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5 Reasons to Book Wedding Photo & Video From the Same Studio

When you’re hiring your wedding dream team, photo and video may seem like two totally separate entities. That’s true to some degree, but they have more in common than you think! And if you want stunning photographs and a wedding video you’d watch on repeat, it’s best the two work together rather than against each other.

With that being said, a surefire way to get all the best angles, moments and coverage is to hire your wedding photographer and videographer from the same company. Here are our top five reasons why:

1. Package Deals
When you’re working on a budget, it’s important to save money where you can. An easy way to do this is to hire one company to capture your wedding day. Photo and video often come as a package deal that offer a value for doubling up.

2. Better Communication
A smooth workflow is all about open communication between these two professionals. And it starts before your wedding day even begins! If the photographer and videographer are from the same studio, it will be easy for them to touch base beforehand. This way, they can come up with a game plan and find a groove where they complement each other without stepping on each other’s toes. Another bonus of hiring from the same studio is that your talent team may have worked together in the past, so they know how the other operates.

3. Equal Quality
You don’t want to have a disparity in quality between your wedding photography and videography. If one looks polished and professional and the other looks like amateur B-roll, you’re going to be disappointed. You want apples to apples. If you choose a different wedding photography studio for one service, the quality might be compromised or subpar to other coverage. Ideally, your photo and video should look like it was shot by the same studio. The easiest way to do that? Hire from the same studio.

4. Shared Style
It’s good when your talent team is on the same page and works as a true team for the greater good of the company (and your wedding!). Their visual style, work ethic and sense of teamwork all align, which means a consistent and seamless result for you in the end. Yet another solid reason to go with a studio that offers both photography and videography under one roof!

5. Easy Coordination
Hiring a team of vendors can be overwhelming. On top of the wedding research, you have to comb through the fine print, sign on the dotted line and keep deposits straight - all of which practically requires its own business manager! So the fewer contracts you have to sign and the less planning on your part, the better. This is yet another perk of hiring a single company to capture your big day! You could even request a custom quote to hammer out a deal that’s just right for you and your fiancé.

With your wedding photographer and videographer working in tandem, you can live in the moment knowing will be captured just as it should.

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