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The Cozy January Wedding of Cassie and Luke at the Charleston Event Center, Minneapolis


When the temperature starts to drop and the world begins to look like a frosted wonderland, some gorgeous and adventurous couples say "Baby it's cold outside, so let's get married!" It is truly amazing to celebrate the most important day of your life during the most wonderful season of the year. Holiday season wedding inspirations show why weddings during this season are absolutely stunning. Hence planning a winter wedding close to Christmas is the ideal way to incorporate the holiday spirit into your big day. From the enchanting winter wedding invitations straight from a storybook to the all-glamorous champagne-based signature wedding drinks, hosting a wedding in December or January can be the ideal occasion to enjoy all that the season has to offer. Everything comes together under one roof to create the ideal holiday wedding setting with an unmissable delight, from holiday-inspired wedding ideas decking out every corner of your reception to cozy and small wedding details that make us nostalgic about warm coffees, crackling fireplaces, and animal sweater parties.


Truly winter weddings have a lot going on for them! Although nobody is stealing the thunder from summer and spring weddings, there is something so mysterious and enigmatic about the stunning snowy wedding photos clicked during inspirational winter weddings with holiday-themed wedding decorations that make us go weak on our knees every time we come across them. From less stress for booking vendors to better wedding venue rates, there are so many reasons why couples love hosting off-season winter weddings with inspirational details. There is something out of the ordinary about winter weddings. From the rustic color palettes of wedding décor to the romantic all-white wedding inspirations, winter wedding details are all about being warm, comfortable, and cozy while being surrounded by the couple’s favorite people.


Wedding backdrops that feature sunny skies, vibrant blooming flowers, and an outdoorsy feel are ideal during the spring and summer seasons. But is there anything more enchanting than throwing a winter wedding with wedding themes inspired by the holidays? Christmas and New Year wedding inspirations are sure to invigorate you and your guests, from holiday music and seasonal winter details covering every corner with a bright and delightful mood to pulling off a hygge wedding featuring Scandinavian coziness. In addition, brides can wear chic winter accessories like faux fur coats and cozy silk shawls over their elegant wedding gowns. Additionally, couples can create outdoor wedding bar ideas to throw a festive celebration befitting of the most magical time of the year.


Whether it be at rustic wedding venues or in cozy ski lodges at the top of a mountain, is there anything more beautiful than a winter wedding in Minneapolis? The beauty of this enchanted season is evident in the landscapes of this city in Minnesota, which give every portrait an almost whimsical appearance. There are many good reasons why getting married in the first month of the year in a beautiful winter wedding location like Minneapolis can be the ideal beginning for your union. The opportunity to host a wedding with warm, vibrant lighting, rustic wedding details, and holiday-inspired cocktail beverages can be ideal for those getting married in the new year.


We couldn't help but applaud the lovely couple for choosing Milwaukee to record their love story for all the right reasons. Located on the upper course of the Mississippi River, Milwaukee is home to some of the most beautiful photogenic locations in the US. Dotted by Menomonee and the Kinnickinnic, the wide array of diverse landscapes that are delighted to explore, Milwaukee is the perfect destination for your couple's photography session. As we know that Wisconsin is the birthplace of one of the most famous architects of all time- Frank Lloyd Wright, you cannot miss visiting the famous Taliesin East, which is set amid 600 acres of lush green rolling countryside and a spectacular home.


You can start your day by visiting the lovely lakefront in Downtown Milwaukee overlooking many boutique stores and galleries, on the shores of Lake Michigan. There are many prominent landmarks like the War Memorial Center and Milwaukee Art Museum along with the Municipal Pier and the Henry Maier Festival Grounds that can feature as pretty photo ops for your Milwaukee couple photography session.


Established 115 years ago and very iconic to Milwaukee, the Harley-Davidson Museum is a paradise for motorcycle lovers which can become the next destination for your engagement photoshoot. Likewise, considered heaven for lovers of art, the Milwaukee Art Museum founded in 1888 is home to more than 20,000 works of art including European, American, Asian, and African works as well as modern and contemporary collections. There are other art museums like the Charles Allis Art Museum, Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, Haggerty Museum of Art, and Grohmann Museum that can enchant your Milwaukee professional photography session.


This is probably the reason our lovely couple Cassie and Luke chose to marry with holiday-inspired accents and believed in the magical glow of January. We met the stunning couple on a clear and crisp January morning in 2021 as they took their first steps toward "forever" and took our Minneapolis wedding photographers on a joy ride! With striking winter-inspired wedding details like a rustic floral ceremony arch, all-white wedding stationery, pine trees, pine bows, plaid bridesmaid dresses, and lots of snow turning the entire setting into a magical winter wonderland. Photographing their winter wedding with holiday-inspired details gave our romantic hearts a gleaming glow. Luke and Cassie hosted a winter wedding in Minneapolis that appeared to have been taken straight from a fairy tale with a frosty winter backdrop. 


It was a freezing cold January morning and the overcast sky enveloped everything in a white blanket of snow. Our wedding photographers in Minneapolis began documenting the major and minor details of this picturesque winter wedding early on the morning of the wedding. The beautiful winter details that were meticulously planned and executed by Cassie and Luke were revealed in the wedding portraits of this magical day. All the details that were captured by our talented photographers showcased the nuances of the bright and cheerful red, white, and blue wedding color palettes with a dash of chic and sophisticated details, serving as a testament to an amazing winter wedding planning session.


Our stunning couple decided to start their forever at Charleston Event Center. Tucked away in White Bear Lake, Charleston Event Center is a venue in the traditional Southern Mansion style. The banquet facility is decorated with warm, rich colors and various wood and brick textures to highlight the building's historic and welcoming atmosphere. The Veranda, Ballroom, Mezzanine, and Parlor are all magnificent settings of this classic Minneapolis wedding venue. Visitors will be spellbound as they sit on the veranda and look out over the pond, complete with an antique dock and row boat. Loved for wedding photography in Minneapolis by our photographers, the Veranda can be changed to accommodate ceremonies, cocktail hours, and late-night socializing by the fireplace.


The Ballroom of the best wedding venue in Minneapolis can beckon all of your guests with its stunning chandeliers, traditional white pillars, and French doors leading out to the Veranda. Large windows overlooking the romantic pond on the Parlor and upper Mezzanine levels of the first floor create a stunning first impression and welcome guests for socializing. The rope swing and tree arches offer lovely natural vignettes for your stunning Minneapolis wedding photos all over the grounds. The stunning bridal suite with as much southern charm as your heart can hold!


The stunning personalized details in red and blue which were the wedding colors were highlighted in some of the wedding portraits that were taken prior to the ceremony and reception. These close-up detail shots revealed the wedding details, including the red bridal garter, shining blue bridal studs, all-white wedding invitation cards, and shiny wedding bands. A nod to the beauty of the season, the charming bridal bouquet featured white and red wedding flowers with cascading greenery.


As Cassie prepared to marry the love of her life, the emotional and priceless bride-getting-ready portraits emerged, filling our hearts with so much love and appreciation for the couple. The bride and groom getting ready for their biggest day were expertly captured in gorgeous wedding portraits by our Minneapolis wedding photographers, who successfully conveyed the anticipation and emotion of the soon-to-be couple. With its understated beauty and stunning simplicity, Cassie's bridal attire undoubtedly stole the show. It was a long, flowing strapless ivory wedding gown with stunning embroidery and a silver belt. Our stunning bride's elegantly understated wedding gown swept the floor like a dream as she accessorized with a long, flowing fingertip veil. Her middle-parted hair was loosely left open with curled wisps adorning both sides of her face, and the minimal bridal makeup was flawless. As she prepared for the most important day of her life, her bright red lip color and deep eyes spoke a thousand words without saying a word!


When it came to nailing their fashionable looks, the groom and the groomsmen didn't lag too far behind. Luke, our handsome groom, sported a sharp three-piece royal blue formal wedding suit. He wore a charming red tie, a crisp white shirt, a single-stemmed red rose boutonniere with greenery, and a white pocket square. His hair was neatly combed back for the perfect winter groom look.


The meaningful ceremony welcome table that read, "welcome to our wedding" was captured during the Minneapolis wedding photography session before the ceremony began, and with that, Cassie and Luke made us all smile. The winter-themed wedding ceremony backdrop was revealed by the holiday-inspired wedding decor, which included a holiday-inspired ceremony arch featuring greenery wrapped in Christmas Lights. The additional winter-themed wedding ideas included bright green trees, red blooms, and drapes that served as the backdrop for the ceremony. On the welcome table, tiny wedding accents like floating candles in transparent glassware and greenery were displayed. The little ones were dressed up in bright red and white as a nod to the holiday season!


Our hearts danced in time with their passion for one another as Luke waited at the altar for his love to appear at the end of the aisle. The atmosphere was filled with holiday cheer as Cassie walked down the aisle looking like a dream and wed her Prince Charming! It showed how even on the darkest days, there are some people who shine the brightest. The beautiful ceremony portraits of this wedding photography session in Minneapolis have our hearts!


As the wedding parties had their priceless group portraits taken by our Minneapolis wedding photographers just after the wedding ceremony ended, this wedding day with a holiday-inspired cheer unfolded beautifully. The newlyweds were captured during their stroll through the snow-covered surroundings in perfectly timed poses during the snowy wedding portrait session. Witnessing the chemistry of this endearing Minneapolis couple as they set out on a blissful new journey together was a truly beautiful experience for us. Everything came together and tugged at our heartstrings harder than ever, making us list our favorite must-have wedding photos in every nuptial affair. From the elegantly styled-up groomsmen gang posing with the newlyweds to their being surrounded by the attractive bridesmaids' party. 


The bridesmaid and groomsmen portraits were so exquisitely coordinated with the winter holiday wedding theme that they appeared to have been taken out of a magazine. The women of the wedding party were dressed in stunning red bridesmaid dresses with plaid shawls for the ultimate winter cheer. We loved the idea of bridesmaids' outerwear and dress combination that stood out against the white snowy backdrop. The white bridal faux fur shawl in the center looked stunning with the plaid bridesmaids' shawls which day wore around their winter bridesmaid outfits. The charming winter-inspired bridesmaid bouquets, which featured red and white blooms with cascading greens, were paired with the color-coordinated bridesmaids' dresses. These breathtaking winter-themed wedding bouquets essentially complemented Cassie's decision to carry a winter bridal bouquet. Likewise, the groomsmen were also dressed up in royal blue wedding suits with bright red ties and tan brown shoes that made them equally cohesive and breathtaking.


After the wedding party split up and began preparing for the reception, our Minneapolis wedding photographer took advantage of the time to take some stunning couple portraits and bridal portraits in front of a blanket of bright white snow. It was snowing lightly, ending the perfect winter wedding charm to the snowy wedding photos! The day was made enjoyable and memorable by Cassie and Luke's snowy wedding photographs.


Then came their wedding reception, which was held at the same exclusive Minneapolis wedding venue. The portraits from the wedding photography in Minneapolis captured many little details that this winter reception entailed. The single-tiered white wedding cake with strawberries on top added the perfect new year charm to the wedding day along with the adorable cupcakes with white and red frosting and American flags! From the personalized "Mr and Mrs" glasses to the gold and navy reception table layouts, everything about this wedding spoke volumes about the couple's creativity and evergreen personalities.


Every once in a while, we come across a couple who instantly lightens the mood with their positive outlook! With their adorable smiles and inviting personalities, Cassie and Luke gave off the impression of being one of those couples who would embrace life as it came. This impression persisted even in the wedding album.


As Cassie and Luke led us on such a romantic journey on a snowy winter day at the beginning of this year, we were taken aback by the modern-day love story. They gave off the impression that they would carefully and thoughtfully navigate the uncharted waters of marriage. Their affable smiles bore witness to this. Here's to one of the most entertaining and original couples we have ever photographed. We hope to do many more in the future. 


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