post-wedding romantic couple photoshoot, they made their traditional dramatic entrance to their wedding reception! They made their entrance to their wedding reception through a tunnel made with the arms of their wedding party holding confetti and flowers! After which they hit the hardwood dance floor and got themselves immersed in the moment of their first dance! As a tradition, after Anthony and Cindy shared some tender dance moves with each other, it was time for their family members to share some steps with the bride and the groom! Cindy danced like a baby with her father, while Anthony danced like a gentleman with his beautiful mom


The beautiful couple put an end to the day by cutting the scrumptious 3-tiered wedding cake! Apart from the first dance and bouquet toss, cake cutting is one of those beautiful opportunities that graces every wedding photo book! What a perfect way to end the day! Sharing some delicious pieces of cake with your partner marks the beginning of a happy and sweet journey! 


Whether it’s India or America, weddings have always been an extravagant affair! So what if this time you might swap the candles, sweets, and mini bottles of booze with masks and hand sanitizers! Rows of chairs may be more disjointed to allow guests to maintain a safe space from those who are from outside of their household. You are still going to get married! Not by many but still by a few, you're going to be surrounded by those you love when the day comes! That is something to be excited about! Your wedding day during this global pandemic is going to be one freaking amazing celebration, girl, trust us you will have a crazy story to tell your kids one day! 

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