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Leanna & Steve Wedding Day- A Subtle & Romantic Affair to Cherish in The Windy City


Once in a lifetime, we all do come across millions of people, but amongst those millions of people only a certain number of people with whom we actually feel connected and have an urge to develop a bond happens. And amongst those, there is one special person whose habits you start adapting. Listening to their favorite songs, vibing together, feeling happy like never before. For some people, this truly feels like home, and since then life seems pretty happy being beside them. And that is what we can do in the process of falling in love! 


When you are in love, nothing and everything starts to make sense. Love makes you go above and beyond everything. You start telling them the things you have never talked about before. That person gets to see that side of yours that nobody has known that it even existed. They not only become a part of your life but they also become a part of your everyday routine. From the moment you open up your eyes in the morning to the moment you bid good night, there is not even a single moment that goes without mentioning that person’s name in your conversation. It feels like a void when one day goes by without talking with them. 


From hearing about their favorite corner in their hometown to how they like their coffee, from knowing their favorite color to food to how they greet everyone at home, you are interested in knowing each and every detail about their life! That person starts to consume your life in every possible way for the best and you just love that feeling of being consumed with the thought of that person you have already fallen in love with! You like everything about that person, and from their way of thinking to the words they are about to say when the sentence finishes, everything feels like your own. For some people, time does not matter, it is all about the vibe and the feeling that matches! 


In short, love is a strange emotion, some days, you wear your heart on your sleeves and throw in your lot with fate, hoping for a happily ever after! Not every love story ends on a happily ever after note, yet there are some that push us to believe that there are love stories that end on a happily ever after note. If you ask us, we have seen and captured endless love stories and we embrace love in its every form. And if we talk about love stories that end happily ever after, then we wanna share a story with you all! Recently our professional wedding photographers got the opportunity to capture the special day of our lovely Chicago couple, Leanna and Steven in the best of frames! 


Our romantic couple Leanna and Steven hired our professional and talented wedding photographers to capture the most special day of their lives when they hosted at Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel in Chicago! Well, if we talk about Chicago, aka, Windy City, then there are endless charismatic locations for couples to get married and have the best background for their wedding portfolio


Before we go ahead and talk about Leanna and Steven's wedding day and give you all a glimpse of their wedding ceremony and the memorable wedding reception, let’s have a look at this amazing wedding venue, so, if you are also planning your wedding day celebration, you can consider this Chicago wedding venue


This stunning Chicago wedding venue is just five minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel is indeed a fabulous spot in Chicago for your wedding celebration. Featuring over 53,000 square feet of luxurious space, all your wedding dreams will come true at this incredible Chicago wedding venue. This expansive hotel features a traditional reception room, a beautiful hotel art gallery, and an on-site music club for your wedding guests to enjoy every moment of your wedding day celebration to the fullest. This amazing wedding venue in Chicago is able to host your entire wedding celebration from “I do” to your romantic honeymoon departure. The professional staff at the Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel in Chicago will closely work with you in bringing all your wedding dreams to life! Just imagine you walking into the reception of your dreams, and getting every moment of that special day gracefully captured by our talented wedding photographers. 


Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel in Chicago offers great flexibility and versatility for couples to choose their ceremony spot. Featuring four grand ballrooms to choose from while planning your memorable wedding day. No matter what the size of your wedding celebration, the Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel in Chicago will have a room that will gracefully fit your vision. With the use of colorful lights, floral decor, and candles all the ballrooms quickly transform into festive spaces to dance and dine with friends and family all night long.


So, now coming back to the memorable wedding of Leanna and Steven, our creative wedding photographers started the day by capturing the details of all the wedding elements. From beautiful wedding decor to the lovely wedding dress of our gorgeous bride, and everything in between, they captured it gracefully. Our professional wedding photographers are keen lovers of details. You can see the examples for the same in the below wedding photo gallery of Leanna and Steven. 


So, now let us give you a detailed sneak peek of Leanna and Steven's wedding so that you can also get some wedding photo ideas for your upcoming wedding. 


Detailed Rich Wedding Photos

A wedding portfolio is incomplete without the beautiful picture of the bride’s wedding dress hanging over a hanger with some stunning background along with her and the groom’s wedding accessories, and certain details of the wedding decor. Our wedding photographer did a fantastic job in capturing the beautiful wedding dress hung over a wooden hanger over the door! Followed by which there was a picture of Leanna’s wedding accessories creatively placed on a table in perfect symmetry. Our photographers did a fabulous job in capturing the tiniest detail of our adorable Chicago couple in swoon-worthy frames! 


Groom Getting Ready Moment

Well, it does not matter, getting ready moments for both the bride and groom is very much special. That is the time when both of them feel that adrenaline rush and all those butterflies while getting ready for the big day as these are some of the few moments of their singlehood. 


For his wedding day groom look, Steven chose to wear a crisp white shirt with a three-piece beige-colored suit with black lapels. He paired his beige-colored blazer with black pants. To complete his overall look, Steven adorned himself with a black bow tie, pair of black loafers, and a beautiful white rose boutonniere. The golden strap watch indeed elevated his overall groom look. And how can we forget his heart-melting smile! That cute and adorable smile was something that can steal hearts in no time. In short, Steven looked nothing but extremely handsome and gentlemanly in his groom's look. It was really adorable to see Steven's best man helping him to get ready for the big day. These kinds of photos in a wedding portfolio never fail to showcase the love and the bond that guys share with each other.


Bride’s Getting Ready Moments

For a bride, her getting ready moment is indeed the most cherished and most enjoyable moment in the whole wedding celebration. Before our gorgeous bride slipped into her gorgeous wedding dress, she posed for some chill and fun moments at her lovely bridal party


All her beautiful bridesmaids in coral-blue satin robes while our lovely bride in white netted and beautifully floral applique robe raised a champagne toast for her happily ever after in the bridal suite. Our professional wedding photographers gracefully captured all these moments in the most amazing frames. One of the best parts about Leanna’s bridal party was that apart from lovely bridesmaids, there were two cute little and junior bridesmaids too! They all perfectly coordinated their robes and before it was the time for our bride to slip into her wedding dress and our bridesmaids into their lovely gowns and dresses, they all posed for one large group photo


Finally, the moment came and our gorgeous bride started to get ready for her big day! She first started with her hairdo and makeup. For her wedding day bridal look, Leanna chose to have a side-parted-up hairdo. Her beautiful hairdresser kept some hair flicks falling on the right side of her forehead whereas the other side was neatly and perfectly held with a beautiful stone-embedded hairpiece! Her nude bridal makeup look gracefully highlighted her lovely facial features. For her wedding day bridal dress, she opted for a beautiful A-line floral applique lace bridal dress with beautiful sleeves. The deep plunging neckline of Leanna’s wedding dress allows her to sophisticatedly flaunt her sexy and sensuous sides while making the statement. The open and detailed back design of Leanna’s wedding dress was something that caught everyone’s attention. She kept her bridal look very simple and elegant with no jewelry, just a beautiful hair accessory, and a long wedding veil. In every possible way, Leanna looked the epitome of true beauty. She looked just breathtaking when she was all dolled up to make her way down the aisle toward the love of her life. We just loved the way Leanna's maid-of-honor helped her look fantastic on her wedding day. It’s such a cute and pretty photo, we must tell you! 


When a bride gets ready for her bid day, it’s not her, but all her lovely ladies also get the chance to pose for some beautiful pictures with the bride before she says “I do” and amongst themselves too. Leanna’s bridesmaids took full advantage of the moment and posed for some bridesmaid pictures while our lovely bride was getting ready for her big day celebration. All the bridesmaids color-coordinated the outfit and chose to slip into beige-colored long satin gowns whereas the cute and adorable younger bridesmaids wore white dresses and looked so pretty together while posing in a single frame with other bridesmaids. Not only the dress for Leanna’s big day, but her lovely bridesmaids also coordinated their manicures and also the golden bracelet that all of them were wearing on the wedding day.


The Big Moment of the Day “I Do” Moment

While our prettiest bride all dolled up looking glamorous and beautiful floats down the aisle with one hand holding her lovely white bridal bouquets and the other wrapped around her best man (who also looked pretty handsome), towards the love of her life, her heart throbbing groom excitedly waited for her at the wedding altar wearing a beautiful smile to die for! 


Standing at the wedding altar, all excited and nervous at the same time, our Chicago couple had a traditional wedding ceremony. Once they were pronounced officially married, they both leaned in for their first kiss, and our professional Chicago wedding photographer beautifully captured this romantic moment in a very loveable frame. 


Before our newly married couple and their team headed for the memorable wedding reception, they made the best of the moment and posed for some fun-filled wedding party photos overlooking the wedding altar. We all know that after the wedding ceremony, the wedding altar becomes the most desired backdrop for wedding photographs. Our couple kept their wedding altar very simple yet unique. They did not choose the usual wedding altar, instead, they chose a circular wedding altar garnished with white flowers and green accents on the diagonals. 


It’s Photo Time

Starting with some heartwarming family photos, our couples posed for pictures with their family members. After which they posed together as lovely portraits of newly married couples. Once their romantic couple portrait session was completed, it was time for our bridesmaids and groomsmen to take the stage and pose for some wedding party photographs. Our groom and his charming groomsmen looked incredible in coordinated black pant-suit with a coordinated boutonniere smiling all bright and wide. Whereas, on the other hand, our gorgeous ladies looked stunning when posed with our pretty bride in the beige-colored long satin gowns and white bouquets. A wedding portfolio is incomplete without some great and beautiful shots of the bride, or we say the bridal portraits. Well, our wedding photographers in and around Chicago, did a fantastic job in capturing our lovely bride in great frames! 


The Celebratory Wedding Reception

Our newly married couple made their beautiful entrance into their wedding reception together. Their yummy and luxurious four-tiered wedding cake was creatively adorned with beautiful flowers and with Mr. and Mrs. Campbell's cake topper gave a lot of wedding photography opportunities to our wedding photographers. Before they had their cake-cutting ceremony, they shared a sweet kiss which was captured by our professional Chicago wedding photographer. 


After their wedding cake cutting ceremony, they clinked their wine glasses and then head to the dance floor to share some beautifully practiced dance moves. Their first dance moment was really very heart-touching, especially when Steven shared the dance floor with one of her closest family members. She was crying with joy and so were our wedding photographers! 


So, this was all! This was the beautiful and memorable story of Leanna and Steve’s wedding day which has been beautifully narrated through pictures by none other than our talented team of wedding photographers in and around Chicago. If you also want your wedding pictures to shine out bright and always take you down the memory lane of your wedding day celebration, you can hire our extremely talented and professional wedding photographers and have endless memories from your big day to preserve and cherish for years to come! You can always count on us!


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