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Valentine's Day Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat


Getting married is one of life's biggest, most exciting moments that all of us secretly wait for. And getting married on Valentine's Day can be the ultimate icing on the cake while celebrating love and companionship. Tying the knot on Valentine's Day is not unheard of, as so many couples each year get hitched on Valentine's Day in wedding settings filled with fresh flowers, chocolates, love letters, and red hearts. Since Valentine's Day is all about expressing our love, incorporating Valentine's Day wedding themes and ideas into the biggest day of one's life can be a dream come true event. For all the true romantics and special couples who want to exchange their wedding vows on the most romantic day in the calendar, there are many romantic Valentine's Day wedding ideas that are exceptionally romantic and not cheesy at all. 


Creative couples have been hosting themed weddings to make a reception stand out in a unique way for quite some time now. Hosting a themed wedding party is undoubtedly one of the most ingenious ways to speak for a couple's personality. From a book-themed wedding to celebrate the shared love for books to incorporating pets in the big day celebration as an ode to being animal lovers, there are many incredibly romantic wedding ideas that can speak for your unique personality as a couple. Similarly hosting Valentine's Day-themed weddings can be a great way to honor the romantic hearts that brought you closer and create an extra special wedding event. Apart from the fluttering red roses and cheesy ideas, we have come up with a list of romantic Valentine's Day wedding inspirations that will surely melt your heart and make you scream "I do" in the most passionate way ever! The idea here is to reflect all the romance of your own love story for everyone present on your wedding day to celebrate the union of you two in the most special way. 


Some of our favorite Valentine's Day wedding ideas and inspirations to melt your heart:


Valentine's Day-themed wedding invitations


Pretty-in-pink wedding stationery or gorgeously designed wedding invitation suites dressed up in red bow ties or romantic roses can go a long way to set the mood for your big Valentine's Day wedding. Thematic wedding invitation suites can be the first hints for your wedding guests to your Valentine's Day wedding affair. You can personalize your wedding invitation suites by incorporating a romantic touch like a custom heart-shaped illustration or soft calligraphy or even a red and pink color scalloped border that gently introduces Valentine's Day wedding theme. Be sure to note on the invitation that it's Valentine's Day wedding in case guests don't immediately notice that from the date.


Heart-shaped wedding décor


A Valentine's Day wedding naturally means a lot of heart-shaped wedding accents that are going to adorn the details. Embracing the holiday favorites, you can include all the hearts and flowers in the world into your décor along with adding personalized touches throughout the wedding day details. For instance, a floral decorated truck bed with a custom heart sign that doubles as a statement wedding ceremony entrance and a photo booth at the reception can be a great way to incorporate heart-shaped details without going overboard. Similarly, heart-shaped wedding balloons can be fun accessories to carry down the aisle for your ring bearer and flower girls which can be later incorporated into the wedding reception décor. A modern heart-shaped neon sign can be a cool and funky prop to incorporate in your Valentine's Day wedding details by pairing them with other glitter and sequin wedding details.


Heart-shaped wedding jewelry and accessories


Heart-shaped wedding jewelry can be a great addition to your 14 February wedding. Imagine wearing a red heart-shaped earring while walking down the aisle that can add a pop of color to your bridal white. If you want something subtle for your ceremony you can also go for heart-shaped diamond stud earrings or a charm bracelet. Your groom wearing "his heart on his sleeve" or his lapel as a heart-shaped groom's boutonniere can go a long way to celebrate your romantic wedding theme. You can also carry a heart-shaped bridal bag on your V-day wedding or a normal-shaped bridal clutch with heart-shaped motifs to keep it subtle.


Red or pink wedding dress


Trade a traditional white wedding dress for a blush pink outfit or a bold red bridal dress! A long and flowing red or pink wedding dress with flower floral adornments or romantic touches like laces can add a dreamy touch to your Valentine's Day wedding. Vintage wedding outfits also have a romantic feel and you can never go wrong with classic and elegant groom tuxedos and wedding gowns for Valentine's Day wedding themes. Ball gowns or dresses with velvet fabric wedding details can also be a fun way to incorporate details from old and classic romantic movies such as those of Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy as your wedding day dress inspiration.


Red-colored bridesmaid and groomsmen attire


Dressing up your wedding party in vibrant reds and pinks is a great Valentine's Day wedding idea. Let your team of bridesmaids embrace the wedding theme by dressing up in pink or red bridesmaid dresses or dress up your adorable flower girls in thematic Valentine's Day wedding colors like blush pink or red. You can also add subtle touches to your wedding party attire by planning for plain white bridesmaid dresses with heart prints for a whimsical touch. Crimson red and powder pink formal and casual tuxedos for groomsmen can be an excellent way to bring romance into the air too.


Include heart-shaped photo props


Including heart-shaped photo props or other heart-shaped accessories for your wedding photos can be a festive idea for an incredible Valentine's Day-inspired wedding photography session. From heart shapes made out of olive branches to delicate heart-shaped wreaths for the ring bearer and flower girls to carry down the aisle can double up as great wedding photo props that are romantically charmed. A heart-shaped escort card display in a tender blush tone which can also double up as a photo booth and Valentine-themed wedding favors can be a great DIY wedding idea that is romantic as well.


Simple Valentine's Day wedding details


Little wedding details add up to become big and statement-making wedding ideas. Tender and subtle wedding ideas like a reception table with labels that feature the word "kiss" in different languages can be a delicate wedding detail that goes on to speak volumes! Similarly setting up a wedding photo booth with a cupid's arrow and target décor piece has strong romantic nods. How about a creative toss idea that doubles up the romance level? Here you can distribute flower petals in pages from your favorite love-themed novel. How adorable is that! Or go bold by ordering a shiny red car for orchestrating a dramatic wedding exit that looks straight out of a Ben Affleck movie!


Valentine's Day wedding cake 


Your wedding confection does not have to be boring! Go for a traditional white wedding cake dressed up with decorative little red hearts by asking your caterer to cut tiny red hearts out of the fondant for a cute wedding cake decoration. Or go for a statement-making heart-shaped wedding cake topped with monogrammed details. Or as a wedding cake alternative, you can also serve red and pink cupcakes for sweetening up the wedding dessert table even more.


Love notes and greeting cards


As a couple getting married on the day of love must exchange Valentine's Day cards, you can also ask your wedding guests to exchange love-filled greeting cards or sweet notes. You can exchange your wedding vows by writing them in a love note style with over-the-top romantic notes and love poems. Adding love-filled notes to the cocktail napkins or quotes from your favorite love stories in the place cards can be gentle ways to add classic romance to your wedding.


Rose bridal bouquets


You deserve the best and most romantic bouquet! That’s why you deserve nothing less than a bouquet of red roses tied in a bunch with a white bow. Carrying a rose-filled bridal bouquet is almost a must-have on your Valentine's Day wedding. Rose bridal bouquets can have long-stemmed roses in a light color palette which are arranged in a modern style, like being tied with a ribbon or lots of greenery. You can carry a bouquet of roses in any color that fits your palette, or go with red for a classic look. You can personalize the bridal bouquet with custom pink, red, and gold ribbons that are tied to the length of your bouquet.


Heart-shaped wedding altar or arch


Exchange vows under a heart-shaped arch of flowers! If your wedding ceremony is all about declaring love, then why not go all bold with a heart-shaped wedding arch or altar. A statement-making wedding altar or arch can set the tone for your love-filled event. Red and pink flower petals can also line the wedding aisle that leads to the ceremony structure for a more elevated romantic feel. If your venue happens to have a grand white staircase, you can consider decorating the handrails with red roses for a more upgraded look. You can also decorate your wedding arch with balloons in a red, gold, and pink color palette for a more festive feel. Setting up your wedding arch with balloons can also be easily DIY'd for amazing Instagrammable moments!


Romantic wedding cocktail hour 


Romantic cocktail reception seating arrangement with a mix of vintage settees and upholstered chairs in shades of pink or decorating your wedding bar with a little V-day wedding charm can be a great start to set the mood. Inspirational Valentine's Day cocktail hour details and décor can have anything from a mobile bar set up with various romantic styles and textures blended together to pink and red-colored signature wedding cocktails that nod to your romance-inspired wedding theme, inspirations are endless.


Valentine's Day wedding favors 


Valentine's Day wedding gift favors can be as quintessential as giving away books or as luxurious as giving away rose bouquets. Valentine's Day-inspired thank you gifts can be also as no-brainer as pink and gold glitter cake pops. If giving useful thank you gifts is your thing then you can also opt for heart-shaped cookie cutters which your guests will actually use in their homes. Also giving winter-inspired wedding favors like champagne gummy bears or a gold heart bottle stopper can be great additions to Valentine's Day weddings. Another cute wedding favor idea can be giving away tiny romantic matchboxes with adorable and tiny heart motifs.


Romantic ballads to set the mood


Nothing sets the tone of an event quite like music! Ramp up your Valentine's Day wedding with romantic and soft ballads along with classic rock and love songs. A string quartet or opera singer are great options to help set the romantic mood. You also can ask a DJ to create a playlist full of love songs, making sure that your favorites are on it.


A Valentine's Day wedding does not exactly have to take place on the holiday as you can plan for your Valentine's Day-themed wedding for maximizing the romance and host a dreamy wedding event. It is all about deciding on how to embrace the chosen wedding theme. From going through Valentine's Day-inspired real wedding photo galleries to curating your own section of selected V-day-inspired wedding ideas, there are many especially romantic wedding details that can be incorporated into your celebration. One of the easiest ways to bring in a Valentine's Day wedding theme into your celebration is by planning little wedding details that do not scream but sweetly nod to your romantic wedding theme. For instance, including reds and pinks while planning your wedding color combinations can be a subtly great way to plan a 14 February wedding.


From bold wedding details like ending heart-shaped red cupcakes as a sweet setup for wedding dessert tables to incorporating long-stemmed red roses into the bridal bouquet and heart-shaped wedding accents, there are many festive ways to host Valentine's Day weddings. Although we have seen that red hearts become an obvious option while planning Valentine's Day wedding décor, you can also choose the subtle lane and wish to incorporate balloons in your wedding photography as a hint to the V-day wedding theme. Similarly if staying subtle and muted is not an option, you can go all out and wear a red wedding dress as an alternative to traditional wedding dresses or go for a classic red velvet wedding cake as an ode to this day of lovers. The idea here is to how you want to incorporate Valentine's Day theme into your big day celebration and do it right!


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