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The NYC Wedding of Chelsea and Justin Was Perfectly Dressed in Minimal White and Blue Details


New York’s picturesque beauty and the charm of December are simply romantic. When our wedding photographer took photos, we understood why New York and December are associated with love, romance and eternal happiness. There’s something about the city, that is true. But on the chilly day of December 2021, we saw the charm for what it really is. The air was thick with the setting chill, but the emotions and the warmth not only from the couple but also from the wedding guests at Chelsea and Justin’s wedding were enough to warm our hearts down to our souls. Chelsea and Justin had spent months planning their wedding, choosing the details and the venue. For their wedding, the two chose the beautiful Liberty House Restaurant and Events as their wedding venue. The lavish woodwork of the exterior and the manicured lawns of the venue added the perfect shade of green to their wedding. Despite deciding to tie the knot in winter, the couple found a way to improve the chill in the air with summer vibes with their getting-ready outfits! The day of the wedding went ahead with exceptional celebrations, as Chelsea and Justin tied the knot among their friends and family. 


The wedding venue is steeped in life and vibrancy. Surrounded by greenery, and the city skyline, the beautiful woodwork on the exterior gives the venue an imposing look. The beautifully well-kept lawns are filled with green giant arborvitae and different varieties of shrubs. The fact that the venue is filled with beautiful greenery is what we think is alluring about the outdoors, and is probably why Chelsea and Justin decided to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. The indoors of the venue are luxuriously spacious. The venue is equipped with exquisite architecture that seems to attract every patron who steps foot into the venue. Above all, the wonderful venue is laden with natural beauty and offers a clear view of the New York City skyline, Ellis Island, Lady Liberty, and Liberty Marina. These views make this venue an amazing place to tie the knot. This wedding venue looks dazzling during the night as it does during the day. For couples who are looking for the perfect winter wedding location in New York, Liberty House Restaurant and Events takes the cake. The regal quality of this event center has couples captivated, and the beautiful city views make young couples fall in love with the city! 


The day of the wedding was a pleasant day! Like most New York days in winter, the day started with a chill in the air and no sun, which Chelsea and Justin absolutely loved! The day of the wedding was absolutely perfect for the planned events of the day! We feel that if there’s a day to tie the knot then this was the perfect one! When we saw the wonderful Liberty House Restaurant and Events, dressed in minimalistic colors and a minimal wedding theme! Before the soon-to-be bride and groom entered the venue and dressed up for the day, the wedding venue was dressed in a pleasant white and blue wedding theme, just like Chelsea and Justin. The two had shared that they loved minimal details, and wanted their wedding details to reflect their love for minimal details as well. To add a ray of sunshine, the couple chose the perfect flower details for the wedding! The wedding venue’s white and blue colors were supported by brilliant sunflowers. The couple, together, had decided to add white sunflowers to their wedding decor because both of them loved white sunflowers. 


As the day progressed and the time of the wedding ceremony approached, the bride and groom got dressed separately. The two opted out of a first look photo shoot. The girls got together and sat down to have a quick chat with each other. Before the girls got dressed, they laughed and giggled. They discussed some old memories, and our photographer had the opportunity to witness the deep bond the girls shared. As the girls were spending quality time together, and Chelsea was about to become Mrs. Hayes soon, the girls had been dressed in bright colors! Chelsea’s attention to detail comes out even in the robes she picked out in the same color combinations as her wedding theme! The soon-to-be bride dressed in a white satin robe before getting ready with large sunflower prints, perhaps this was her way of paying homage to the flower she loves and adores! The bridesmaids put on similar robes, with massive sunflowers printed on blue satin robes. Their getting-ready photos were fresh and their smiles looked like sunshine on a winter day. Before the bride got dressed, our wedding photographer had a chance to photograph the wedding dress! Chelsea looked at her dress as we photographed it, she only had adoration in her eyes. Then she suggested, that she’d love a photo of her bridesmaids’ dresses alongside her wedding dress as well! Her wedding dress stood out among the yellow bridesmaid dresses! When we look at the photo of her dress, next to her bridesmaids’ dresses, we realize how close the resemblance of this photo is to the wedding flower details Chelsea and Justin had meticulously picked out. Chelsea gave us a bright smile, excitement in her eyes after she put on her wedding dress. The train of her dress swished around her every time she walked, the bridesmaids took turns to help their adorable friend with the train. Right after she finished adding the touches to her absolutely stunning natural bridal makeup, her mother and bridesmaids helped her put on a classy veil for the wedding. The mother of the bride dressed in the same colors as the wedding theme, a deep blue dress. And the father of the bride put on a blue tux, matching the groom’s outfit. 


A few rooms down the room where the girls were dressing up and Chelsea was putting on her veil, Justin was getting dressed for the day. Confident and sure-footed, the military man exuded finesse in every move. He chose a two-piece blue tuxedo and paired it with a crisp white shirt and a satin blue bow tie. His army rank was clearly patched onto the side of his arm, showing his love for the country. As Justin was getting dressed, our New York wedding photographer clicked some wedding getting ready to detail photos. Justin’s meticulous military training had made him keep everything in order, his watch and bow tie were sitting on a soft velveteen cover in a velvet-covered box. The same box held a black face mask, with “groom” printed on it in gold. As he put on his tux, his groomsmen dressed up in their blue suits as well, the shade only a tad lighter than Justin’s. Justin’s groomsmen helped him as he dressed for the day. One of his friends fixed the tie, while another brought his silver watch. As Justin was dressing up, we clicked some groom’s outfit detail photo, his medals shone out of his blue jacket. Justin could not hide his excitement for the day! As the groom and groomsmen walked outside, where the ceremony was to take place, they were grinning and teasing each other, as boys do. 


The bride had made her way to the entrance of Liberty House Restaurant and Events. From here, the father of the bride, who wore a two-piece blue suit as well, escorted Chelsea down the steps and the aisle. With a hand-tied bridal bouquet, Chelsea wore a soft smile as she walked down to her soon-to-be-husband. The couple had decided to go without a wedding arbor for their outdoor wedding ceremony. Instead, they decided to marry with the backdrop of the city skyline. They had chosen a spot in the outdoor space of the venue, a place with small shrubs and orange flowers playing peek-a-boo with the green bed. The moment Justin laid his eyes on Chelsea, he smiled the warmest smile. He took her hands in his, and couldn’t take his eyes off her. The two held hands throughout their ceremony, only to let go of each other when they had to put a ring on each other. Looking at the two tying the knot was a wholesome experience. With heartfelt wedding vows, the two smiled and lightly wiped off any tears they may have had. Kissing each other, the two smiled as the officiator announced they were married to all the wedding guests present! The two turned around, both of them wearing a bright, big smiles for the world to see! As they walked down the aisle, hand in hand, newly married, the guests smiled, and clapped. To make the moment worth remembering, they threw a mix of confetti and flower petals! At the edge of the aisle, right after being married, Chelsea couldn’t help herself from kissing her husband. Justin, with a smile, kissed her back. As the two geared up for their wedding reception, our photographer found the opportunity to click some photos of the bride and groom with their friends and family. 


The manicured lawns were the perfect backdrop for the newly married couple. As the guests took a break, the bride and groom tried out some couple poses for their wedding portraits. Chelsea’s long veil and the train of her dress were easy to spot in the fresh greenery outside. After posing with her soulmate, Chelsea posed with her family and grandparents. She told us that she couldn’t even express how great it felt that her grandparents could make it to her wedding. The posing with the mother of the groom, who was dressed in a pretty black dress, and a sheer coat to add style, the two decided to bring in their bridesmaids and groomsmen. To create timeless memories of their wedding day, the couple wanted to take as many photos of the day as possible! The two posed with their friends, with the bridesmaids taking the side of the bride, and the groomsmen taking the side of the groom as they posed for photos. The mesmerizing part about such photos is that the beautiful NYC skyline stands right behind them! Switching up poses, the couple and their friends excitedly moved around the couple, changing places, and expressions. It was a pleasure seeing how involved all of them were with each other, everyone wanted the photos to turn out beautifully. As the couple decided it was time to make their way indoors, the two separated for a while to pose for some photos individually. The groom posed with all of his groomsmen, smiles, and laughter filled the air around them. The bride posed for a silhouette bridal photo. The expansive lawns of the venue lay in front of her, the NYC skyline beyond that, and a vast sky! The photo looks dramatic, and captures the beauty of the bride, her beautiful dress, and the veil! Justin quickly hopped in the frame to tell her that she looked mesmerizing, and quickly gave her a kiss, our photographer took a photo of the two, a candid! 


Then the two slowly made their way to the wedding reception, holding hands, smiling, and stealing glances at each other. When the two entered their reception, the guests were cheering them on, and the two looked around and smiled. It is easy to see that they felt loved at the moment. The two had their first dance on the wooden floor, swiftly twirling and twisting, sharing a few kisses whenever they could. Then the groom danced with his mother, while the bride danced with her family. The mother of the groom looked amazing with a bright smile and happiness in her eyes for her son. As the guests were seated, the best man gave his heartfelt speech. The bride and groom were seated at a sweetheart table adorned with beautiful wedding flowers and blow-up signage, bronze in color, that said, love. The reception decor was as minimal as the other details of their wedding. As the wedding day was coming to a close, the couple made their way to the pristine wedding cake they had chosen. The three-tiered wedding cake was decorated with bows and minimal designs. As the couple cut the cake, the room erupted into claps and congratulations. As the wedding reception party went on in full swing, Mr. and Mrs. Hayes stepped out to pose for some more photos. Justin leaned against a wall, with NYC right behind him, a smile on his face. He told us that he loved the city, and was glad he could have parts of the city in his wedding photos. The two walked hand in hand to the lawn, posing next to the river and NYC, snuggling into each other. Walked down to the walkway, and they spoke about the day and smiled softly, kissing his bride, the two struck a romantic pose for us as they looked up to the sky. Going back to the reception, the two spent the remainder of their wedding time enjoying and laughing with their friends. As the party ended, the couple walked out hand in hand, smiles on their faces as the guests showered confetti on their wedding exit.


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