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Margo & Christopher’s Perfect Indianapolis Engagement Session With Perfect Attire!


Well, being in the business of capturing moments and love in every form, our professional wedding photographers enjoy capturing the romance that a newly engaged couple share with each other when they plan for a professional engagement photography session. As much as planning goes from our talented engagement photographers to capturing the best shots of our newly engaged couples, there is a lot of planning that goes with the couple who have hired out professional photographers to capture their engagement photography session. 


Planning an engagement photoshoot session is often one of the primary tasks that all soon-to-be-married couples tick off their to-do list following their engagement announcement. Whether it is because they want to use those cute engagement photos on their save-the-dates or they just simply want to revel in the intimate and romantic moment together. From choosing the perfect location, and theme, to the outfit, there is a lot of planning that goes on the couple’s end when it comes to engagement photography sessions. Well, talking about the outfit, the majority of brides-to-be chose to go for white looks that always channel their classic wedding day style. Though these dresses are not that much intricate or ornate as full-fledged wedding gowns, they have some timeless bridal details like lovely ruffles, lace, embroidery, or even pretty beading. Whereas, other engaged couples go for a more relaxed vibe for their professional engagement photoshoot session in a pleasant outdoor setting. These couples choose to wear something casual so that they feel like themselves while posing for their engagement portfolio. Like they chose to wear lived-in T-shirts, leather, or denim jackets, or cozy, neutral sweaters, depending on the season they chose for their engagement photography session. Well, there are couples, who do choose to have multiple outfits for their engagement photography session so that they can add variety and beautiful colors to their engagement photography session. 


Talking about couples who chose to have multiple outfits for their engagement session, our professional wedding photographer recently captured one such beautiful couple in the best of frames in Indianapolis. Margo and Christopher, multiple outfit engagement photography was a delight for our Indianapolis wedding photographers. Our wedding photographers in and around Indianapolis loved capturing these two beautiful souls deeply, madly, and truly in love with each other in swoon-worthy frames! 


For their memorable and romantic Indianapolis engagement photography session, Margo and Christopher choose Coxhall Gardens! The green surroundings of this lovely Indianapolis engagement photography location have so much character to offer, that it is always a pleasure for our engagement photographers to capture an engagement at Coxhall Gardens! Looking at our Indianapolis couple’s choice of engagement location, we got quite an understanding that they were in search of a location that not only boasts beautiful greenery but also offers a bit of stunning architecture that lends magical backdrops for their engagement photographs.


Everything and every season about Coxhall Gardens are just perfect and worth capturing in great frames. This amazing photography location in Indianapolis is a unique and fascinating park, waiting to be discovered by professional photographers. This chic and modern park boasts about 125-acre park which includes the elegant centerpiece, twin 90-feet bell towers (stunning location to share a kiss beneath it and get it captured by our professional photographers), a beautiful recreation lake, and a Children’s Garden, which features village stores, echoing walls, peek-a-boo hills, a sundial, and Tiki huts. 


We are very much excited to share Margo and Christopher’s beautiful Coxhall Gardens engagement with you all! We manage to snag the most beautiful day for their session. And best of all? Our professional Indianapolis wedding photographers and our lovely newly engaged couples pretty much had all of Coxhall Gardens to themselves! It was indeed a great day to remember and cherish. You can check out the complete Morgan and Christopher Indianapolis engagement portfolio in the gallery below, and can also seek some inspiration for your upcoming engagement portfolio. 


Engagement Photography Session in the First Outfit

As we have already mentioned that our head-over-heels in love Indianapolis couple, Margo and Christopher had three outfits changed for their complete Indianapolis engagement photography session. So, let’s start with the first round of engagement photography details, where Margo chose a more floral and sensuous style outfit, whereas Christopher looked stunning in his formal look for the photography session


For the first round of professional engagement photography sessions at Coxhall Gardens, Margo chose to look stunning and sexy by slipping into a floral print-shirred split-thigh maxi dress. The high-thigh slit of her dress made her look extremely sensuous and beautiful at once. Margo gracefully flaunted herself in her off-shoulder floral dress. She paired her floral dress look with beige-colored high block heel ankle strap sandals! Small drop earrings and a beautiful chain with a long pendant perfectly elevated her outdoor engagement photography look in every possible way! Her side-parted blonde hairdo and minimal makeup were just perfect for a classic and romantic outdoor engagement photography session amongst the beautiful greens! In short, in her floral outfit, Margo looked just breathtaking, and our professional engagement photographers in and around Indianapolis could not take their eyes off her even for a second. 


While our lovely bride-to-be, Margo, looked stunning, our handsome groom-to-be, Christopher was all set to steal Margo’s heart again with his heart-throbbing look. To compliment Margo from head to toe, Christopher completed his outdoor engagement look with a light blue formal shirt with a pair of black pants. Christopher completed his entire outdoor engagement photography session look with black formal black shoes with laces and a black belt with a silver-colored buckle. And how can we forget his rugged look! He looked charming.  Together, Margo and Christopher looked like a beautiful match made in heaven. They also looked perfect together in every possible way in front of our photographer’s camera lenses! 


Our Favorite Photos from Their First Round of Engagement Photography Session

It is quite overwhelming in choosing some of our favorite picks from Margo and Christopher’s engagement photography session, as every photo is just beautiful, magical, and full of some. 


But, still, we are going to tell you about some of the photos that we loved from their first round of outdoor engagement photography sessions. 


  • We loved the full shot of Margo and Christopher standing against the old and tall towering tree! The way Margo had placed her head over Christopher’s shoulder and the way he held her hand firmly, with no intention of leaving it ever, was not only just perfect but full of love. The rest of the magic was created by the soft breeze! The way the breeze played with Margo’s hair and her floral dress slit, gave stunning moments to our talented team of wedding photographers of Indianapolis to capture some extremely romantic and sensuous photographs of our cute Indianapolis couple. The verdant green setting offered by Coxhall Gardens indeed elevated their outdoor engagement photography session in every possible way.


  • We loved the picture where Margo and Christopher shared a laugh while being completely lost in each other in a panoramic green setting was a worth capturing photograph. Our creative team of engagement photographers did a fantastic job in capturing the long and full shots of our pretty couple against the green backdrop


  • The most loved picture from Christopher and Margo’s first round of engagement photography was the one, where Christopher dipped Margo in his arms for a beautiful kiss. That picture got all our professional photographers into the aww-moment for a while. It was indeed one of the best and most romantic pictures from our Indianapolis couple’s engagement portfolio. 


Christopher & Margo’s Engagement Photography Session in the Second Outfit

Not only our couple in their formal attire, but our photographer also did a fantastic job in capturing our couple in beautiful greens. So, now moving on to the second phase of their engagement photography session, where both Margo and Christopher chose to wear something more casual and more vibrant to perfectly coordinate with the outdoor setting offered by Coxhall Gardens. 


This time, Margo chose to wear a blue solid fit and flared midi dress, while keeping everything else, from her makeup, and hairstyle to her shoes the same. On the other hand, Christopher completely changed his entire outfit. From formal shirt and pants, he switched to a flannel plaid design casual shirt with a pair of faded jeans, black shoes, and a round neck white t-shirt beneath the plaid shirt. The casual look of our couple looked exemplary in the photos, as the vibrant shades of their outfits and the background setting created a perfect combination for lovely outdoor engagement photos!


Our Favorite Photos from Their Second Round of Engagement Photography Session

We loved the backdrop that our couple chose for their second round of engagement photography sessions at Coxhall Gardens. The rustic brick red barn did add a lot of character and drama to their engagement photography session. 


  • We just loved the picture where Christopher kissed Margo on her forehead against the red rustic barn background. Forehead kisses are the ultimate expression of love. And their second round of photography sessions had so many forehead kisses pictures. We just loved this couple so much! This wide-angle shot was creatively captured by our professional Indianapolis engagement photography very beautifully! 


  • Another forehead kissing picture that goes on our favorite photo list was the one where Christopher romantically kissed Margo’s forehead while she held his hand and he took the support of the red barn’s edge. These kinds of pictures are always must-have shots when it comes to a perfect engagement portfolio. 


  • We loved the picture where both of them sat over a wood log smiling all bright and wide while holding each other's hand. It was a really cute picture of Margo and Christopher. 


  • Their kissing pictures were some of the most pretty, cute, and adorable pictures that not only our photographers but even you will also love when you will see them in the gallery below. Our couple did not leave any stone unturned with our photographers. They explored all the corners of the Coxhall Gardens and also posed in every corner. 


  • Coxhall Garden is also famous for its lovely architecture, and our couple took the advantage of the chic and elegant architecture offered by this lovely Indianapolis photography location. For posed for extremely romantic portraits in front of the white beautiful gate creatively framed with lovey brick. The white gate did offer a great backdrop for our couple engagement photography session. 


  • Our couple, Christopher and Margo posed for endless pictures in this setting. From the sitting pose on the beautiful stairs to the romantic hugging, kissing, laughing, and everything in between, with them, there was not a dull moment even for a second. Capturing them with the marvelous and creative architecture in the background was indeed a delightful experience for our wedding photographers.


Christopher & Margo’s Engagement Photography Session in the Third and Last Outfit

Margo and Christopher’s last outfit for their Indianapolis engagement photography was very elegant and subtle. This time our couple went for the all-time classic color combination of black and white. Christopher chose to slip into a full-sleeve black round-neck t-shirt while keeping his denim and shoes the same. While on the other hand, our pretty lady changed into a beautiful white midi dress with exquisite lace details on the upper part. They both did a fantastic job in coordinating the outfit for the third and last round of their outdoor engagement photography session. 


Our Favorite Photos from Their Third Round of Engagement Photography Session

The last section of their engagement photography session was filled with endless laughter and love, which was marvelously captured by our wedding photographers in magical frames! 


  • One of our favorites from their third engagement photoshoot session was their silhouette photo, where they posed with their heads joined together in a bit of leaning back pose. That is a very pretty photo of Christopher and Margos’!


  • The second photo that we liked a lot is the one where they steal kisses while the green and orange color foliage in the background lent a perfect backdrop for their romantic outdoor engagement photography session! 


  • Last, but not least, we loved the wide-angle shot where Christopher dipped Margo for a beautiful kiss while the sun in the background filled the sky with its golden sparkle. 


Every photo of Christopher and Margo’s Indianapolis engagement photography was marvelous and filled with ultimate love and romance. And our professional photographers did a fantastic job in capturing the love and romance between them in the most glorious frames. If you are also looking for the best engagement or wedding photographers to capture mind-blowing wedding or engagement photos of your big and special day and moments, you can always count on us! As we at George Street Photo and Video, love capturing love and romance in its every form!


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