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Weekly Wedding Resources: January 8th, 2021


We did it! We finally reached the end of the year which will forever tell the tale of staying in for safety, avoiding hugs, and of washing our hands like there is no tomorrow. The year of baking the bread and reading again, the year which brought us closer than ever, yet made us wake up each day with a heavy heart. A year which we will never want to bring up again in breezy casual conversations! 2021 dawned, and while things are not miraculously happy again, it brought in with it hope, a clean slate, and a reset button that we have all been yearning for. While this year promises to bring in new adventures, challenges, and learnings, it also promises to bring in-weddings! Lots of weddings! If you are a bride who has pushed pause on your dream wedding due to the craziness of the last year, 2021 might finally be the year for you! Whether you are planning for a wedding in the upcoming year or the next, a bride planning her wedding can always use some help. We are here again, bringing you some of the best wedding planning resources from around the internet! Grab your brew and browse on!


A beautiful ceremony is heart-touching and the toast by your closest friend can jerk a few tears, but what really puts your wedding day in a fun mood is that playlist. The right DJ will know how to start strong, and put in those heady beats in the middle, and end off the playlist with a powerful tune. While the wedding playlist is a beautiful range of tunes to make you laugh, dance, get sentimental, and get hopeful for your future, the final hurrah of the playlist also means a lot, and is probably the most impactful part of your wedding day celebrations! Take a peek at some amazing last songs ever!



Five Expert-Approved Tips for Choosing the Ultimate Last Song for Your Wedding

via Martha Stewart


We are rolling into a new year with a hopeful heart and while we take a look back at some of the wedding trends, we see a lot of creative solutions that evolved with the evolving nature of the modern-day wedding! From the monochrome florals to the year of “macrame everything”, from sculptural backdrops to pampas, the year has seen a lot of ingenious ideas in this whirlwind journey. Let us take a look at 2020 and acknowledge some of the decor hits that this year gave us!



Our Favorite Wedding Decor + Details From 2020

via Green Wedding Shoes


Weddings are intimidating enough and having a bunch of rules and “dos and donts” rarely helps the case! While there are many sacrosanct rules a wedding couple is not supposed to break, some of them can actually be thrown out of the window! It’s your wedding, and you do it your way, and you make the rules! So read on to find out which wedding rules you can say goodbye to, and leave back in 2020, where it belongs!



Five Wedding Rules Professional Planners Say Couples Can Absolutely Break

via Martha Stewart


The digital evolution of today has changed the way couples get married, introducing fun concepts like virtual registry, wedding website, and wedding hashtags! As social media is a huge part of everybody’s life now, you can now encourage your guests to spread your special day with the help of a special hashtag. While simply displaying it might be good enough, couples are now adopting fun and creative ways to show off their wedding hashtags! If you are dabbling into a wedding hashtag for your special day but are stuck on how to optimize it, here’s how!



6 Places To Display Your Wedding Hashtag

via Ruffled Blog


A wedding cake is the prima donna on your wedding soiree and can tie together the wedding aesthetics in a huge way. While there many different elements used to decorate your wedding cake, from flowers to burlap to lace, the perfect wedding cake accents will feature as a work of confectionary art to your wedding! If you are stuck for ideas and will like to explore your potential in the sweet table, read on to find out more! You are in for a sweet surprise!



Floral Wedding Cake Accents That Will Enhance the Style of Any Confection

via Martha Stewart


“We are engaged!”-The three magical words which have the force to spread a cheer across every room and can envelop a to-be-wed couple in a flurry of congratulations. While the couples have historically found many creative ways to make the announcements to their friends and family, social media came in to add to the spectatorship of the said announcement, hence, putting more emphasis on the announcement than ever! Here are some of the most gripping IG engagement announcements which have blown our minds recently!



All the Best Engagement Captions For Your Instagram Announcement

via The Knot


While leaping into this brand new year feels like a long exhale after holding our breath in for long, we can’t possibly deny the gifts that the year brought in. It brought clarity to our lives, making us sensitive to the goodness surrounding us, and urging us to stay further from the negative aspect. This year brought in gratefulness and a whole lot of coziness. It made us count our blessings, every single day, reminding us how much of a gift our life is, and how much we take for granted. And most importantly, in the wedding scenario, 2020 taught us sometimes things might not go as planned, but we need to trust the process and the universe. And sometimes better ideas, innovations, and trends can evolve from a catastrophe! 2020 changed the wedding dynamics massively and for the better, and left us with terms like minimoons, micro weddings, and more! This surely allowed a lot of flexibility in the wedding structure and coxed couples to be more creative!


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