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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources March: 2023


It never fails to awe us how two people walking on this big blue planet find each other and find theirs forever in each other. Whether you have dated quite a few people in this lifetime, or haven't, one day you find someone who makes the angels sing, the stars align and the background music plays, and something clicks into place. Instantly, you know this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. This can happen the first time you lay eyes on them, or it's on your 30th date, as you are heading home, hand-in-hand, after having dinner at your favorite place. And when that feeling strikes, you know it surer than ever, and there is no room for doubt. Everything is clearer than it has ever been.


And once you find your person, it's all a whirlwind from there. You propose or get proposed to, and the next few months are spent in preparation for the most important day of your life. The tablescape needs to be panned, the stationeries needs to be designed, and your wedding dress needs to be chosen. While there are fewer joys in life than planning your wedding, wedding planning is not beyond stress. In fact, it is fairly easy to get overwhelmed by the choices at your disposal and the number of things that need to be done. If only there was a way you had a way to know which wedding trends are worth exploring and which ones you can skip. Wait, there is! If you are a bride in the wedding planning season of her life, we have some amazing wedding trends which are doing rounds out there. So, take a seat, pick a notepad, and let's plan!


As discussed above, the moment you know a person is your special one, you wouldn't think twice before wanting to spend your life with them forever. When you know that person is “the one” a proposal is not far away in the future. Talking about engagements, there are a bunch of different engagement ring options out there. However, today we are talking about classy pearls! Probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an engagement ring is a pearl. However, pearls are the epitome of traditional precious stone jewelry. Both vintage enthusiasts and contemporary brides will like the classy old-world elegance that pearls bring to the table. There are numerous ways to transform this distinctive gemstone into an engagement ring. Whatever the setting, pearls are a beautiful and affordable substitute for some of the more well-known gemstones available. If you have a soft spot in your heart for the precious pearl, drop by the link below to check out some stunning options.


These Stunning Pearl Engagement Rings Celebrate One of the World's Oldest Gemstones

Via Martha Stewart


You will want to put your best foot forward on your wedding day, quite literally, and having the best bridal shoes makes it a tad easier! We can't stress enough the importance of finding the right wedding shoes, as it essentially makes or breaks the look. Wedding shoes are the cherry on top of your wedding day outfit. You probably already know the power of a nice shoe to improve your complete wedding day look. They say the shoes make the ensemble. Perhaps someone has told you to purchase your wedding gown before your shoes, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are several factors that go into choosing the perfect pair of bridal shoes. The wedding dress' length and the shoe's height are crucial elements when it comes to choosing a perfect bridal shoe. For the dress fittings, your dressmaker would most probably want you to wear your wedding shoes.


The 24 Best Spots to Buy Wedding Shoes Online + How to Easily Choose!

Via Green Wedding Shoes


Wedding decors add personality and fun to your special day. A flower installation here and a beautifully decorated welcome table there truly take the wedding from “nice” to “amazing”. According to your wedding theme, you can have a variety of wedding decor to fit your specific style. While we love wedding decor on its own, we sure love wedding decor which comes with a practical purpose. Whether it's a dessert table or a sweetheart table, we love them all, but here we are talking specifically about mobile bars. Do you know what a mobile bar is? The ideal way to add some fun to your wedding or rehearsal dinner is with mobile bars! Bars on wheels are popular right now, and they simply keep becoming cuter. Get thrilled if you're loving the thought of throwing a party right there at your wedding, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or any other event. We looked everywhere to get the prettiest mobile bars possible for you. Mobile bars literally bring entertainment to you, serving wine, beer, champagne, cocktails, and mocktails. Take a look at the article below to explore the variety of mobile bars you can consider.


The 16 Cutest Mobile Bars for Your Wedding

Via Green Wedding Shoes


Wedding bouquets and wedding flowers in general add a bit of color and freshness to any wedding day. However, bridal bouquets have gone through their own journey and have evolved. The days of just being able to carry a flower arrangement with stems neatly wound in a glossy satin ribbon are long gone. Innovative florists have begun creating bouquets with lovely, loose, hand-dyed ribbons that tumble off of skillfully asymmetric bouquets. As they prepare for their big day, more and more couples are choosing to use long ribbons on their bouquets since they provide a very lovely appearance. This fashion is romantic in parts and has certain Historic aspects. For your wedding, adding a wrapped bouquet provides a whole new realm of customized alternatives, and it's a look we're wholly in agreement with. Check out the blog below to explore the different colors and textures of bouquet wrap ideas which are sure to make a bride-to-be excited!


12 Pretty Wedding Bouquet Wrap Ideas

Via Brides


Wedding day flowers are one of the most important touches on your special day. From the tablescapes to the bridal bouquets, from boutonnieres to the hair accessories, flowers are everywhere at weddings and it adds a sprinkling of freshness and sweetness to your special day. Flower decorations are one aspect of weddings that many couples and guests cherish. In order to create bouquets and table centerpieces that perfectly match their visions, many couples are even choosing to use artificial wedding flowers. Simply put, artificial wedding flowers are designed to resemble real flowers using fabric or other materials. They're a good option for couples who want to save their money while still having a lasting arrangement for their wedding day. If you want to know a little more about artificial flowers, the link below will help you know all about them. 


What to Know About Using Artificial Wedding Flowers for Your Big Day

Via The Knot


Wedding day is the day when it is okay for one to go overboard, whether it is about elaborate lighting ideas, bright poppy flowers, or a ballgown wedding dress that makes you look like a Disney princess. However, if you are a couple with minimalistic taste, you will most probably want to go for simpler lines and minimal color usage. The great thing about minimal wedding decor is that it invites a feeling of peace and calm into your special day, and offers a non-stressful environment for your special day. If you want to downsize and can be really picky about the styling of your wedding, minimalist wedding décor is the ideal choice. Check out some of the basic wedding décor ideas in the link below for more ideas. The main goal of this understated design is to keep the specifics of your wedding day incredibly organized and focused. The minimalist theme's two major elements are straightforward wedding decorations and a neutral color scheme.


33 Simple & Stylish Wedding Ideas for the Minimalist Couple

Via The Knot


Trends ebb and flow, and sometimes reoccur, and sometimes exit to never return again. Wedding trends are just something fun for you to be inspired by, but what is enjoyable to you might be completely different from the next couple. While trends are fun, we still want to encourage you to look within when it comes to wedding planning and go for the elements which fit your unique relationship the best. Are you a minimal couple or a maximal one? Do you want your wedding to feel calm and relaxed or do you want to go the traditional route? When you go for accents and choices which make the most sense to you as a couple, you will be ending up with a wedding day that is most representative of you and you will have the most fun. And also, have fun as you plan your wedding!


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