Kyle & Hannah’s Inspiring Indianapolis Wedding

Just like the brightest rainbow comes after the strongest shower, we saw some recent weddings in Indianapolis which filled our hearts with a ray of hope and kissed us with the promise of a better tomorrow. If you are a newly engaged couple who are planning a post COVID wedding while staying indoors amidst the global coronavirus health crisis, hold on strong for a little longer. 


Who would have thought that you need to swap aromatic candles and sweets for hand sanitizers and face masks as your typical wedding favors? That instead of reading bridal magazines and going shopping with your bridesmaid's gang for getting a crisp white wedding dress, you will be looking at small wedding ideas and reading social distancing guidelines for weddings after COVID?

If you are sick of hearing phrases like 'this is the new normal' and 'we are in this together', we are here to lift your moods and spirits with the wedding photos from this recent wedding in Indianapolis that gives a bear hug to our worrisome hearts. While planning a post-COVID wedding ceremony and reception, just remember that it is just your plans for the big day that will slightly change, while your love and excitement will forever remain intact. So, if you are planning a summer barbecue in your backyard with your closest friends and family, or live streaming your living room wedding ceremony to your loved ones, our Indianapolis wedding photographers will surely do justice to your beautiful day. A wedding like this needs to be commemorated in the best way possible for coming generations to see and feel inspired to stay in love no matter what. 


While we are constantly being bombarded with bad news clips one after another, this Indianapolis couple- Kyle and Hannah tied the knot in an intimate wedding setting in Indianapolis like a fresh breath of air. The wedding photos of this newly married couple in Indianapolis are just the positive proof that we all needed to remind ourselves how the only things that keep us together in adverse times are unending love and faith.


Love can truly shine through piercing glass ceilings, no matter what we are facing, and this recent Indianapolis post-COVID wedding ceremony and reception is just a reminder of that. Even if saying 'I do' or exchanging your wedding bands are not going to be exactly as you visualized it to be, the show must go on and just like neighborhood fairs and ice cream socials have been replaced by virtual get-togethers, your post COVID wedding shall have its own set of unique memories.


Hannah and Kyle decided to get hitched in the Midwest city of Indianapolis that looks like an artist's canvas lying on the shores of Lake Michigan. Turning a situation like this into a memorable and sweet moment, our Indianapolis couple chose The Loft at Walnut Hill wedding venue in Bedford to mark the new beginning. The professional photography session of this wedding day looked like a daydream as the rolling hills and the sprawling meadows of a cattle farm wove a countryside romance in the Loft at Walnut Hill wedding photos. 


The summer of 2020 will surely be remembered by all of us, as the sun shone a little brighter on the 6th of June at The Loft at Walnut Hill wedding venue in Indianapolis. While following social distancing guidelines and proceeding with a very small gathering of around 150 guests, Hannah and Kyle showed nothing but only excitement and thrill to start their new life together, sending a message of optimism to every couple planning their post COVID weddings in Indianapolis. 


Located in a quaint little hamlet in Bedford, Indianapolis, The Loft at Walnut Hill is an amazing wedding venue that swept Hannah off her feet the very first time she saw it. Attached with a pretty bridal suite for the bridal party, a climate-controlled kitchen, and marvelous wedding event spaces for hosting both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions, this Indianapolis wedding venue housed the wonderful wedding of this lovestruck couple. 


The Loft at Walnut Hill wedding photos clearly showed how our wedding photographers in Indianapolis did a tremendous job of capturing this unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception. The wedding day started with the bride getting ready for her big day and the splendidly detailed shots orchestrated with the entire positive atmosphere. Before the guests started flowing in for the wedding ceremony, our professional wedding photographers took great shots ranging from the gorgeous bridal shoes and wedding bands put together, to the stunning bridesmaid dresses hung together against the glass wall. The bridesmaid gang posed for some candid bridesmaids group photography both in the bridal suite as well as the ceremony grounds, that turned out to be remarkable keepsakes for their wedding album. 


Our wedding photographers in Indianapolis did an astounding job by capturing the bride and her mother as they posed for some beautiful mother-daughter portraits. The candid moments filled with precious emotions where the bride's mother tucked the crisp white wedding dress for the jaw-dropping bridal portraits, every wedding photo looked straight out of postcards clicked somewhere over the rainbow. 


Hannah put on her backless fit and flare wedding dress, with a scooped sweetheart neckline adorned with chantilly and guipure lace. The chic bridal gown was teamed with a cathedral veil that was tucked on her side-parted loosely braided hair, and the light day makeup and minimalistic jewelry made her jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The cascade rose bridal bouquet complemented her impressive bridal look along with her sweet smile that never left her face throughout her wedding day. 


Kyle, our handsome groom looked dashing in his gray suit, teamed with a crisp white shirt, a light peach bow tie and pocket square, a yellow rose boutonniere, and brown derby shoes. The designer bridesmaid dresses naturally augmented Hannah's remarkable bridal look as they wore a light peach-colored fit and flare chiffon dresses embellished with sequins. The groomsmen rocked the dressing game with similar gray suits, white shirts, and peach bow ties.


The love between Kyle and Hannah radiated beyond measure as they exchanged their wedding vows at the ceremony site of this classic wedding venue, set against the sprawling natural landscape settings. The entire atmosphere reverberated with love and emotions, that looked nothing short of a fairytale! 


Looking straight out of inspirational stock photos, the beautiful Indianapolis couple took the opportunity to pose for some striking couple portraits without missing the multitude of photo opportunities at this traditional and intimate Indianapolis wedding venue. They were shortly joined by the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, and our talented wedding photographers in Indianapolis suburbs went on to click some remarkable group wedding portraits set against the scenic countryside charm.


As the day came to an end, bright moods and candid laughter at the wedding reception hall engulfed the entire ambiance that turned out to be bewildering keepsakes for the wedding album. As Hannah and Kyle took steps for their first dance together as newlyweds, our professional Indianapolis suburbs wedding photographers snapped the beautiful duo and their close family and friends watching them with sheer delight and precious emotions. The wedding photos snapped displayed the heartfelt moments from the father and daughter dance, the mother and son dance, the nuances and candid moods of their close ones along with the beautiful two-tiered wedding cake.


Hannah and Kyle planned their post-COVID wedding reception and ceremony, without changing the original wedding date and by not letting the pandemic situation get into their way of celebrating their love. Instead of wallowing in a wine-soaked pity party, they decided to follow social distancing guidelines for their wedding guests and arranged for masks and hand sanitizer stations at the wedding venue, and hence, this newly married Indianapolis couple showed how proper wedding planning is the only antidote to fear. Our Indianapolis wedding photography team too kept their best vibes intact throughout the wedding, while wearing masks and using hand sanitizers and hence keeping safety as their top priority.

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