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The Effortless and Elegant Austin Engagement Has Our Hearts!


Like most mysteries of life, love has managed to appeal to and confused many hopeful hearts. Like any other immersive experience that we almost understand, but not quite, love adds flavor to our lives. Having waged wars between countries, and inspired romantic novels, love songs, poems, and more, love is something that adds so much value to our lives that we can't imagine a life without this breezy aromatic feeling. While life is good on its own, it's the little love stories that make it enthralling! If you don't believe in miracles, what would you call two people discovering each other among millions and falling in love? What’s more captivating than two people getting along at a separate level and vowing to spend the rest of their lives building a life of their own. While every love story is unique and special in their own way, Pateley and Marcin's engagement session in Austin is the kind which will get you wishing on a star, and lingers in your mind for a long time! The lovely engagement moment of the couple is captured in beautiful frames, seizing memories that are perfect enough to belong to stock images. We are back at it, chasing love stories as we do, and we have some amazing photos to show for it. Let us take a deeper dive into this lovely couple’s special day and how they posed as an engaged couple.


Pateley and Marcin chose Austin, the capital city of Texas, as the city of choice to host their engagement session in. Sitting at the confluence where the Colorado River leaves the Edwards Plateau, the city happens to be the second-largest state capital in the United States and is an essential legislative, educational, and cultural center. Home to stunning universities, historical structures, and natural recluses, the city exhibits several beautiful structures like the University of TexasLyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum, and the Bullock Texas State History Museum. Some of the other tourist attractions of Austin include the red-granite State CapitolLady Bird Lake, and the iconic Congress Avenue bridge. Full of glorious swimming holes to an abundance of nature, simple southern hospitality, and the perfect fusion of music, food, style, Austin offers it all. From panoramic landscapes to big city vibes, Austin has everything that will make your Austin wedding and engagement photography absolutely beautiful!. From romantic vineyards to deluxe hotel ballrooms, from historic mansions to countryside barns, Austin is a comprehensive experience and is appropriately known as Violet Crown City. This is a major hotspot city for weddings and engagements and comes with endless locations to suit any theme or taste perfectly. The coolest Texas town, Austin, provides the perfect backdrops for your wedding day! The Austin engagement photographers will love to infuse the stunning setting of this vibrant city in your engagement photographs. No matter what is your vibe, whether you love the elegant vibe or are thinking about the more colorful and youthful way of life, Austin will step up and deliver just that. This is a city which won’t leave you disheartened for any kind of celebration. And true enough, the beautiful couple’s picture-perfect engagement photo session has been conveniently backed by the charming landscape of Austin, the crown jewel of Texas. 


Pateley and Marcin chose the beautiful Laguna Gloria- The Contemporary Austin for their engagement photoshoot, and the location served as just the perfect setting for some amazing captures. A gorgeous 1916 Italian-inspired lakeside villa and gardens situated a mere five miles from downtown Austin and right by the beautiful Lake Austin, Laguna Gloria is the perfect setting for some amazing captures. A historic landmark site that comes adorned with contemporary outdoor sculptures by well-acclaimed international artists, an awe-inspiring natural landscape, and a whole lot of history, Laguna Gloria wedding venue paints the perfect canvas for two lovers to declare their love. Not only is this Austin wedding venue perfect for some amazing engagement photoshoots, but it is also perfect for ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal dinners, elopements, and more! If you have an engagement party or a wedding in the plans, consider the luscious ground and historic nature of this stunning event, venue and you have the best of backdrops for your memories to be captured against. And you won't be disappointed, as you can see with this charming couple. 


The engagement shoot began with Pateley and Marcin dressing up for their shoot in the most gorgeous aesthetic ensembles. Pateley wore a lovely baby pink satin wrap dress with romantic ruffles and lovely white and pink flowers. The maxi dress flowed beautifully and looked stunning on our bride-to-be. Pateley wore a pair of nude heels and minimal makeup, and the jewelry was romantic and dainty. Her hair was done in cascading curls and added to the romantic vibe. Marcin wore indigo jeans, a crisp white shirt, and a sky blue blazer with brown elbow patches. He wore brown shoes and a matching belt to complete his sharp look. Together the vibes are soft, romantic, and airy, perfect for a daytime shoot outdoors. Our Austin engagement photographers did the perfect job of capturing the duo in the most flattering angles, and captured the glowing couple beautifully against the lush greenery in the background, lending the captures a refreshing tone. The frames were artistically and beautifully chosen. From the creative ring shots to the more formal couple portraits. From the playful twirly dancing to the fun and romantic lift, the couple’s fun and vibrant energy comes through splendidly and just captures them in their truest element. The mature trees in the background add to the romantic vibe, the shimmering waterline brings in serenity, and the lush plants add to the warm-weather feels, even when we are sitting firmly in winter, which is intriguing and refreshing. 


After the sun dips a little and the day melts into evening, the couple changed into new outfits which suited the evening vibe better. Pateley wore a floor-length black dress with a deep V-neckline, a side slit, and an elegant vibe which is enchanting! She wore matching black block heels and her hair was done up in gentle waves and simple glowy makeup and her sparkly engagement ring accessorized her look perfectly. The look was formal, elegant yet simple, making it a perfect evening outfit. Marcin matched up to his sweetheart with the same amount of formal sharpness in his looksHe wore a gray suit, a crisp powder blue shirt, and a gorgeous smile to finish off his look. He wore black socks, tan shoes, and a matching belt to perfectly accessorize the look. Pateley and Marcin complemented each other perfectly with their evening looks and dressed up for some beautiful captures to last them forever. As the shadows deepened, the strings of twinkle lights glimmered beautifully, creating an enchanting environment for a romantic celebratory event, and the champagne enhanced just that. The beautiful couple made the most of this vibe by posing for some beautiful couple portraits, be it the one where they were swinging their hands as they walked away laughing or the one where Marcin spun Pateley as they danced, and dipped her low into his arms. We also love the real and raw vibe that the close-ups of the couple carry where they snuggled up and smiled into the camera, as it aptly captured the elated vibe of the moment and translated it beautifully. Overall the engagement photographers in Austin did a fabulous job of capturing the couple in the most flattering angles, and essentially created memories that the couple will carry on with them forever. From the lights and breezy day shoot to the elegant and enchanting evening shoot, every frame was caught with a skillful hand and an experienced flair, and the result is nothing but phenomenal!


We are lucky to be in a business which enables us to witness so many amazing love stories along the way, and while every love story is heartwarming and wonderful, there are some which impress us in a way others couldn’t. Pateley and Marcin's Austin engagement session seems to fit squarely in the later section. There is an easy elegance and a fun vibe about them which seems to draw people in, even through their pictures, even if you are a complete stranger peeping into their love story. We love the effortlessly romantic vibe that the couple projects and makes our hearts melt every time they smile their radiant smiles at each other. We love the sparkle in their eyes when they look at each other and the enthusiasm as they look into the future ahead, we love the tasteful use of colors in the world of pastels and ‘aesthetics’, and we definitely love the creative input that the Austin engagement photographers brought to the table. They stand out with their bright moonlight in a night sky full of stars, and that says everything about them. From the love in the air to the excitement crackling through in their company, there is something truly unique about this couple that sets them apart. And as they walk away from this fun engagement session and their wedding approaching soon ahead, they are surely heading towards a wonderful future ahead of them!


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