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Scrumptious Grazing Table Ideas For The Ultimate Statement


A wedding is a matter of great celebrations, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate your love for your partner than adding grazing tables to your list of wedding ideas. To us, grazing tables signify some beautiful additions and are nothing short of what a “true feast” should be. And we’re excited to bring you some ideas to help you plan a wedding with the charms and beautiful touches a wedding should be like! Today, instead of talking about everything that goes into wedding planning, we’d like to simply talk about some delicious and finger-licking food ideas for your wedding! As we mentioned earlier, grazing tables are a great way to add some brilliant touches to your wedding’s look and vibe. The following blog will talk about different ideas, menu ideas to add to your wedding grazing tables, and how to make these ideas a part of your wedding decor! Without wasting any more time, let’s talk about the different ideas befitting a wedding full of a feast! 


  1. The Perfect Charcuterie


What’s a wedding with delicious and lovely grazing tables? A great way to add the luxury of a feast, then looking to add a delicious French Charcuterie is our first idea for your wonderful wedding! When we say charcuterie, think of cured meats, every kind you want and imagine can be on your list! From flavored salami to yummy bacon, anything can be added to your grazing table! A great way to add more charms to wedding grazing tables is to add a cheese board! Although adding cheese of a single type can be perfect, you can add more options by adding some more flavors of cheese! Apart from curated meat for your grazing table, you can also add cheese, grains, and some vegetables! These additional things will add more color and variety to your grazing table. If this sounds on the lower side or does not sound enough for your wedding vibe, then how about you add some delicious dips, hummus, nuts, and olives to add more flavors? These new additions will help you add color to the table and add more variety for your wedding guests! However, if you’re inviting vegan or vegetarian wedding guests, then you should consider adding vegan or vegetarian wedding menu options. For example, instead of French Charcuterie, you can create a vegan Charcuterie for your wedding. For vegan additions, you can opt for vegan cheese options along with a fruit-heavy table with vegan “substitutes” for the non-vegetarian options. If you’re creating a vegan grazing table, pay attention to the key flavors, sweet, salty, spicy, and savory. You can add fruits, a variety of salads, baked food items, and some dips. And if you’re looking for just a vegetarian Charcuterie for your wedding, then adding some interesting baked vegetables and more can help you out! 


Now that the options to add to your wedding idea, let’s talk about the decor! A French Charcuterie looks the best in rustic decor ideas. What we love the most about this idea for grazing tables is that it will go well with just about any kind of wedding, be it an indoor or outdoor wedding! That said, one of the best ways to decorate your grazing table for your wedding is to create a dazzling rustic table with wooden crates, vines, and wooden boards. You can choose to add a white tablecloth to add a clear and vibrant touch to the wedding table. That said, you can also look into adding some LED wedding signage to the rustic decor to add a touch of modernity.


  1. The Breakfast Buffet


One of the grazing table ideas that we absolutely love for weddings is the wonderful choice of “breakfast food” items as options for a grazing table. We have raved and raved about breakfast buffets in the past, and we love breakfast food served at all times! Whether you’re throwing a wedding reception party in the evening or it is a brunch wedding party, a grazing table with breakfast options will be just perfect and add a much-needed touch of charm and beauty. Before we talk about the different options that you can add to the menu of your wedding day grazing table, let’s talk about the amazing wedding decor and the different ways you can present your perfect grazing table! A great way to present or decorate your breakfast grazing table is to add some beautiful rustic wedding decor to your wedding setting. Another way to add some lovely charms to your wedding decor is to add some pretty flowers, mostly lovely white flowers with greenery will work like a charm. Also, you can add some beautiful string lights to make the look more whimsical. As for the grazing table signage, you can have a wooden plaque and add cursive lettering to the plaque! 


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the different types of food items you can add to your wedding grazing table! For a breakfast-inspired wedding menu, you can add some of the classics, like cheese toast, pancakes, some oatmeal with fruits, milkshakes, and fries. Apart from this, to make your breakfast buffet or grazing table just downright appealing, you can easily add some waffles to the mix. A great way to add an interactive touch to your breakfast grazing table is to utilize some creative decor ideas, for waffles we mean. You can add some ice cream on top with googly eyes and some whipped cream to add a colorful touch. Or you can have sugar-free and sugar options for your wedding guests to choose from. What’s more, you can also simply drizzle the waffles with chocolate sauce, sprinkle some fruits, and that's it! You can also add some deliciously fragrant chicken sausage to the table with some eggs and loaves of bread. Additionally, you can also have some vegan or vegetarian options along the side for your wedding guests to choose from! Lastly, you can not only add some shakes to the mix but also some delicious fruit juices. 


  1. Wheel-Barrow and Wine Barrel Grazing Table for the Rustic Charms


When we think of a rustic wedding, we pretty much, all the time, imagine it to be outdoors with greenery-laden wheelbarrows and wine barrels. If that seems like a thing you love and want to add to your wedding day celebrations, then we have just the thing for you! Before we talk about what to add to your grazing table, let’s discuss the different ways you can present it to your guests. The best and easiest way to use wine barrels as decor for your wedding is to balance a large plate on top of the barrel. Another way to do this would be to balance a large plate or a board on two barrels standing side by side. However, if you’re planning to have a longer table for your guests, then you can place a couple of wine barrels in the center to balance out the table. And the last idea that we have for you, which is a brilliant idea if you’re tying the knot outdoors with your soulmate, is that you create a corner with wooden boards and planks in the background, and have barrels of different sizes stacked along. You can even have a couple turned sideways to add some charming details. When you’re done setting up the barrels for decor, you can set a table in front of the barrels with the food options. 


On the table, you can have bottles of wine that you’d like to serve to your wedding guests along with a cheese board. Although these options pretty much make up for an entire table, you can add some more options. Since you’re serving wine on the table, you can add some sweet treats as well. Nutty chocolates, white chocolate, crackers to go with the cheeseboard and some fruits dipped in chocolates will be excellent choices. You can tweak this idea as you desire. However, remember to add the food items that complement the wine you’ll serve. If this idea sounds like something you’ll want to do for your wedding, then we have some decor inspiration for you as well! You can add plenty of greenery on the sides of the table and have them wrapped around the wine barrels. If you’re opting for a coroner, you can have the area decorated with a curtain of lights, signage for you and your partner’s name, and some floral decor. 


Tweak the Idea: Cocktails and this!


Another way to improve the experience of your wedding guests with your wedding and what you have planned for them is to add this idea, the one we discussed above, to your wedding day’s cocktail hour! Wine and cheese go well with almost everything, and your cocktail hour is no exception. Additionally, the wheelbarrow decor will fit right into your wedding’s cocktail hour! You can easily add some flowers and greenery decor into the wheelbarrow to make it look right at home with the wedding decor. Or you can also choose to add some food items to it! 


  1. Fast-Food and Bite-Sized Deliciousness


One of the best ideas for a grazing table is the simplest of all dishes and food options! Loved by all, and enjoyed by practically all ages, fast food is something nobody ever says no to! If you have a wedding guest list of a varied age group, using this idea will be a great way to cater to every kind of wedding guest! From the kids to the adults, a grazing table with fries, burgers, mini pizzas, crepes, hotdogs, corn dogs, and onion rings will be perfect! You can also add some options for beverages, soda pop, and interesting smoothies for your guests to enjoy! If you have a menu option that counts as fast food, don’t be afraid to lay it out on the fast-food grazing table too! You can also add some cheese-based sticks, like mozzarella sticks, cheese sticks, or even jalapeno and cheese poppers for your guests to enjoy! 


If this sounds like a great idea for your wedding, then we have some ideas that you can try out! If round mini pizzas sound like the talk of yesterday, you can have your mini pizzas’ base baked in different shapes. Think about triangle shapes or even star-shaped pizzas! Different shapes will add an attractive quality to your wedding day’s grazing table! Another way to add some interesting bits and bobs to your fast food wedding grazing table is to use decor! You can have the grazing table dressed in carnivalesque decor. Something along the lines of red and white stripes, a faux light tent, and chalkboard signage to let your wedding guests know what’s on the table sounds like a good way to go about this idea to us. 



Grazing tables are an interesting way of adding a different cuisine to your wedding or mixing and matching different dishes. Although a grazing table will add a lot of aromas to your wedding, it will also improve the experience your wedding guests will take out of your wedding. And to add to this, planning a wedding with a grazing table is one of the best experiences for an engaged couple! You’ll have plenty of fun tasting different things, trying out other forms of dishes, and even adding a creative twist to the recipes to make them more interesting. Imagine the amount of fun you and your partner will have when you begin planning your wedding and then start planning the grazing table ideas for your wedding! We hope that the ideas above help you create the perfect addition to your wedding. Also, remember that these ideas are just ideas! You can use one of the ones we’ve discussed, you can also mix a few ideas together or you can use these ideas to inspire a wedding grazing table of your own!


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