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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources June: 2023


June is just around the corner and that summer feeling is definitely in the air. There are a hundred different reasons to love summer, but we are here to talk a little about summer weddings! A summer wedding is a popular choice for couples all over the world. The warm weather, beautiful scenery, and abundance of natural light make it the perfect season to celebrate love and commitment. There are many reasons why a summer wedding is so appealing, from the practical to the emotional. Firstly, the weather is a huge factor in the appeal of a summer wedding. With longer days and warmer temperatures, there is more opportunity for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. This means that couples can take advantage of the natural beauty of their chosen venue, whether it's a beach, garden, or vineyard. The sunshine and blue skies also make for stunning wedding photos, with the natural light creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. 


A summer wedding allows for a wider range of dress options for both the bride and groom, as well as their guests. For brides, a summer wedding means the opportunity to wear a lighter, more comfortable dress without sacrificing elegance or style. Another fun thing about summer weddings? You can plan for the most epic tropical destination wedding of your dreams. Many couples choose to have their wedding abroad, and a summer wedding makes it easier to do so. If you are a bride planning for a summer wedding, our blog today comes with some inspiring resources. Sit back, pour in that iced coffee, and let's put our planning caps on!


For the vintage-loving bride, an Edwardian-style engagement ring is a beautiful choice that is both timeless and elegant. These rings have a delicate, feminine quality that is perfect for a bride who loves romantic, vintage-inspired jewelry. They are also highly sought after by collectors and are considered to be valuable and rare. An Edwardian-style engagement ring is a beautiful way to honor the past and celebrate the future, making it the perfect symbol of love and commitment. Edwardian-style engagement rings are characterized by intricate, lacy designs and the use of platinum, which was newly available and highly prized for its strength and durability. One of the defining features of Edwardian-style engagement rings is their intricate metalwork. Edwardian rings often feature intricate filigree work, openwork designs, and delicate detailing, which refers to the tiny beads or edges of metal that frame gemstones. Another hallmark of Edwardian-style engagement rings is their use of diamonds and other precious gemstones. Other gemstones that were popular during the Edwardian era included sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, often used in combination with diamonds to create intricate floral or ribbon designs. Check the article below for more insight into this gorgeous style of ring.


21 Edwardian-Style Engagement Rings for the Vintage-Loving Bride

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Summer is the season of love and romance, and what better way to celebrate this than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Summer wedding bouquets are known for their bright colors, sweet fragrances, and natural beauty. They are a perfect reflection of the season's abundance, and they add a touch of freshness and joy to any wedding ceremony. Summer wedding bouquets offer a wide variety of colors and flowers to choose from. Summer is a season of blooming flowers, and there is no shortage of options when it comes to creating a beautiful bouquet. From sunflowers to roses, from peonies to daisies, there are countless types of flowers to choose from. Moreover, summer wedding bouquets often feature bright and vibrant colors, such as yellows, oranges, pinks, and purples. Summer is a season of abundance when it comes to flowers, which means that many flowers are more affordable than they are during other seasons. Summer is a time of growth and renewal, and this is reflected in the beauty of the flowers. A summer wedding bouquet can capture this beauty and create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Whether it's a simple bouquet of wildflowers or a more elaborate arrangement, a summer wedding bouquet is a perfect way to celebrate the beauty of nature and the season of love. Check out the article and be inspired by the gorgeous summer wedding bouquets!


31 Summer Wedding Bouquets That Embrace the Season

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While we talk a lot about brides and bridesmaids, the groomsmen are not talked about as much. Needless to say, groomsmen are an important part of any wedding party, and it’s important to show them your appreciation for their support on your big day. One great way to do this is by giving them a thoughtful and personalized card. Whether you choose a sports-themed card, a pop culture-themed card, a DIY photo card, a personalized gift card, or a comic book-themed card, the most important thing is to write a heartfelt message that acknowledges their unique qualities and contributions to your life. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you can create groomsmen cards that your groomsmen will treasure for years to come. 


The 15 Best Groomsmen Cards To Express Your Appreciation

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While it may not be the most traditional choice for a wedding theme, a Discocore wedding can be a fun and unique way to celebrate the love and commitment of a couple. Music is a crucial element of a Discocore wedding. The music should be upbeat, lively, and fun, with plenty of disco beats and funky basslines. Classic tracks from the disco era can also be mixed in with modern Discocore hits, providing a fun and eclectic mix of music that everyone can enjoy. Discocore weddings are all about having fun and celebrating love and it can be a unique and exciting way to celebrate love and commitment. From the music to the decor, from the attire to the food and drinks, every element of the wedding can be themed around the Discocore genre. A Discocore wedding is all about having fun, letting loose, and celebrating the love between two people in a way that is memorable and unique. If disco is on your mind, explore the article below to deep dive into the theme!


How to Plan a Discocore Wedding

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Boho weddings are all about embracing the free-spirited and carefree nature of life, and they have become increasingly popular in recent years. A boho wedding is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their love in a non-traditional and unique way, with a focus on natural beauty, a relaxed atmosphere, and personal touches. In this essay, we will explore some of the best boho wedding ideas for free-spirited brides and grooms. The venue of a boho wedding should be one that showcases nature's beauty. Outdoor locations like beaches, forests, and gardens are perfect for a boho wedding, as they provide a natural and rustic backdrop. For those who prefer an indoor wedding, barns, lofts, and industrial spaces can be decorated with bohemian-inspired elements to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The decor of a boho wedding should be whimsical, relaxed, and free-spirited. Flowers are also an essential part of boho weddings, with wildflowers and greenery being popular choices. The bride can opt for a flowy and bohemian-style dress with loose waves in her hair and minimal makeup. A boho wedding is all about creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. It is about embracing the carefree and free-spirited nature of life. From the venue to the decor, from the attire to the food and drinks, every element of a boho wedding can be inspired by the bohemian style. The focus is on creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, where the couple can celebrate their love in a non-traditional and unique way. Drop by the blog below to be inspired to host the boho wedding of your dreams!


36 Boho Wedding Ideas for Free-Spirited Brides and Grooms

via Martha Stewarts


The appeal of intimate small weddings has grown in recent years as more couples opt for a more personal and meaningful celebration. Instead of large, traditional weddings, couples are choosing to keep their guest list small and focus on the experience rather than the spectacle. Intimate small weddings allow for a more personal and meaningful experience. Couples can focus on creating a wedding that truly reflects their personalities and values without the pressure of accommodating a large group of guests. They can choose a unique venue, incorporate personalized details, and create a more intimate and memorable atmosphere. The appeal of intimate small weddings is undeniable. They allow couples to focus on the experience, create a more personal and meaningful celebration, save money, and enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Couples can be more creative and flexible with their wedding plans and still have a romantic and memorable celebration with their closest loved ones. Whether it's a backyard wedding or a destination elopement, intimate small weddings can truly elevate your celebration. Check out the blog below to know more about intimate weddings, and be inspired.


35 Intimate Small Wedding Ideas That Will Elevate Your Celebration

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A summer wedding is a chance to create lasting memories with loved ones. The relaxed atmosphere, warm weather, and beautiful surroundings create the perfect backdrop for a celebration of love and commitment. With friends and family gathered together, a summer wedding is a chance to enjoy good food, good music, and good company. It is a time to create memories that will last a lifetime and to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in a couple's life together. From the weather to the dress code, from the affordability to the memories created, there are many advantages to tying the knot in the summer months. Whether it's a destination wedding or a local celebration, a summer wedding is a chance to create a magical and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.


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