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Delicious Vegan Appetizers And Hors-Doeuvres For Your Wedding Day


A wedding is a joyous occasion, and what better way to explore it with your guests than with food? A great wedding menu for your wedding day, will not only make you enjoy your day but will also have your guests craving more. Creating a wedding menu may sound difficult, especially if you have some specific requirements, like being vegan. If you’re looking to have a vegan wedding menu, then you’d probably wonder about what to include, and how to manage a wedding menu? Well, before we jump into how to create a vegan wedding menu, you should consider learning about how to throw a wedding with vegan food options. One of the first things you may think about is the question, “Do I need to tell my guests about the all-vegan wedding menu?” While that is a valid concern, you don’t have to tell your wedding guests that you’re throwing a wedding with only vegan options from appetizers to the main course. See, the thing is your wedding guests know, and they will know if you or your partner or both follow a plant-based diet. As close as your wedding guests are, you should not stress about letting them know of the vegan wedding menu. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about some lip-smacking vegan appetizer ideas and delicious hors-d'oeuvres.

Wedding Appetizers: Some Great Ideas to Include in your Wedding Menu

To make it easy for you to decide on the wedding menu options, we’re dividing the blog into two sections. Under this section, we’ll only discuss vegan appetizers, and some tips on how to serve them at your wedding.

  1. Hummus and Pita Chips

Hummus and pita chips are one of the most loved food items around the world. This Mediterranean snack is an exceptionally healthy option and is loved by pretty much everyone. Even meat lovers love this combination. Apart from that, what we like about this vegan option for your wedding menu is that it works amazingly for an outdoor wedding just as well as it would work for an indoor wedding! Firstly, pita chips are light, and you can always carry pita chips dipped in hummus in a small cup to enjoy munching as you stroll. Another reason why we feel that this combination is the perfect choice for any vegan couple is that hummus and pita chips are delicious, but don’t make you feel full. And that makes this the perfect wedding appetizer. To help your guests taste different flavors, you can add differently flavored hummus to your wedding menu. Apart from the regular hummus recipe, you can have a few more options. Additionally, apart from serving with pita chips, you can also add celery, cucumber, etc. If you want your guests to carry hummus and the edibles as they walk, you can have small cups. You can personalize the cups with the last names.

  1. Loaded Mushrooms

When we say loaded mushrooms, we mean shredded vegetables, some spices, and cheese! And yes, the recipe should include vegan cheese! Loaded mushrooms are one of our all-time favorites for the fact that they are delicious and bite-sized. Another reason why we love mushrooms is that these are a great source of vitamins, and protein and are a great substitute for your meaty options! You can serve these at your wedding simply, stuffed mushroom bites for everyone to enjoy. Or you can create small bowls with stuffed mushrooms for your wedding guests, and have them served to your wedding guests at your wedding. You can use the wedding theme colors as the colors for your bowls, this will help you manage the synchronicity of the wedding colors.

  1. Vegan Skewers

Is there a better way to enjoy a wedding than to have a BBQ? If you’re looking to throw a BBQ-themed wedding or a reception party that happens outdoors, then veggie skewers are the best way to amp up the celebrations. Easy to eat and delicious, this vegan addition to your wedding will double down as snacks and appetizers! You can add a host of vegetables to improve the wedding food options! What’s more, you can also enhance your wedding’s look by adding more to the ambiance by including beautiful wedding food stations just for your appetizers. A great way to enhance your wedding guest’s experience with your wedding menu is to serve some appetizers to your guests and open the wedding appetizer bar for the wedding guests to enjoy the appetizers whenever they want during the wedding. You can have a selection of different vegetables and have a DIY BBQ section as well if you’re throwing an outdoor summer wedding.

  1. Vegan Crispy Bites

The last option on our delicious vegan wedding appetizers is crispy veggie bites! You can use pretty much any vegetable that can be chopped up in small bite sizes and fried. If you’re not in the mood to have them deep-fried in oil, you can always have them fried in air fryers. With that, you won’t only have an amazing vegan snack option, but you’ll also have something for the children. When you’re planning a wedding, and want the kids to enjoy the food as much as the adults, this vegan appetizer will help you out! Children love everything crispy and fried, so this can have them enjoy their meals as well! Along with that, you can also have the crispy vegan bites plated for children, while the adults can choose which crispy bites they’d like to taste or have.

  1. Vegan Jalapeno Poppers

A great way to add more flavors to your appetizers is to have jalapeno poppers for your wedding! You can choose to serve some amazing Jalapeno poppers with different dips to help your guests try out different flavors. There are two ways to have these served to your guests! What’s more, you can have baked jalapeno poppers served as appetizers. Next, you can also serve them with vegan pasta or any other dish at the wedding dinner. Another way to get this right, you can look at different forms of fillings, which will help you add more flavors to the wedding menu! For example, you can use a filling made of vegan cottage cheese and herbs, or cream cheese and onion powder!

Wedding hors d’oeuvre: Some Great Ideas to Include in your Wedding Menu

Now that we’re done with some delicious wedding appetizers, let’s take the time to talk about some lip-smacking vegan hors d’oeuvre for your wedding:

  1. All Things Vegan Pizza

Let’s start with a universal favorite, shall we? A vegan pizza is the perfect hors d’oeuvre because it works well with pretty much any kind of wedding cocktail menu and drinks! What’s more, this will also work for a winter wedding and a cuppa of hot chocolate! So, what we mean is that vegan pizzas are not only colorful, aromatic, and delicious but also can be used as snacks throughout the wedding! Another reason to have vegan pizza as hors d’oeuvre is you can try to experiment with the flavors to match it with different drinks. What’s more, everyone can enjoy the pizza. Additionally, you can also have different toppings, and give your wedding guests some amazing options!

  1. Smoky Beans on Toast

Add a yummy bite to your menu with this treat! What we love the most about this wedding menu addition is that it has the crunch of an amazing toast, but also the deliciousness of beans, veggies, and potatoes! You can have smoked beans plastered over a perfect toast and have them served to your wedding guests. These delicious pieces of bread paired with the neutralizing taste of beans will have your guests coming back for more. What’s more, you can add other veggies as well. You can tweak the taste by adding some tahini in the smoky bean paste you’ll want on the toast and cayenne powder! Or you could add some cubed potatoes to the recipe.

Another take on Smoky Beans on Toast: If you want to add variation to this option, instead of using a loaf of bread as the base, you can add the paste on scrumptious hash browns. The only catch here is to ensure that the hash browns are crispy so that they can work as the perfect substitute for a toast! Another way to add more variety is to try adding avocados as well!

  1. Flavorsome Eggplant Roll-Ups!

There are different variations to having this served at your wedding party. One of the best ways to have these served without the sauce. The dry variant serves as the perfect finger food, making it a great fit for a delicious wedding hors d’oeuvre. Inspired by the Italian-style dish, called eggplant rollatini, this dish includes thin slices of eggplant, which are rolled up with different kinds of fillings. You can have these served at your wedding, beautifully arranged in a bowl. You can have different bowls, with different flavors. Additionally, you can add beautifully designed cards to specify the flavors in the roll-ups. The lettering on the cards that show what fillings the roll-ups have can be similar or from the same font family for your wedding stationery. What’s more, if you want to add some more flavors to the eggplant roll-ups, then how about grilling them? You can also have some delicious herby sauces and dips served with the roll-ups! Another way to serve this recipe at your wedding is to make it as lasagne!

  1. Tofu hors d’oeuvre with Beet Hummus

Looking for a colorful and perfect addition to your choice of hors d’oeuvre for your wedding, then we have just the thing for you! You can have this dish, a place for your guests to marvel at and enjoy! This recipe is not only great looking but also tastes amazing. The unique dish does not even need colors to make it look as pretty! You can use baked vegan tofu and add beet hummus to the tofu. For garnishing, you can dip a vegetable in the hummus and have it placed on top of the tofu artfully. Apart from that, you can also choose to serve this with hummus on top!

  1. The Popular Crudites!

Crudites are one of the most-loved hors d’oeuvre, and rightfully so. The thing is that there are many options when it comes to this dish! You can have a gorgeous crudite platter for your wedding, with some mouth-watering dips to help your guests enjoy the different flavors! You can have the vegetables arranged a few hours before the wedding to make the platters look perfect and have them ready to go! You can have this platter with some fresh vegetable slices, beans, carrots, celery, and whatever you like placed on a platter served with tangy hummus. Apart from the veggie pile-up, you can have the vegetables chopped in round shapes, and then design a mosaic-like confetti platter of crudites.

  1. Vegan Vegetable Tarts!

The last option on our list is some colorful vegetable tarts! The reason why we love this idea so much is that it comes with the crunchiness of veggies with a delicate base! The different vegetables you’ll have on these tarts will add more colors to your wedding decor and look! The veggies you’ll add to the tart can be roasted or sauteed! You can roast the veggies with olive oil, and drizzle some on top of the tart to make it look stunning. You can garnish the roasted veggies with salt and pepper. Another way to make it look just perfect is to use it on a large loaf of flatbread! You can cut small cubes to serve them as tarts! Another way to serve it is as mini tarts, with a fluffy bottom! To finish this recipe off, you can cream cheese on top and sprinkle some herbs. Cream cheese, olive oil, or hummus will only enhance the veggie tarts’ flavors, and make your wedding guests come back for more! 

When you’re planning your wedding menu, you should consider looking into different options. You can decide to have a wedding with an all-vegan menu or you can choose to have vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan options, which will let you have something for everything. Apart from the ideas that we put down for you above, you can try out other wedding day menu options. If you want to give every kind of wedding guest the perfect experience at your wedding, then you should consider adding three variations of the same recipe. Let’s take the example of the eggplant roll-ups, you can have a variety of flavors. You can have an option for your vegan wedding guests, an option for vegetarian wedding guests, and an option for your non-vegetarian wedding guests. However, before you make a decision, you should talk to your partner about it. Consider their opinion and discuss the idea of the perfect wedding, for the both of you, before you finalize your wedding menu.


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