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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources - October 2022


"Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter," said Carol Bishop Hipps and it can't be more accurate. October is a month of romance and we don't mean just with your loved one. It is about romanticizing the small moments-that morning coffee, a gripping spooky book on the porch as the nippy weather offers the perfect ambiance. It's about taking in the different hues of autumn-yellows, browns, caramels, oranges, reds, and maroons! It's about finding comfort in the promise of the festive season ahead, and the celebration that nature puts in play as we waltz from summer into winter. October is also the month of carved pumpkins, caramel apples, and spooky movie marathons! It truly is the perfect break between the “miseries of summer and winter”.


With all the celebrations of the season, October is also a month for lovers to celebrate their love. The world is their playground with the setting so magical, and we certainly know why lovers worldwide have a soft spot for autumn and her gifts! Whether you and your partner are planning for a lovely fall or wedding or you just happen to be planning for your wedding next year, there is nothing like the crisp ambiance of October leading into November to help you weave the threads of runaway thoughts into the tapestry of plans. Wedding planning is fun and definitely an experience in itself when it's in this gorgeous season, however, it gets quite confusing at times, and this is where we come in. Our monthly wedding planning resources will ensure that you are in the know about the latest ins and outs of the wedding scene at the moment. This time around, we bring to you everything from tik tok video tips to Secret Garden weddings! So go ahead, brew yourself a piping hot cup of pumpkin cold brew, cozy up with your chunky throw blanket, and let's get started!


Yes, we live in a world where social media is not just a part of our daily life, but our big life moments! Making space for tik tok on your wedding day is something that comes with the time that we live in! If you are going full-on for a wedding day that is digitally involved with susceptibility to social media sharing, take a look at the blog below. While TikTok might seem all fun and good times, it does require some planning and forethought. This blog breaks everything down for you to help you make those amazing wedding TikTok! 

How to Plan and Create TikTok Videos at Your Wedding

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While the bride is undoubtedly the MVP of any wedding, having a bridal party which is looking and feeling just as good will bring an enormous change to your wedding day! From the bridesmaid dresses to the bouquets they carry become an important part of the wedding day. This is why this blog brings to you a plethora of earring options for your bridal party. There is one for every bridal party out there, irrespective of budget style. Whether it is something simple like a dazzling drop earring, or a bit wild like a desert-inspired pair, from raw gemstones to classic pearl details, this blog has everything! 

22 Beautiful Bridal Party Earrings for Every Budget and Style

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You said, “yes”(or they did)! What better time than now to zone out and take a trip with your sweetheart for that perfect post-proposal getaway? Wedding planning is only going to get more intense with the rolling of time and your due date coming easter. There is plenty of time to do that later, but getting engaged is an event worth celebrating. This blog deep dives into whether or not you should take that vacation, drop by to read more! 

Should You Take a Post-Proposal Getaway?

Via Martha Stewart


Do you have your heart set on a November wedding? We get it! With the nippy weather, the heady festivities, and the whimsical charm of winter, a November wedding is surely a dream. This blog breaks done the logistics and the tips to keep in mind while dreaming of a winter wedding in November. Drop by the link to know more! 

November Wedding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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A garden blooming with precious flowers, a little overgrown and unkept, but ever so charming, and a door to the magic within. If you have grown up reading Secret Garden, and also wanted to have your wedding day revolve around that theme, this blog brings to you the ideas you didn't know you needed! Whether it's an intimate storybook wedding by the water or the greenery-laden details, this wedding will have you taking notes for your own fairytale wedding! Take a look at the link below to be inspired. 

Secret Garden Wedding Inspiration

Via Bridal Guide


Of course, you get married for love, and not for the gram, but some swoon-worthy Instagram weddings can make one go weak in the knees! If you want your special day to be Instagram-worthy, the blog below will provide you with all the useful tips and tricks to bring that to life. Drop by the link below to unlock your dream Instagram wedding! 

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Wedding Design

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The wedding industry is constantly evolving, and although some trends pass by without having much of an influence, others persist and find their way into your big day. While it may be challenging to choose from so many options, you will know right away when you encounter the style that you want to wear on your wedding day. It will harmoniously complement your wedding venue, style, and colors, improving your special day even further. Even though the internet is saturated in fads and microtrends, having a trustworthy source for wedding planning will always be helpful. We will be available every month to assist upcoming brides as they plan their happily ever after, like a reliable friend with all the knowledge and more!


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