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Spruce Up Your Outdoor Wedding With These Elegant Tent Ideas


Throwing a wedding is a fascinating experience. From planning the wedding details to the pretty execution of the day, there’s so much to do and so much to enjoy. Although we love indoor weddings, we also love outdoor weddings just as much. To us, an outdoor wedding is a beautiful celebration of love between you and your partner along with a celebration of nature. There’s something truly maddeningly dreamy about tying the knot outdoors. Before we get into the details of how to make your outdoor wedding feel like a wedding day made for fairytales, let’s talk about something important, which is what kind of wedding event is the perfect fit for an outdoor wedding with tents. To be honest, we feel that just about any wedding event has the capacity of being held. Obviously, the size of your wedding party and the number of wedding guests will play a role. However, if you start planning early, you will have ample time to find a wedding venue that can accommodate all the wedding guests and will give you the space to have a beautiful wedding. 


Wedding Tent: Cool Ideas to Draw Inspiration From! 


These ideas, the ones we’ll list down below, will help you add pretty colors and amazing decor ideas to your wedding tents! We will list down a variety of ideas, and you can choose the one that fits your idea of a whimsical outdoor wedding. 


  1. Go Simple! 


One of the best ideas for your wedding tents is to go simple! This idea, the one we’re getting into, makes the most sense for a wedding with a white wedding theme. Since you’ll be outdoors, you will have plenty of greenery around, which will make your white color scheme look impressive. To make your pretty tent idea even better, you can add lighter hues like powder blue, pretty peachy hues, or even use pink. For outdoor tents, you can use a single color with white. As for the decor, you can choose white blooms with the color you’ve chosen for your wedding theme. And for the tablescape, all you need is a beautiful set of bronze or gold cutlery. Your wedding centerpieces can be ornate candelabras or candles. This will add beauty to your simple yet elegant wedding setting. You can also choose to have a wedding theme with white and gold since greenery around you will elevate your wedding decor


  1. Light it Up! 


We feel that outdoor weddings are the perfect opportunity to use amazing lights. From string lights to ornate floor lamps, you have the opportunity to throw a well-lit wedding, and we mean that literally! You can use string lights to create a beautiful backdrop for your sweetheart table and use some floral decor, big blooms with greenery, to write the initials of your name and your partner’s. For the decor for your wedding guests to be seated, you can have a string light runner with your regular table runners, this adds an exceptionally dreamy feel to your wedding day! Apart from this, you can also add an amazing faux ceiling. Since the tented ceilings are too high, and can make your wedding setting look too huge, you can have a faux ceiling to make your guests feel easier in the setting. What’s more, a faux ceiling will help you add a wonderful glow to the wedding set-up, which in turn will give you better wedding photos as well. When you’re planning for a faux ceiling, you can also use greenery to inject some pretty colors and a dreamy aesthetic into your wedding. You can even have a big overhanging decor for the wedding, made with loads of greenery so that it can make your wedding look pretty and dreamy. 


  1. Colors and Flowers! 


Colorful wedding ideas, we love them, and then you add some flowers to the colors for your wedding, and we go gaga over it. Outdoor wedding celebrations are appropriate for light summer days when the heat is not too bad or around spring and fall time. So, in any of these cases, we feel that colors and flowers will look stunning! However, the colors of your wedding flowers will depend on the season. For example, summer weddings will need lighter shades, think of pretty pastels or calmer tones for the wedding, fall wedding ideas will need deep and moody shades to get the season’s best on-point, and spring, to us, is bright and airy, so bright colors will go for the season. That said, you can use majestic and artsy decorations for your wedding day, which will help you create a dreamy setting. For the sweetheart table, you can use a romantic mix of colors, such as pink and hues of red, with some splashes of yellow. For your wedding guests, you can keep things simpler. You can use a pretty simple color scheme for the floral arrangements for the other decor ideas for the wedding. For the other floral decor, you can use similar hues as your sweetheart table decor. Apart from this, you can also use pretty ideas, such as lovely flower baskets, little arrangements with ribbons, and cute hoops made out of greenery and flowers to elevate your outdoor celebrations! 


  1. Go Rustic! 


Now, if you’re thinking of a wedding celebration that includes pretty woodsy charms, then throwing a rustic wedding will suit you the best. You can choose to have wooden tables, as your dinner set-up and have lanterns as your wedding centerpieces. Using the idea of a faux ceiling to create a dimensional appearance to the tents, you can also hang some lanterns on top as decor. The string lights will add a pretty glow to your wedding arrangements, while the lanterns can have greenery and pretty floral arrangements as decor. You can use similar lanterns to add to your wedding dinner tables for guests as wedding centerpieces. Although we love black lanterns as decor, you can also use white or even gold lanterns. The color for the lanterns that you will choose for your wedding will depend on the wedding color palette. You can use the lanterns as floral arrangements, you can use them as candle holders by adding some small pillar candles, or use them with some confetti and greenery. This will add a brilliant touch to your wedding. You can also use wooden crates as decor items. These crates can be used naturally, or you can use these crates after painting them with a color you like for the wedding day. These crates can be used as cake stands, and trays for fruit decor, and can also be used to add some interesting accents. You can also use retro-looking chandeliers for your wedding tents, this will add a lovely touch to your wedding look. You can also use barrels for decor, these barrels can have floral arrangements placed on top or you can create a small floral corner with barrels and a wheelbarrow. Speaking of wheelbarrows, you can use the wheelbarrows as decor items or use these to fill in wedding favors, handy fans for your wedding guests if the day is too hot, or use wheelbarrows to transport chilly drinks for your wedding guests.  


  1. Use Ethereal White Decor 


When we talk about tent weddings, colors, and rustic elements are a few of our primary ideas. However, if we look into the subject of tents and weddings, there’s a fairytale-esque wedding idea that we would like to bring to your attention. If you love a beautiful wedding and want yours to look the same, then this idea will make you happy! So, instead of choosing to have wedding colors and different elements, you can throw a completely white wedding! You can add colorful accents, but most of the decor ideas for the wedding can be white. For example, the welcome arch for your wedding can be completely white with some greenery in it, and then use the beautiful tablescape in white and add a greenery runner to the table to add beauty to it! To inject whimsical charms and colorful details, you can use candles! And we’re not talking about just candle decor, we are suggesting creating a floating candle ceiling. Harry Potter fans will get it right away, but we will still explain it because we love the idea too much. All you need are battery-operated slender candles, and have them tied off the ceiling to create a floating candle effect. This will add wonderful charming detail to your wedding and will keep the decor minimal. Additionally, you can also add candlesticks to the dinner tables. As for the escort cards, you can have miniature candles or even small tea lights for your guests to use, this is a way to make all the details of your wedding feel cohesive! 


Other Ideas to Spruce up Your Wedding Tent Ideas 


We love a beautiful outdoor celebration, and to be honest, a celebration of love is not only about the wedding decor. There are other details that you’d have to think about and decide which to choose for a wonderful look. Once you settle on a wedding decor idea and the wedding aesthetic, we’d like to help you add some extra frills to finish off the wedding look. Let’s think about using lovely fire pits! Fire pits add a rustic charm to your wedding day and add a surreal charm to the day. However, this is perfect for colder months. If you’re trying the knot in the summer season, you can have wheelbarrows filled to the brim with water, and add floating candles and some flower petals to create a lovely accent to your wedding celebration. Another idea that you can add to your wedding is to make sure that your guests are cool and happy, especially if you’re throwing an outdoor wedding in summer. You can leave fans and water for them so that they are comfortable. More ways to inject color into your wedding are to choose bold wedding signage options. Think of using bright colors or mirrored welcome signage that will add a brilliant touch to your single or dual-tone wedding color scheme. Apart from this, you can choose a bold color for your wedding dance floor, so that your guests can single out the dancing area. Lastly, you can choose to wrap garlands around the guests' chairs, around the wedding arbor, or even on the supports in your wedding area. Also, you can use clear bulbs as decor, or even pretty balls of light, the kind that you’d use on a Christmas tree, just to make sure that it is clear, for your wedding day. 


Things to Consider When You’re Using a Tent 


A wedding with tents and tent decor is a dreamy affair, we all know that and agree on it. The ideas above surely have given you a picture of what a wedding with tents will be like. Although we recommend a tent wedding, we’d like to give you a few pointers to keep in mind. First things first, a tent can be a big expense. However, with a good budget plan for the wedding, this should not be a problem. Another thing to remember when you’re sold on throwing a tent wedding is simple, some venues such as country clubs, may have a permanent kind of wedding tent that they like to work with. Now, if that’s the case with your wedding venue, you will have to see how many guests it can accommodate and if it feels like a good fit for you. Also, if you’re set on using tents as your wedding reception party venue but you’re saying your I-dos elsewhere, keep the logistics in mind. Make sure that your guests do not have to walk too far to see your wedding ceremony. This will put a damper on the mood of your wedding guests. Along with that, keep a good check on the weather. Whether it is a summer wedding or a winter wedding, remember to consider the weather conditions. Too hot or too cold of weather will make you and your guests uncomfortable. Additionally, while we’re on that topic, consider rainproofing your outdoor wedding set-up, this will help you be prepared for just about any situation. This is crucial as well. That aside, make sure that you start looking for a wedding venue with tents for your outdoor wedding celebrations. Because not only do you have to look for the right wedding venue, and keep a check on the budget but also find the right spot at the venue for your wedding tents


With that said, we’re at the end of our blog, and that’s all we have on tents. Remember that the ideas that we’ve mentioned here are suggestions and in no way do we mean to tell you that this is all you can do with tents for your wedding day. Our love for the outdoors does not trump our love for amazing ideas for weddings and your happiness. We hope that the ideas above help you to understand how to pull off a beautiful tent wedding, be it a reception party or a beautiful wedding ceremony, or all of your wedding day events. We truly hope that the ideas and inspiring decor for wedding ideas help you to make the most of your wedding day! Happy wedding planning!


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