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Peek into Warm Weather Color Combinations - 2020 Edition!


Are you sealing the deal in next year’s spring or summer? Congrats! As you take the plunge head-first into the pool of wedding planning activities, one decision you might find yourself making is deciding on a Pantone color theme. And let us tell you right away - color matters! The entire aesthetics of the wedding is delicately fastened together with the colors that you choose for your wedding (no pressure at all!). 

Every year certain combinations rise to the surface as trendy and modern. We set our specialists to research and put our complex predictive color algorithm to work (just kidding), and have curated color combinations which will be huge come spring 2020 and summer 2020. If you are looking for the best 2020 wedding colors, we have you covered.

Chive + Sunlight: Chive makes an appearance every season, given that it is the color of the foliage and all! For the warmer months, chive goes harmoniously with sunlight, a pale wheatish-yellow. The combination is fresh and summery, making you think of sunshine, basil, and lemonade. The effect is warm, welcoming and happy!

Classic Blue + Sunlight: This combination is easy breezy lemon squeezy! I mean, what can spell spring or summer louder than the colors associated with clear skies, sunshine, the sea, and the sand? These colors are soothing to the eyes.

Cinnamon Stick + Chive: Most people wouldn’t pin these colors for being summer colors, however, they provide much-needed relief from ethereal lavenders and rosy pinks. They are earthy and nod towards nature without going all out. These two colors lean on each other and help set a naturally appealing setting for your wedding.

Cinnamon Stick + Flame Scarlet: We approve! The earthy depth of cinnamon stick pairs well with the fiery flame scarlet, making it the perfect juxtaposition between earthy and bold, even though they happen to be around the similar color neighborhood. The bold red will ensure that the appearance is still fun and summer appropriate, despite the addition of cinnamon. 

Coral Pink + Mosaic Blue: An unlikely set of colors that ends up working amazingly, corally pink along with mosaic blue will work superbly against lush spring landscapes. Like a bunch of pretty flowers, having your wedding party dressed in these colors seems to be the perfect way to dress up your spring wedding. 

Flame Scarlet + Classic Blue: Pastels are great and all, but what about splashes of vibrant hues of red and blue to liven up your wedding? Incorporate the two shades and think more grown-up-bold rather than the Fourth of July! The colors go together easily (better than any two primary colors do!) and don’t conflict. Have the groomsmen dressed in blue while the bridesmaids can paint the town red and it will be one bold wedding party this summer 2020!

Faded Denim + Chive: The light hues of faded denim works classically well with chive, a combination reminiscent of glass blades, blue sky, and denim cut-offs. It is effortlessly alluring, an unlikely combo at weddings, and of course, still warm weather appropriate. 

Mosaic Blue + Flame Scarlet: Flame scarlet is always a delight to be seen in a wedding environment, as it stands out and demands all eyes on it. However, it sometimes needs an equally bold tone to keep things vivid but harmonized. Mosaic Blue is a good color for this purpose and they look amazing while they work together, bringing your wedding setting to life!

Cinnamon Stick + Mosaic Blue: The deep cinnamon works with the mosaic blue like a dream, giving your wedding a richer, more opulent look. Add in gold accents to hold the look together, and you have a combination that is not only impactful but is a welcome change from the usual warm weather combinations. 

Orange Peel + Faded Denim: While faded denim is a perfect color for a warmer day, sometimes it needs a little pick-me-up. Orange peel is a color that does just that, providing a visual 'pop'. A delicate mix of the two, like incorporating orange blooms with a blue dress or using these colors in the wedding cake, can be quite a sight!

Cinnamon Stick + Coral Pink: The playful contrast of warm and deep cinnamon and lighter coral pink is refreshing, keeping the tone multidimensional, while still giving the wedding a summery touch! It is the perfect balance of the light and the dark, the impact being stunning, while quietly ushering over the traditional color choices for spring or summer!

Of course, some no-brainer options pop up every year. As Meryl Streep sarcastically remarked in The Devil Wears Prada, "Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking." Likewise, pass on the pastel shades in the spring and summer months for something a little more revolutionary! 


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