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Labor Day Wedding Plans That Are Unique And Refreshing!


We just can’t believe how fast this beautiful summer has flown by, and that it is almost time for Labor Day! Labor Day simply means one more day of family, fun, and festivities before the amazing and beautiful summer season ends. But, do you know that the Labor Day weekend is also one of the most popular times to get married? A Labor Day wedding has oodles of perks! After all, a three-day weekend is just a perfect time to host a prolonged wedding or an ideal weekend wedding celebration and offer endless fun, enjoyment, and a bucket full of memories to cherish for years to come to all your wedding guests! Planning a wedding on Labor Day also provides an extra day for your wedding guests to travel to and from your wedding day celebration. An ideal time for couples to have an ultimate fun-filled destination wedding in the desired location of their choice. A wedding planned on Labor Day indeed offers too much fun and opportunities for couples and wedding guests to enjoy every moment of the celebration. With three days of fun, food, friends, and family, a Labor Day wedding can be quite the event. So, if you are planning your wedding on Labor Day and looking out for some unique ideas to have a refreshing wedding on Labor Day, here are some of the ideas that we have curated only for you! Follow these amazing Labor Day wedding ideas, and have a wedding that is filled with fun, laughter, food, and of course, an amazing wedding photography experience! 


Make it A Weekend Wedding Celebration or A Mini-Vacation

We all know that a Labor Day wedding celebration is always a perfect occasion to have an amazing destination wedding weekend, or just simply a weekend wedding. There are endless ways to make use of Labor Day and have all the fun and blast for your Labor Day-inspired wedding. If you planning a destination weekend wedding you can choose a location like beautiful Aspen as it will not only double the fun and will give a fantastic and perfect mini-getaway vibe to all your wedding guests but will allow ample time to all your invited wedding guests in your wedding schedule to do other things that they like and relish! Not only limited to Aspen, you can consider the beautiful beaches of Florida to have a romantic beach-inspired weekend wedding, or can consider a destination wedding on picturesque mountains, or even a wedding by a lake is also a great idea. All these kinds of wedding venues will give endless photography opportunities to our talented wedding photographers to capture stunning wedding pictures with astounding backdrops. Giving this kind of flexibility to your wedding guests will actually make them happy and your wedding guests will be less likely to mind giving up their holiday weekend to be a part of your wedding celebration. As with the Labor Day Weekend, the wedding is that all your wedding guests will be giving up the potential vacation to come and celebrate the most special day of your life with you. And, documenting a destination weekend wedding is always blissful for our professional wedding photographers as it gives them endless opportunities to be creative with their wedding shots. To make your Labor Day more fun and an unforgettable experience for your wedding guests you can consider providing them with local trips in their welcome baskets or can also think of scheduling a group outing to explore the nearby attractions of your wedding destination. 


Make Sure There Are a Lot of Activities Planned for Your Guests to Enjoy Every Moment

Well, it is absolutely true that when you are planning a weekend wedding, there needs to be a lot of planning especially around the activities. To keep all your wedding guests entertained and excited throughout the weekend and of course throughout the wedding celebration, there should be a good lot of activities that you and your partner need to plan. Activities should be engaging that keep all your wedding guests occupied throughout your weekend wedding celebration so that when they head back, they go with endless go and happy memories of your weekend wedding. There should be fun activities days before and after the wedding celebration. So, if you take our first tip, then there will be endless things for your wedding guests to do. Like, you can plan a waterpark picnic or a theme park picnic with your wedding guests. For all your adventurous wedding guests, you can plan hiking or backpacking to the nearest location (it is the best fun activity idea for couples who are planning a mountain wedding). Other adventurous activities include white water rafting and tubing. For your elderly wedding guests, you can consider having a guided tour to nearby locations. These kinds of fun activities will not only keep all your wedding guests busy, but will also give the two families, and friends tons of time to meet, hang out, bond, and chill together! 


Bring In Delicious Summer Food to Your Wedding Day Menu

While you will be planning for your Labor Day wedding, summers will be on the verge of bidding everyone goodbye till the next year! So, it is indeed the best time for you to borrow the best of backyard parties for your Labor Day wedding menu. It is a great time to make your wedding day menu vibrant and also to bring in some of your favorite treats to offer all your wedding guests to have some of the best summer faves at your Labor Day wedding! If you want your wedding day menu quite casual, you can consider bringing in some burgers, some delicious fried chicken, and some delicious BBQ. You can also consider serving summer cocktails to all your wedding guests in the form of popsicles and beautiful colorful drinks or lemonade to keep them fresh throughout the celebration. Well, these colorful summer wedding cocktails will also look great in your wedding portfolio, as they do give great photography opportunities to our talented wedding photographers. You can even consider serving your meal in a picnic-style, for the ultimate summer ambiance. This kind of food menu will indeed make a great rehearsal dinner or for something more casual!


Don’t Forget to Plan For Shelter From Sun For Your Wedding Guests

Who does not like the summer sun? I guess everyone loves the golden sparkle offered by the summer sun. not only does it illuminate the entire setting, but also gives endless photography opportunities to our creative wedding photographers to capture mind-blowing wedding photos in the natural light. While it is beautiful to embrace the summer sun, don’t forget to have some shelter for your wedding guests. To offer the best of both the world to your wedding guests for your Labor Day wedding, you can plan to have some part of your wedding day celebrations indoors like the wedding ceremony, while other celebrations like the cocktail hour and the wedding reception, outdoors under the twinkling lights! This way your wedding guests will get the opportunity to enjoy both the settings and have endless fun! This allows all guests to stay cool, especially if you have any elderly family attending.


Know How To Tie In Red and Blue To Bring in The True Labor Day Vibe

We know that you have already planned your memorable wedding day in your head since your sweetheart has popped the most awaited question you have been waiting to be asked for, and you have said yes in revert to that question. Since that beautiful diamond ring is shining bright on your ring finger, all the thoughts of your wedding day are getting in your head. But, if you have always dreamed of that dreamy wedding with all the reds, blues, and white, it is time that you need to reconsider as now you are planning your wedding on Labor Day weekend. You might need to reconsider going for those lovely dark blue bridesmaids' dresses for your wedding day. As everyone knows about the weekend, having a Labor Day-themed wedding is very different than simply having your wedding over the long weekend. If you have already envisioned a red, white, and blue color for your wedding day, then you can go for it by all means! But, make sure you are separating it from the holiday. All you have to do is to be careful about how you are bringing or tying red and blue together for your wedding day decor. Just a pro tip here, use them sparingly. You can consider bringing in dusty light blue or ocean blue color to your Labor Day wedding decor. The other wedding decor elements like the tablecloth linens and other such times will be the centerpiece of your wedding day decor and should be more neutral. This way you will be able to maintain the balance between the blue and red wedding decor. Bring in your desired colors to your Labor Day wedding decor, without going overboard. 


Decorate Your Labor Day-themed With Summer Blooms

With your Labor Day wedding, summers will be on the edge of saying goodbye. So, let your wedding guests enjoy the last of the season in every possible way. You can consider bringing in the seasonal summer flowers to your wedding day floral decor. Summers are surely for dahlias, zinnias, and clematis flowers. Bring them to your wedding day decoration and make your wedding day photographs more vibrant and colorful. 


Offer the Option of a Self-Serve Bar to All Your Wedding Guests

Having the facility of the self-serve bar on your wedding day will surely make your wedding guests very much happy and excited. Self-serve bars are always great fun during your wedding day cocktail hour. Allow your wedding guests to make themselves a gin or some rum cocktail, or can help themselves with some sangria and mimosas. If you are on a budget wedding, you can also consider creating your own beer station, with some local craft brews on tap for your wedding guests to quench their summer thirst in the best possible way! Just a piece of advice here, don’t make it too DIY and allow yourself to hire bartenders standing by to do the heavy lifting when requested, in order to avoid the fuss over the bar counter. 


Summer Patterns Are a Must Include in Your Labor Day themed-Wedding

A wedding on Labor Day or around is a great chance to bring in endless summer vibes. As nothing says summer quite like seersucker or gingham! You can easily bring them on your wedding day table decor as napkins or runners for a grown-up feel, or you can just simply ask your sweetheart or your lovely ladies in pretty summer checks to bring in the authentic summer vibe to your summer Labor Day-themed wedding. It will also give great and vibrant details to our professional wedding to capture fabulous wedding pictures in great frames. 


Have a Pie Bar To Offer Some Sweet Memories and Experience to Your Wedding Guests

A wedding day without a dessert table is not complete. And having a pie bar is not only a great option to bring some uniqueness to your wedding day celebration, but it is also guests' favorite. Pies are always loved. Also, having a pie bar happens to be perfect for your beautiful and sweet Labor Day wedding, without any doubt. You can consider mixing up full-size fruit pies with pie pops and bite-size pies and can also display them creatively on a pretty wedding day dessert table. And how about the idea of sending all your wedding guests home with a mini pie favor? Well, it’s great, right? Mini pie favors will not only be unique but also be the most loved wedding favors by all your wedding guests! 


Don’t Forget to Bring in A Little Bit of Holiday

After all, all your friends and family members did forgo a holiday to celebrate with you! Well, it is always nice to harness a little bit of that Labor Day spirit to your wedding day celebration without going over the board. To bring in a little Labor Day vibe to your wedding day celebration, you can consider having a photo booth with festive props, like star sunglasses or red, white, and blue scarves, so that your wedding guests can pose with them and feel the vibe of the holiday. These kinds of cute photos will surely add the vibe of the holiday to your wedding portfolio in the most beautiful way! In fact, you can also consider ending the most special and memorable night of your life with some sparklers for everyone. A perfect moment for late-night photography sessions


Can Also Bring in the Patriotic Touches

Just like the wedding happening on July 4th, if you are planning a Labor Day wedding, you can bring in the authentic touch of red, white, and blue and have lots of fun! Bringing in the touch of these colors will also make your wedding day look vibrant and holiday-themed. Rather than going all out with the Labor Day wedding theme, just try including these shades in a very subtle way. The ways are endless. Like you can go with red cocktails with some blueberry garnishes or even for a naked red and blue wedding velvet cake to break the trend of having a white wedding cake and outcome the chic and trendy bride. These ideas are indeed fun and also creative ways to bring the patriotic touch to your Labor Day-themed wedding celebration!


Summing everything up, all we want to say is that there are certainly many ways to successfully have a holiday-themed wedding, especially a wedding on Labor Day! Well, with any holiday-themed wedding, preparation is the key. The only and the biggest difference while planning a holiday wedding is that you just need to be a little more considerate of your wedding guests! Just initiate them beforehand about your wedding celebration, and bring a little bit of holiday sparkle to your holiday-themed wedding for unforgettable and the best photography opportunities! 


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