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Gorgeous Bridal Tiaras That We Are Swooning Over


Every love story is unique, which is why we believe that your wedding should be as unique as your love story! To give your wedding a special flavor, you not only need to plan a dazzling reception party, a spectacular cocktail hour, but also plan a romantic wedding ceremony along with your bridal look! Today, we’re all about your wedding look! To help you execute the perfect wedding, with your unique additions, we have some brilliant ideas to complete your bridal look! One of the ideas that we love when it comes to bridal looks, is with stunning bridal tiaras! Looking for different kinds of bridal tiaras that will look just right on you, and how to support the headgear? We have you covered! Before we get into styling tips, here are some gorgeous tiaras to consider: 


Floral Tiaras! 


When it comes to accessories, there’s no better accessory than beautiful flowers! If you’re looking to improve your wedding ideas, all the while looking like a princess out of a fairytale, then floral tiaras are the perfect way to go about it! Weddings look beautiful with wonderful floral additions, and your hair and bridal look should be no exception! If you’re loving the look with flowers and floral tiaras, then one of the best ways to make this idea is to use the season’s best colors! For example, if you’re getting married in spring, then making use of peach, yellow, powder blue and powder pink will work for you! For a spring floral tiara, you can make use of peonies, camellia, dogwood, pink tulip, sweet pea, or Bluestar flowers to weave a tiara. Apart from that for summer, you can make use of a bold sunflower with greenery to add the perfect touch of summer to your wedding day look! However, you can also make use of other seasonal flowers, if you can find them, as the pieces of your floral tiara and give your headgear a creative twist. Also, if you’re not sure of the colors, you can either use the wedding theme colors or go with neutral colors for flowers you want to use as a tiara.


Greenery-laden Tiaras


After flowers, we love the idea of a tiara made of foliage and greenery. One of the ideas that we love the most is to make use of the greenery that you’re using as your wedding’s accents. This will help you complete your wedding decor and will help you maintain symmetry in the wedding decor details! Greenery is an eternal favorite for a whimsical wedding, be it the wedding ceremony or the decor details of the cocktail hour, we can’t get enough of it. And that is why we believe that tiaras should be no exception! If you’re going for a voluminous bridal bouquet, try to pair it with a dazzling thin greenery tiara. And if your wedding gown is minimalistic, and has rose gold details, you can pair the dress with a wonderful halo tiara and add some peach buds with blooming peach flowers! And if you’re in the mood for a festive season look, how about imbibing the beauty of a wreath for your headgear? Use holly and lots of greenery to add more drama to your wedding style! Another greenery–inspired tiara that we love is the one with olive leaves! You can use the olive leaves in their wonderful natural look, or you could add a Roman twist to the tiara by spray painting the leaves with shimmering gold paint! Better yet, you can even have the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear the gold-rimmed olive leaf tiaras! 


Gold Leaf Tiaras


If you’re looking to don a regal look on your wedding day, then a gorgeous gold leaf tiara is what you need. Gold leaf tiaras are a symbol of regal beauty, and that has been so for years. Gold leaf tiaras can be designed to your liking. Apart from that, what we love about the gold leaf tiara is that not only does this make for an amazing accessory for your wedding ceremony, but also looks flamboyantly amazing at the reception party! For your bridal tiara, you can choose a thin tiara, or one that is filled with gold leaves. The delicate gold leaves add a touch of color and otherworldly beauty to your wedding dress. Gold leaf wedding tiaras are wonderful for fall weddings and for fall-inspired wedding outfits, as they mimic nature’s vibe. You can even make this tiara shine by adding some rhinestones to it. Adding rhinestones to the leaf tiara is always an option if you already have a wedding dress with glitter or sequins woven in it. If you want to add an even better touch, you can look for a gold leaf crown! Furthermore, if you’re great with crafts, you can add a DIY touch to your wedding with a DIY gold wedding tiara! And for an even more majestic look, you have gold-leaf bands tacked to your wedding dresses’ midsection and a similar crown as headgear. However, this idea works best with minimally designed wedding gowns. For ornate wedding dresses, you can choose a minimally designed gold leaf tiara


Snowy Wedding Tiaras!


A winter wedding with dazzling snow-white and winter-esque touches of wedding details calls for a bridal tiara that not only fits the bill but also looks mesmerizingly wonderful. A snowy wedding tiara with dazzling white pearls, beautiful rhinestones, and shimmering crystals will be just right to build the fairytale winter wedding theme! To add colors to your winter wedding to make the decor and ambiance vibrant, use winter colors like cream, gray, gold, green, red, and white. However, to make your stunning bridal tiara look even better, you can pair it with a stylish wedding gown. You can wear a sweetheart neckline, a mermaid wedding gown, or a tulle wedding dress! Apart from this, you can even look into veils! A delicate crystal and snow-white-inspired tiara will feel right at home with a veil. You can look into different styles for your wedding gown and then choose the right type of wedding veil. Another way to use a snowy wedding tiara with your wedding gown is to fix the crown, and then braid some dazzling jewels to your hair to add the finishing touch of muted glow to your sparkling headgear. You can wear an ornate wedding tiara with an updo, or leave your hair down to flow in the air.


Lace Tiaras!


Want to feel and look like nothing short of royalty? If the answer to that question is a yes, then how about a lace crown-like tiara? When it comes to feeling like royalty on your wedding day, this is one of the best kinds of tiaras to don on your wedding day! The lace tiara can be paired with pearls and rhinestones! What we love the most about this kind of tiara is that it looks just as pretty with board lace tiaras as it does for the thin ones! The versatility of these tiaras is what we love! The thing is, you can make use of different accessories to add to it;  you can add pearls, flowers, and berries to improve on the look! Other than that, you can even add some sprigs and buds to add a tropical touch to your lace tiaras. You can improve the look with other additions as well. If you’re looking for a warm Christmas look, then you can use a lace strip, with holly and mistletoe, with deep red flowers! And if you’re looking for a cool summer blue-themed tiara, then you can use blue summer flowers, like morning glow, cornflower, or lobelia. You can even add some brilliantly styled bridal veils, like elbow-length veils, birdcages, or veils styles that picture beautifully.


Executing a Tiara-laden Wedding Look: Things to Add to Your Wedding Outfit!


Wedding crowns and tiaras, in any style, add a regal touch to your look. After you know which bridal tiara you want to add to your wedding style and look, you’ll need more additions to complete your wedding look! To complete your princess-like wedding look with a bridal tiara (or crown!), here are some ideas to help you out:


  1. Pick the Perfect Bridal Hairstyle

To complete your wedding day glam, you’ll need the perfect bridal hairstyle. The bridal tiara and crown add vivid details to your hair and face, and to match the look you’ll need a gorgeous bridal hairstyle to complete the look! The best part about tiaras and crowns is that it looks great on short and long hair. For long hair, you can look into some beautiful updos or half up and half down hairstyles for your bridal look. For shorter hair, you can use simple hairstyles like loose wavy hairstyles, or go for a sleek chic middle parting. However, leave your hair in its natural style, with a tiara to elevate your hairstyle! If you have short hair, and you crave the long hair bridal look, don’t be shy when it comes to trying out some hair extensions! 


  1. Add a Fresh Look with the Right Make-up


When it comes to completing your bridal look, you will need to pair it with the right make-up. The best way to make your headgear shine and take the spotlight is to don a brilliantly fresh look! Going heavy on the eyes, and adding simple touches to your cheeks and some highlights to your cheekbones will give you a regal glow-up! If you’re unsure of which make-up style will be the perfect fit for your wedding day, you can try some different looks. The easiest way to choose the right make-up for your wedding day is to choose a make-up artist, purchasing the tiara you love and want to wear on your wedding day. After you have made arrangements, try out different looks and wear your tiara, and the veil (if you plan to wear it on your wedding day), and see if it looks great. To know that you’re judging the look perfectly, try to wear a white dress, or put on your wedding dress! 


  1. The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Outfit Idea


When you’re planning a wedding, and you want to look your best, your surroundings should reflect the same! Not only does the wedding theme play a role in the output, but also what the bridal party and the groomsmen wear! Before the wedding day approaches, you should decide the kind of cozy bridesmaid dresses you’d love, and will complement your bridal look! Next, if you’re wearing a wonderful tiara, you can have similar tiaras for the flower girls as well! This will blend the styles and make them complete. For groomsmen, you can look for boutonnieres and a tiara as well! Although ornate groom tiaras look something out of a fairytale, make sure that you speak to your partner before you decide on the groom’s tiaras as a style for your wedding. If your partner is not comfortable with the idea, you can use a brilliant tiara yourself, that looks just as beautiful! 


Whether you pair your tiara with a braided look or you choose to let your hair flow free during the day, a tiara will add style to your wedding. To make your wedding a joyous celebration of love, apart from planning the wedding seating arrangements and events, plan some fun activities for adults and children, alike, to enjoy together. This will help you create memories of the day, and simultaneously will help you leave an enduring mark on your guests! But to get there, make sure you start early and discuss the details with your partner. To set the tone for your royal celebration of love, make sure that you set the tone with your engagement photos and wedding invitations. Then, the last thing to do is to come up with your ideas, make the bookings for the day and have a rehearsal dinner to see how your plans come together.  We hope that the bridal look ideas we listed above help you find a look that you love and enjoy!


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