Weddings are Back- Chandler and Valerie

Weddings are back and the fun is unpaused (within reason)! For a while there, we all wondered whether we would ever get the chance to rub shoulders with the people we love again, hug them as they start a new chapter of their life, or dance with them until the crack of dawn, celebrating a milestone moment. We wondered if the smiles will shine just as bright and whether kindness will be just as yielding! But just like getting back together like pieces of a puzzle, humanity pulled through, and we are almost at the end of the tunnel. Chandler and Valerie’s stunning Dallas wedding makes us momentarily forget all the negativities and lets into the wholesome feel-good vibes of a Dallas wedding. Beautiful lush greenery and the sunken sun streaming in golden rays, the classically beautiful setting, and a couple who has made you want to smile your best smile and make a silent wish for them- all signs of a timeless wedding!


Chandler and Valerie chose gorgeous Texas to be the state to witness their nuptials! Dallas is a stunning city whispering enticing stories of history, and home to the Dallas Cowboys, sky-high skyscrapers, lavish restaurants, and a bustling nightlife, and lies just in the vicinity. From the lushness of gardens and parks to the rustic allure of the ranches, Dallas offers lots of amazing occasions for one to host their weddings. One such stunning wedding location is Bella Woods, the piece of heaven that our lovely couple chose for their wedding day. Located merely 30 minutes from Dallas, Texas, Bella Woods has several stunning venue spaces, one being the beautiful Sky Chapel which seats around 300 guests and is perfect for a wedding ceremony. The all-white interior is beautifully accented by two white-painted trees, and it is a sight to behold. The Bella Barn is perfect for receptions and reflects the Texan architecture of the early 20th century perfectly in its rustic exterior, and the interior is home to elegance, featuring a palatial ballroom! The location’s Woods site features Chandler Chapel, which accommodates 225 people, and the rustic Taylor Barn, a perfect mash of rustic elegance.


Chandler and Valerie chose the 15th of August as the day to tie their knots and they had a guest count of 167. Bright and early on the decided date, the couple got ready for their lovely ceremony. Valerie wore a silky robe as she got ready with her bridesmaids and the girls were wearing the same robe in a powder blue. Soon our lovely bride changed into a stunning off-the-shoulder wedding dress with a classy full skirt which puffed up around her like whipped cotton candy. The bodice of the dress was intricate and romantic and the long train along with the translucent veil cascaded behind her gracefully. Her makeup was soft and romantic and the hair was done up in a classy chignon. A pair of dangly silver earrings and bracelets accessorized her look perfectly and the gorgeous bridal bouquet of green foliage and white blooms added to her timeless look aptly! Her bridesmaids were looking gorgeous in their matching periwinkle blue dresses and they all carried bouquets that mirrored Valerie’s. The adorable flower girl wore a white dress and a dainty jeweled headband. Chandler looked dashing in his classic blue suit, paired with a white shirt and a powder blue necktie. A pair of tan formal shoes and a boutonniere completed his look with flair. The groomsmen balanced the look to perfectly match the bridesmaids by wearing matching gray suits, white shirts, and blue neckties. The balance of colors and symmetry painted the perfect summer wedding picture for our Dallas wedding photographer to capture. 


After the gorgeous duo was ready for their special day, the couple met in the Sky Chapel for a first look, as the Dallas wedding photographer captured the myriad of emotions running through their face with a skilled hand. The couple met at the altar, where they exchanged their videos and had their first kiss as a newlywed couple and the guests celebrated the momentous occasion. After several group photography with near and dear ones and the group captures with the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, the couple explored the outdoors as our wedding photographer in Dallas suburbs captured them in the golden hour sunlight which was streaming through the towering trees. We especially love the candid moment captured in the frame when Chandler was swinging his new bride as they danced in the grass beds. So romantic


After the photographs were taken, the adorable couple joined their wedding guests for a fun evening of celebration. They clinked to their first toast in celebration, had their first dance under the spotlight, and cut their beautiful four-tier white cake. We love the elegant details that the venue provided, be it the personalized spotlight, as they swayed to the music or the elegant neutral background of the ballroom. Our wedding photographer in Dallas did the perfect job of capturing the special moments of the day, be it the wedding details and close-up, the gorgeous bridal portraits, the harmonious group shots, and the gems of the moments from the ceremony. We especially love the golden hour shots and the delicate moments of the reception!


A wedding day is special, whether it is a backyard or sweeping manor. No matter which one you are game for, the core of the wedding day is more or less the same. Your sky will be a little bluer than any other day, your eyes will sparkle with the promise of tomorrow, and your heart will beat a little faster and when you hold your partner and say “I do”, you will see this moment couldn’t have been made any better! Chandler and Valerie’s wedding day is aesthetic and classically gorgeous, but is made even sweeter, as they came out of a pandemic to finally be together! And that’s a different feeling altogether!

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