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Chicago Love Stories Are Made Of Candid Moments And Youthful Happiness: Bill And Kelsey’s Engagement Photo Session


Around the end of September 2021, we had a chance to experience something unique. We love Chicago, the pretty skylines, and the wonderful city life. Chicago is always bubbling with something new to see, visit, and experience. Apart from that, we enjoy fall. During fall, there’s nothing better than spending a day outdoors, enjoying the sun playing peek-a-boo with the clouds, and the cool breeze lightly playing with the tree leaves. And on September 25th, 2021, we had the opportunity to explore Chicago with Kelsey and Bill on a breezy day. The two were freshly engaged, bubbling with love and happiness. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience of the things we truly love. After all, being in the presence of playful love makes everything better. The day of the engagement photo shoot in Chicago was just perfect, the weather was amazing, it was windy and the sun was shining, occasionally hiding behind the clouds. Before the outdoor engagement photo shoot, the couple met our engagement photographer and spoke about what they wanted. The two told our photographer that they may use one of the photos from the photo shoot for their wedding cards, but they weren’t sure yet. Also, they wanted to visit two places in the city, Belmont Harbor and a park in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The two told our photographer that they loved spending time in these places, because it allowed them to watch the pretty Chicago skyline, and they wanted to capture the beauty of the city during their engagement photo shoot


Chicago is a city of many colors, beautiful spaces, and artistic expressions. With many things to do, the city is best known as the Windy City, courtesy of the strong winds running through the city, which we absolutely love. But the truth behind the name has less to do with the winds, and more with the political scene. Chicago is full of vibrancy and is home to multiple things, including the first skyscraper and the industrial revolution, the city has so much to offer. One of the things that we love the most about this city is the fact that it is dotted with multiple waterfront locations and venues. What we love the most about this city is that the parks and outdoor spots have a picturesque view of the dreamy Chicago skyline, and are surrounded by nature! But that’s not all, Chicago also gives you the opportunity to enjoy delicious food items, like the amazing deep-dish pizza. Apart from that, the city is dotted with art museums showcasing the works of some of the most notable artists the world has ever seen and is the perfect home for a sports fanatic, the city comes to life during the baseball season! Owing to the beauty of the city, the amazing spots, and the buzzing ambiance, Kelsey and Bill said that they wanted to visit the Naperville Riverwalk to capture the pretty side of the city, and we were happy. And when the couple’s next choice of location for their engagement photo shoot was Belmont Harbor, we were elated. Both of the locations chosen by the couple were brilliant, these photo shoot locations in Chicago offer the best views of the city and capture the picturesque quality of the city without even trying. Both of these engagement photo shoot locations look amazing regardless of the season and the time of the day! The couple wanted to visit Belmont Harbor first, and then Lincoln Park. 


The two were brimming with excitement as the day began. The two had decided to dress casually for the engagement photo shoot. The two wanted to enjoy their time as they posed for the photos and looked glamorous, but they also wanted to be comfortable. To ensure that they look amazing, and have fun, Bill and Kelsey dressed up in contrasting colors. Bill chose to wear a dark blue shirt paired with steel gray pants. To finish his look, he added a leather belt and black shoes. To match her stylish fiance, Kelsey dressed up in a brilliant black blouse and paired it with a bright yellow skirt with floral prints. To finish her look for the day, she paired her outfit with black and beige flats. The wrap-around skirt Kelsey decided to wear turned out to be a great choice. Dressed for a great afternoon spent outdoors, the two made their way to the heart of Lincoln Park. Belmont Harbor is one of the coziest and nicest places in the city. A popular marina, this place helps you relax, take your boat out for a ride, or makes you wish you were on a boat. That aside, paved paths right next to the waterbody help you enjoy the pleasant city skyline.  


As the two were posing for their engagement photos, the wind kept whipping past Kelsey’s skirt, fluffing it up and making it look even prettier. The first location for the engagement photo session was perfect on that day, sometimes sunny, and cloudy other times. To make the day just right for an engagement photo session, the wind kept leaping out of the corners, playing with everyone’s hair, and whistling past the couple to make them more photographable! The late morning sun made the water sparkle and brightened the skyline behind. Before our photographer asked the couple to strike some romantic poses for their engagement photo shoot, our photographer took some candid photos. The two walked on along Lake Michigan, with the wind in their hair, smiling and simply enjoying each other’s presence. As the two enjoyed their time next to the water, overlooking the city skyline, our  Chicago engagement photographer took some brilliant candid photos. The candid photos turned out exceptionally well, their natural smiles, and happiness is easy to see. Then our photographer helped the two pose for some walking poses along the water body. 


As the couple was discussing the photo poses they wanted to try for their outdoor engagement photo session, the sun came out and shone brightly. Our photographer helped the two make the most of this moment and positioned themselves to take some photos of the two with water and the horizon in the background. Then, our engagement photographer helped the couple pose in front of the Chicago skyline. The tall buildings in the background added the much-needed city charm to their photos. Even with the tall buildings of the city in the background, Kelsey and Bill were shining through, taking up space in the urban cityscape-laden photo! As the two were walking by the water, talking about their wedding plans, and telling our photographer how excited they were for their photo shoot. Just then a wave crashed onto the shore, making Kelsey squeak, and hug Bill a little tighter. After a moment, both of them started laughing. Kelsey turned to our photographer and said, “This, these sprays of water, is the only reason why I chose to not wear heels today,” she smiled a little, and vocalized a little bit of her frustration. Our photographer took a photo as she hugged Bill and laughed, right after he took a candid photo. It was at this moment that the couple shared with our Chicago photographer that they were excited about their wedding, their plans had been coming along great. Kelsey talked about their plans for their wedding outfits. She told our photographer that she was not really sure about the wedding color palette, but they were sure of their wedding dress and groom’s wedding day suit


Before we left the harbor to walk to other areas of Lincoln Park, the two decided to take another short stroll by the shore. This time, Kelsey inched a little closer to the lake. Once in a while, she would stretch her arm out and make some shapes with her hands. As they walked toward the city skyline, our photographer took some amazing photos of the couple. The city skyline looked imposing in the backdrop, but the two lovebirds walking towards it, with arms wrapped around each other, were a sight to behold. Before leaving the harbor, the two posed for some amazing photos on the stairs around the harbor. As our photographer helped them pose for the camera, they couldn’t help but notice the childlike excitement and joy these two shared. Smiling to themselves, our photographer was quick to capture their happy smiles and natural expressions as they posed for the camera. 


After these photos, the couple was sure that they wanted to move on to the next location. Next on the list of the day's photo shoot locations was a park in Lincoln Park. The two had already decided that their Chicago engagement photo shoot will be centered around the natural beauty of the city. However, the two had always loved the city skyline, which is why they chose locations that gave them access to the skyline without the urban space. Bill and Kelsey, both, told our photographer that they loved Downtown Chicago as much as they loved the city parks, but they were looking to throw a quaint wedding and decided parks and lakes would be perfect for their photo shoot. As the two were leading our photographer to their chosen locations, they discussed the wedding dates, what photos they should take for their save-the-date cards, and their options for wedding venues. Hearing them talk, made our photographer feel that the two were highly invested and excited about their wedding, which only made our photographer feel that they were around love that wasn’t only beautiful but also bubbling with youth. And we couldn’t agree more, for Lincoln Park is synonymous with a youthful vibe and ambiance. As the beautiful neighborhood opened up to us, the lovely couple bounced along to their chosen spots! 


Finding a pavilion, a large one at that, overlooking the streets and portions of the park, Bill and Kelsey looked on to the city they loved, holding each other’s hand. As the two were looking over the city, our photographer asked them to slightly turn around and pose for the camera. The two gave our photographer a dazzling smile and slightly chuckled. Taking that as a sign of happiness, our photographer took some shots of the skyscrapers and the city skyline. The couple leaned on the stone banister, holding each other, sharing an intimate moment surrounded by the city, making it an impressive Instagramable engagement photo! Our photographer helped Kelsey and Bill strike some creative poses, some fun poses, and some conventional poses with the city in the backdrop. Then the couple walked down a staircase nearby, our photographer took some adorable photos of the two. It was amazing to see both of them smiling throughout the photo session at the park. After Bill and Kelsey came down the stairs, our photographer decided to switch up their photography style. Instead of focusing on capturing different poses, our photographer captured these two lovebirds in candid photos!


From capturing stolen kisses to love-filled pecks on the forehead, our photographer helped the couple be themselves and create timeless memories of the moment. Stopping every now and then to help the couple pose for some photos, our photographer told the couple that they looked happy and just perfect in the candid photos. The couple wanted to have some greenery in their photos as well, so our photographer took some candid photos of the couple as they happily played around a tree, like teenagers in love. Finding a picnic table, the couple sat down, to pose for some photos. As Kelsey was smiling into the camera, Bill gently placed a kiss on his fiance’s forehead, which made Kelsey smile brighter than the sun itself. She sprang to her feet and softly glided onto Bill’s lap to pose for another photo. Before calling it a day, the two walked to the flower-bearing trees. The white and baby pink flower buds added a picturesque quality to the photo. Right after our photographer took the photo with the flowers, Bill and Kelsey wanted to see how it turned out. Loving the photo, they posed for a few more photos near the flowers. Kelsey asked our photographer to take one last photo of the two at the edge of the park, with the lake in the middle of the park and the city. Smiling, our photographer loved the idea of capturing the best assets of the city with these two in the composition. With that last photo, the couple smiled and waved goodbye to our photographer, our photographer smiled and was washed over by a warm feeling, a feeling they couldn’t place. Our photographer could only feel that Bill and Kelsey's love was a lovely love story of a teenage dream blossoming into adulthood.


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