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White Eagle Golf Club Wedding Photos

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A Dream Wedding With a Magical Setting at White Eagle Golf Club, CHICAGO

Every bride wishes to have a magical wedding at a location which is nothing less than a dreamland! At Chicago’s White Eagle Golf Club, you will find a venue that is both romantic and enchanting. Within an hour of downtown Chicago, this Naperville-based venue is a dream come true. The experienced staff at White Eagle Golf Club will help you design and plan a wedding that reflects your personality and vision. At White Eagle Golf Club, you can watch your dream wedding come to life. 

Picture this - as you walk through the aisle, your hair swaying in the cool breeze, and your partner is waiting for you under a gorgeous floral arbor. As he and your loved ones look at you gorgeously walking towards the arbor made against the spectacular backdrop of a glassy lake and lush landscape. How do you feel? Straight out of your dream, right? Your smile speaks for you!  And now that you are on top of the world as you are getting married to your sweetheart at your dream location, let your Chicago wedding photographers capture the happiness on your face during the most important moments of your life! 

After the ceremony, indulge in a stroll with your partner, exploring various locations to get romantic pictures clicked. Strike romantic poses with your sweetheart along the walkway, against the fountains and of course, any photographer's delight - the bridge! Call in your bridesmaids and the groomsmen to join you both as your Chicago wedding photographers clicks lovely pictures against the soothing lush greens. 

Then there is the golf course, the beauty of which speaks for itself! We love to capture romantic moments of couples-of-honor against such spectacular backdrops! Walk around the golf course or use the golf cart as a prop for some fun wedding photography. This will not only put you both in a playful mood but also will amuse you later when you will flip through your photo album in the years to come. Memories made from the quirky little moments like these stay etched in our minds forever! Quit everything ‘cliched’ and go creative with your photoshoots as it is your day and you are the designers! Your wedding photographers would love to capture your awesomeness as a couple under the towering trees, beside the crystal-clear lake and amongst the colorful flowers. 

The romantic ballroom holds up to 350 guests and features elegant decor. Our Chicago wedding photographers love to capture weddings at this magnificent wedding venue. The sparkling chandeliers add oodles of glam and ceiling-to-floor windows offer plenty of natural light along with breathtaking views of the landscape around. The romance exuded by the beautifully lit ballroom is unbeatable. You will love the ambiance formed by dim romantic lighting and the soft glow of the chandeliers. And the reflection of all these on the glass windows is the cherry on the cake! It doubles the glam quotient! And the fact that you can still see the elegantly lit outdoors is mind-blowing! Trust our wedding photographers to capture in their frames all the love in the air cocooned in the glamor of the beautiful decor and lighting! 

As the golden hour approaches, venture out with your partner to have magical pictures clicked by your wedding photographers. The colors of the sky and their reflection on the water make for a dream-like background for your romantic pictures! Whether you opt for a traditional photoshoot or anti-cliched ones, we assure you, it’ll be nothing short of a movie poster! 


Once you see the gorgeous landscape at the White Eagle Golf Club, you will realize that you’ve found the wedding venue of your dreams. And you do so, trust us to capture everything, from the belly laughs and teary eyes, quiet emotional moments, the small and big gestures to your love story! As we believe that every wedding story contains intricately entwined series of shared moments.

White Eagle Golf Club

3400 Club Drive
Naperville, IL   60564
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