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Cathiana & Samuel’s Traditional Wedding Near Orlando


Nobody ever knows when and where they will find the love of their life but once it is found, all they could dream of spending every minute of their life together for the rest of their lives! Love can happen at any time. Sometimes, you just bump into people. You don’t have any clue. You just sit down with them at some café. The two of you sip on some coffee with whipped cream. And when she finishes her coffee, you lean with tissue paper to wipe some of it from her lips, and voilà the sudden realization hits, and you get to know that the cupid’s arrow is already through your heart! And from that moment, you get everything planned in your head! The way you will propose to your partner, what kind of ring you will give her, where you will have your engagement photography session, and lastly, when and where your wedding will take place! 


Talking about weddings, they are indeed the best time to celebrate a momentous commitment with the unconditional love that two souls feel for each other! Weddings are always happy and wonderful events in every couple’s life. And we feel really lucky to be in the business of creating and capturing memories of a couple’s special day in the best of frames. It is always a pleasure for our professional and affordable wedding photographers to document a couple’s wedding day in swoon-worthy frames. Tears of joy, laughter, and countless emotions, that is what weddings are made of.  And our talented wedding photographers are pro in capturing all these moments in the magical frames! A wedding day is not only about two people who are head over heels in love with each other getting married for the rest of their lives. It is also about the vows of love and spending a lifetime together watching endless sunsets and sunrises, the happiness on everyone’s face, uniting families, and having all your crazy and loving friends beside you wishing and showering their blessing on you! It is definitely a day with countless memories in making that you, your sweetheart, and all your wedding guests will never forget, and with magical wedding photographs captured by our affordable wedding photographers, we can assure you that you will be cherishing every moment of your wedding day forever! 


It is true that people are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we always team up and call it love! Love is indeed innocent, naive, and everything in between. Perfect is an ode to that innocent, reckless, naive love that our professional wedding photographers got captured at Samuel and Cathiana’s wedding in Orlando! As Maya Angelou once said, “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope!”. And just like this saying, our lovely couple dedicated to being with each other for the rest of their lives on June 12! For their wedding day, our couple- Samuel and Cathiana chose Orlando for their wedding destination and hired our professional Orlando wedding photographers to capture their memorable day in picture-worthy frames! 


It is absolutely true that tying the knot in Orlando is both exhilarating and a bit exhausting! This charming and leafy metropolis in Central Florida is home to absolutely luxurious and stunning wedding venues for unforgettable Orlando weddings. This region of exquisite Florida is blessed with warm weather throughout the year, and slightly more affordable and budget-friendly than the national average! Affectionately known as the ‘The City Beautiful’ this alluring city has no shortage of wedding venues or locations for couples to get hitched in style and be remembered for a long time! Whether you are looking forward to inviting only some of your closest friends and family members or want to have a luxurious and grand wedding, you will have everything you have ever dreamed of for your wedding day! It is no wonder why Orlando was recently named as the best place to get married in the United States! When it comes to choosing the perfect Orlando wedding venue to tie the knot, couples usually think of Disney’s Cinderella Castle or a ballroom reception wedding venue at a local resort. There is no doubt that these kinds of wedding venues make beautiful and never-forgetting weddings, Orlando city has much more to offer for truly unique celebrations that show off the local style. As far as eyes can see, there are locations and wedding venues with unique backdrops offering ample opportunities to wedding photographers in Orlando to capture mind-blowing wedding photos for a fantastic Orlando wedding portfolio


With endless options to choose from, our lovey-dovey couple, Samuel and Cathiana chose The Crystal Ballroom- Casselberry as their wedding venue. Gracefully situated in Casselberry, Florida across from gleaming Lake Howell, The Crystal Ballroom is an out-of-the-ordinary wedding venue. Just a less than 30 minutes drive from the Orlando International Airport and other Orlando attractions, this Orlando wedding venue makes commuting easy for all your wedding guests, especially for those who are coming from different states! Initially, a movie theater, the Crystal Ballroom wedding venue has been exquisitely and creatively transformed to host any blockbuster-themed wedding. So, just walk the red carpet in your flowing wedding gown with the love of your life by your side to the Crystal Ballroom’s entrance and push open the castle doors to any themed wedding your heart desires! This wedding venue is an ideal choice for all the brides who have always been fascinated by fairy tale weddings and had dreamed of having one for their wedding! The creative and professional designer at the Crystal Ballroom will create any fairy tale ripped from the big screens, from the castle of Cinderella to Belle’s enchanted castle from Beauty and the Beast! With you and your darling taking the center stage on your wedding day and every perfect piece of your wedding dream in place, our wedding photographer’s camera’s role for the production of your grand wedding celebration. With countless wedding pictures and there, your fairy tale wedding is absolutely perfect and flawless! Because the Crystal Ballroom believes that every princess deserves a fairy tale wedding celebration in her life! 


Just like our happy, full of life, and smiling couple, their wedding day was also full of golden glow lent by the sun. Our professional Orlando wedding photographers started their day by capturing Cat bridal accessories. For starters, our talented wedding photographers in Orlando and nearby areas captured Cathiana’s silver glittery wedding shoes. And then captured her sleeveless wedding dress hung over a wooden hanger over a wooden wardrobe! After capturing her wedding dress, our photographers captured the gorgeous wedding rings, which were placed creatively in the ring box. The Crystal Ballroom features a fully furnished and adored VIP suite where Cathiana and all her ladies had a great time before and during getting ready for the big day! Before our lovely bride slipped into her stunning wedding dress, she posed with her bridesmaids in pearl-white satin robes for some fun-filled wedding party photography session! Our wedding photographers in Orlando did a wonderful job in capturing all the smiles, joy, and laughter of Cathiana and her ladies. Before Cathiana gets all decked out for the big day, our photographers did capture some bridal portraits of her looking at her wedding dress with eyes full of dreams and hopes! And we must say, our photographers really did a fabulous job in capturing the emotions and expressions of Cathiana’s face while she held her wedding dress. While our lovely bride was getting ready for her special day and her MOH was helping her and our photographer busy in clicking her getting-ready shots, in the meanwhile our second wedding photographer went ahead to capture some getting-ready shots of our charming groom, Samuel! 


For his wedding day, Samuel went for the evergreen combination of white coat and black pants! He paired his white coat with a crisp white shirt, black bow tie, and a black-colored pocket square! He completed his classic groom look with a pair of shiny black shoes! His rugged look was like an added star to his charming and heart throbbing personality! His groom's squad matched their look with Samuel, and went with a white shirt, black pants, black shoes, and cute little pink bow-ties! Well, their black-colored suspenders made the guys look eye-catching and alluring! To complement Samuel, Cathiana looked nothing but beautiful and sexy in that piece of art wedding dress! With a deep plunging sweetheart neckline, Cathiana’s strapless ball gown wedding dress made her look like Cindrella as her artsy wedding dress spoke a lot about classiness and elegance! For her wedding day look, Cathiana kept her bridal makeup and jewelry to minimal. She wore drop earrings and kept her neck bare. Her hair was neatly done in a romantic updo, adorned with a long wedding veil! While Cathiana MOH helped her in getting ready for her big day, our Orlando wedding photographers captured some getting-ready shots of our lovely bride! 


Once our couple was all ready for their big day, they individually posed for some pre-wedding pictures. Samuel posed with his groomsmen, whereas Cathiana made the best wedding bridal suite and posed for various bridal portraits. Her bridal suite featured a stunning patio, which lent a stunning backdrop for Cathiana’s bridal portraits before she made her way down the aisle! The wedding venue, Crystal Ballroom, has a classic architecture that gives endless opportunities to wedding photographers to capture mind-blowing wedding pictures. Cathiana and Samuel’s Orlando wedding portfolio have too many pictures that we loved so much. In one of the pictures, Cathiana stood on the balcony, whereas Samuel sat on the entrance stairs of the wedding venue. Our professional Orlando wedding photographers captured the lovely couple in perfect symmetry! It was indeed a beautiful picture of them both! 


The smile and glow on our couple’s faces were radiating and illuminated the entire setting. Samuel and Cathiana decided to have their first look moment in a beautifully designed gazebo! The gazebo featured by the Crystal Ballroom was situated in the center of the space encircled with vibrant green plants, making it look like a stage from a fairy tale movie! When it comes to capturing first look moments, our wedding photographers have something special about capturing this moment! Their first look moment was full of drama and romance! Samuel stood all decked out while Cathiana walked behind him in that lovely wedding dress with a bright smile and eyes full of hopes and happiness. When Cathiana read to Samuel, he turned around and was all enchanted with the beauty of his lady love. They held hands, shared a romantic kiss, hugged each other, and every moment and emotion was captured delicately and gracefully by our expert Orlando and suburban wedding photographers. Once our wedding photographers captured our couple’s heartwarming first look moments and some after the moment pictures, the groom squad joined the couple for some group photography! 


Cathiana and Samuel’s wedding day had neutral tones with the touch of vibrant green! Our wedding photographers have a knack for capturing the smallest details, and they did fantastically with Cathiana and Samuel’s wedding too! Before our couple announced their love for each other in the presence of their loved ones, they went to their bridal and groom's suite and took a breather with their gang! Our photographers love to capture all the candid and random moments, and they did the same job in a very wonderful way when our couple was catching some breath before their ‘I do’ moment. While Cathiana had some cool drinks with her ladies and posed for the pictures, Samuel’s best man helped him with his boutonniere! It was indeed a very emotional and overwhelming moment for our photographers to capture the priceless ‘bromance!’


Before Cathiana walked down the aisle, it was the beautiful flower girls and Samuel’s guys who made their way through the red carpet! The audience indeed rooted for them and our photographers got the chance to capture some elements before the wedding ceremony! And finally, the most awaited moment came, when Cathiana walked down the aisle with her dad, holding a beautiful white floral bouquet with green accents and her face covered with her beautiful wedding veil! With her, every step towards the wedding arbor, the excitement level of Samuel and his team of handsome groomsmen grew! Our couple had a traditional wedding ceremony. They exchanged their wedding vows, and then wedding rings, and lastly leaned in for their first kiss as an officially married couple! After their wedding ceremony, it was time for some formal family portraits. Our couple’s parents posed with them and that gave Orlando wedding photographers the opportunity to capture all the favorite family moments in the best of frames! Samuel posed with his men, and that photo doesn’t need any caption. It simply gave us all, the friends forever kinda vibe! 


After the formal family photography got over, Samuel and Cathiana ventured through the property and left no corner that witnessed their romance and presence. That very picture where they both sat on a luxurious couch gave us #strongcouplegoals. Every couple’s portrait of Samuel and Cathiana was an inspiration. It was kinda difficult to love one from so many stunning photos. But, yes, there was one photo that took our hearts away. The photo where Samuel and Cathiana were sharing a romantic kiss while covered under her wedding veil! That very photo made us all go for aww for a long moment. 


When they both were done with their romantic couple portraits, they went ahead for their wedding reception in the ballroom featured by the Crystal Ballroom wedding venue. The decor of their wedding reception was so romantic and inviting, as it gave endless opportunities to our wedding photographers in Orlando to capture swoon-worthy indoor wedding pictures in the best of frames! Samuel and Cathiana hit the dance floor and enjoyed every moment of their first dance, and the wedding photographers in Orlando and surroundings captured the tender romance between the couple on the dance floor in picture-worthy frames! After they both shared some cozy and intimate dance steps with each other, it was time for a mother-son and father-daughter duo performance which eventually made the night even more special! Well, a perfect wedding reception always ends on a sweet note, and so does Samuel and Cathiana’s wedding reception. They had their cake-cutting ceremony, and trust us, their four-tiered white wedding cake adorned with blush pink flowers left everyone mouth-watered! They shared a piece of cake together and marked a sweet beginning of their happily ever after! And before Cathiana started her happily married life with the love of her life, she tossed her bridal bouquet towards the group of single ladies to find out who is the next lucky girl in the line! 


Every now and then we do get the chance to capture a wedding that leaves us dreaming and thinking about it for days and trust us, Samuel and Cathiana’s wedding was one of them. Filled with endless love, charm, and happiness, their wedding day left us in awe!


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