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Tracy & Alex’s Los Angeles Engagement Session Was All About Love, Romance & Spring!


If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the end of Valentine’s Day, then trust us, you don’t have to be! We can assure you that there is an entire year to walk through before that special day in February comes again! When it is absolutely acceptable and doesn’t look cringy or cliche to coo over teddy bears in bow ties while watching the favorite rom-com with the love of your life or even finishing a Godiva Cake Truffles Gift Box Set together while binge-watching ‘Bridgerton’ or ‘To all the boys I've loved Before’ or maybe ‘Kissing Booth’! The choice will be completely yours and your darling’s! But the good thing is that a new season is finally here! The season of ultimate love and romance- Spring. When you can actually say and feel that love is in the air! 


Spring is indeed the season to fall in love or to take your love to new heights! It is a season where cliches are so in and in trend! Birds singing, bees buzzing, and people all around being deeply, madly, and truly falling in love. Not only limited to love and going on fancy dates but there are also various couples who completely utilize this adorable season and even announce their engagements and wedding dates too! One can actually witness the true meaning of lovesickness in this amazing and utterly romantic season! And the same romantic stunt was pulled by our lovely newly engaged couple - Tracy and Alex! The couple head over heels in love with each other, Tracy and Alex did not let go of this season so easily and made the maximum out of it! Want to know how? Well, they hired our professional wedding photographers and got their engagement portfolio created in no time! As there goes a famous saying according to which if two people are in love with each other they will definitely experience butterflies in their stomachs and pounding hearts. Everything around them will turn blurry and only the love of their life will be in focus. And it was no different with our cupid-struck couple. While capturing glorious photos for their engagement photo session, our talented LA engagement photographers were clearly able to witness all the love, romance, and passion between Tracy and Alex!


There are endless reasons because of which all the newly engaged couples are so much in love with this romantic season! Along with the warmer and soothing temperatures and budding tulips and daffodils, this season of love also brings lovely cherry blossoms and a wide variety of Easter-related elements, so that couples and their photographers don’t have any problem finding pretty engagement photo props and backgrounds! And, while April month usually brings some romantic showers, there is a bucket full of romantic opportunities for creative wedding photographers to snapshot stunning engagement pictures even while it is showering! Let us not forget that most romantic movie kisses of all the time usually happen in a downpour


No wonder spring engagement photos are popular for endless good reasons! While love keeps every one of us warm during the fall and winter season, the upcoming spring engagement photo sessions hold a beautiful promise of something to always look forward to. And Tracy and Alex’s engagement photography session at Venice Canals Walkway was full of hope, love, and big dreams for their new journey! While there are couples who choose to snap all these once-in-a-lifetime shots just days or moments after the proposal, Tracy and Alex waited for their favorite season to roll around. So, if you also fall into the latter camp and your favorite season happens to be spring, then congratulations you are in luck! We have compiled some of the prettiest springtime engagement photos from Tracy and Alex’s engagement portfolio. We can assure you that Tracy and Alex’s springtime engagement photos are proof that the spring season indeed offers the ultimate backdrop for stunning heartwarming outdoor engagement photos! Encircled with cherry blossoms, pleasantly bloomed gardens, and reinvigorated landscapes, all the engagement portraits of Tracy and Alex highlighted the true essence of the spring season and in the best way possible! 


For their romantic and fun-filled engagement photography session, Tracy and Alex chose Los Angeles as their city of choice for their love story, and without any doubt, this beautiful and incredible city perfectly came through and delivered the best! Indeed Los Angeles has a ton of amazing locations that lend mesmerizing backdrops for dreamy engagement photos! Very much similar to Orange County, Los Angeles features many diverse backgrounds to offer for your memorable Los Angeles engagement session! A city valued by lovers and photographers equally, each corner of the city radiates an exceptional charm that makes a flawless setting for engagement and wedding photography! The highlights of this beautiful city are the incredible skylines along with the unique and ravishing buildings and structures like LACMA and luxurious and chic hotels like the Viceroy! Even the movie industry has created many locations that are more sensitive to productions of any size, including small engagement photography sessions! So, allow our talented Los Angeles wedding photographers to capture all your engagement photos in swoon-worthy and magical frames! We can assure you that Los Angeles will be a treat to be in, and most importantly, host a wedding! 


Affectionately named the ‘City of Angels,’ Los Angeles offers a spring season that creates a remarkable and captivating frame for a love story to feature! From iconic outdoor movies to enchanting waterfall hikes to the return of the classic Dodgers baseball, there are ample ways that everyone will find themselves head over heels for the City of Angels when the spring season makes its comeback in the city! Los Angeles sure boasts some of the most memorable city sunsets, drenching the entire city in its bewitching glory of sun rays! Apart from exceptionally pleasant and alluring cityscapes, this incredible city is also home to several outstanding pieces of architecture, starting from the Watts Towers to the Griffith Observatory to the gorgeous Dodger Stadium to the Eastern Columbia Building. The city of Los Angeles also has some very impressive tourist spots like the iconic Hollywood Sign or the Universal Studios Hollywood or the all-time kids’ favorite Disneyland Park, making Los Angeles always an amusing and exciting experience that only promises to leave behind the good memories and a lingering feel-good setting! A charming and fantastic city with a bucket full of vitality and grace, Los Angeles is the perfect destination for featuring in your love story, and it is assured that your Los Angeles engagement photography will gracefully come to life in a vivid range of breathtaking colors! 


Tracy and Alex chose Venice Canals Walkway, Los Angeles, as a perfect location to flaunt their love story. Indeed a wise decision as this tranquil location has the quintessential beauty that the golf course offers! Gracefully perched on the crest of a gentle slope overlooking the grand Pacific, Venice Canals Walkway in Los Angeles offers stunning vistas for magical engagement photography opportunities! This location is something that scenic dreams are made of! Offering one of the most spectacular seaside wedding destinations in all of California, it is a treat for our wedding photographers in and around Los Angeles to document a wedding or engagement here! With Tracy and Alex, this dream of our Los Angeles photographers came true! With a gleaming ocean in the background and the pretty pink bougainvillea all around the venue, Alex and Tracy’s engagement photo session at this pleasant location was something worth gushing over! By looking at the choice of location for their engagement photo shoot it was pretty much clear that Tracy and Alex had a great inclination for the idyllic beauty that this country club offered on their photoshoot day! 


The engagement photo session of our Los Angeles lovely couple at Venice Canals Walkway started with Tracy and Alex looking clean and crisp, all decked out for a warm and breezy spring day! Tracy wore a halter-neck lavender midi dress with beautiful floral cutouts and strappy sleeves! Her black-hued hair was kept down and was done up in loose curls making her look nothing but beautiful! The simple jewelry and minimal make-up gave Tracy a very refined, delicate, and springy vibe. Perfectly suiting her personality and the setting of her engagement photoshoot! She adorned her complete engagement look with strappy floral wedges. Tracy was looking nothing but gorgeous. Well, on the other hand, Alex was looking nothing less than a heartthrob! He looked charming and handsome in a gray pantsuit which he paired with a cornflower blue shirt. He accessorized his look with a pair of black formal slip-on! There was one more cute little creature who made his debut with the lovely couple. Yes, Tracy and Alex did bring their adorable furry friend in the picture too! They did adorn their furry friend with a blue and white check garment with a matching leash! Our engagement photographers in Los Angeles and its suburbs framed the couple along with their small friend beautifully against the mesmerizing green background! The quaint greenery of the venue and the house in the background lent a picture-worthy frame for our Los Angeles suburbs wedding photographers to capture mind-blowing romantic engagement portraits of our recently engaged couple!


We love the long shot with the gray mansion in the background where Tracy and Alex are standing close to each other on a walkover bridge looking deep and lost in each other’s eyes! While our engagement photographers in Los Angeles captured the long shot, Alex took advantage of the moment, leaned in, and kissed Tracy. And our engagement photographers got a very romantic moment to capture during the photo session! The mid shots captured by our Los Angeles wedding photographer where Tracy and Alex were kissing each other definitely took our hearts away! The abundance of greenery in the background added life to Tracy and Alex’s romantic couples portraits, making them look fresher, energetic, and inviting! We also love a couple of shots where Alex and Tracy are sitting and kissing each other romantically overlooking the waters in the background. The distant bridge, waters, and greenery in the background made their kissing moment look like a romantic movie poster! They even went for a romantic walk together with their little friend amidst the greenery while the sparkling water in the background created a scenic backdrop for a fun-filled engagement photography session! One of the best reasons why hiring our professional LA wedding photographers for an engagement photography session is that they never miss out even on the smallest details! For them details are everything! In Tracy and Alex’s engagement portfolio, there are chances that you may find one photo similar to another, but we can assure you that no two photos clicked by our talents are ever the same! There was one cute photo that took our hearts away! It was the romantic couple portrait where Tracy and Alex were kissing each other standing on a bridge while the towering trees, houses, and clear blue skies in the background were lending an enchanting and breathtaking panorama for a magical engagement couple portrait! Well, that picture of them together was the last photograph of their formal engagement photography session. Hold on, don’t go anywhere! Tracy and Alex changed into more casual clothes for the second round of casual engagement photography sessions


For the casual engagement photography session, Tracy slipped into a white-gray collar-neck sleeveless midi dress with floral artifacts! She completed her entire casual look with sassy white framed vintage sunglasses and white strappy wedges! She kept her makeup very minimal for this round of engagement photography sessions. Alex on the other hand slipped into a white-collar half sleeve dotted shirt and paired it with gray formal pants and a classy watch! Tracy was looking like a cute doll with those sunglasses whereas Alex was looking darn charming with black squared shape sunglasses! Indeed both the couples were complimenting each other from head to toe! In the second phase of their engagement photography session, their little friend made his comeback! All three of them were looking perfect together in one frame with the bougainvillea in the background! 


The bougainvillea lent a romantic and true spring backdrop for Alex and Tracy’s engagement photography session! They laughed, hugged, and kissed each other against this vibrant pink background and our engagement photographer in and around Los Angeles did not let this moment go in vain! They captured all the romance between Tracy and Alex! 


Moving ahead Alex and Tracy posed against alluring white blooms. Our professional and affordable Los Angeles wedding photographers clicked various closeup shots of Tracy and Alex having the best time of their lives against the pretty floral backdrop! Everything was making a perfect combination. From their white clothes to white flowers in the backdrops, Tracy and Alex’s engagement photographs serve as the best inspiration for a spring engagement photography session in Los Angeles!


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