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Bring Oktoberfest To Your Wedding Day


We all know that with another fall season comes another Oktoberfest! It is a traditional, amusement-filled festival celebrated with great excitement and enthusiasm in Germany. What many of us don’t know is that it actually started as a wedding celebration, and only later evolved into a food-and beer-focused fete! So, if you also love Oktoberfest and are looking for ways to bring the lively and fun vibe of this festival into your wedding day celebration, then you must check out the below-mentioned amazing ideas. We assure you that with these ideas, your wedding day celebration will have abundant Oktoberfest vibes that your guests will surely love and cherish for years to come! 


Bring on Some Bavarian Bites To Delight Your Wedding Guests

If you are planning to have all the fun vibes of Oktoberfest to be there on your wedding day, then you should not miss the yummy and delicious pretzel! A soft and yummilicious pretzel station as a dessert bar is indeed a genius way to feed all your hungry guests towards the end of your romantic and memorable wedding reception. Adding a pretzel station to your wedding reception will also give great and unique wedding photography opportunities to our professional wedding photographers. The greatest advantage of having a pretzel station at your wedding day reception is that you can, later on, consider passing them at your wedding day cocktail hour, or can even consider serving them at more casual and laid-back wedding events, like the rehearsal dinner, or at your engagement party. In fact, it will make a great choice of brunch offerings for all those couples who are planning a weekend wedding or a prolonged wedding celebration. It will absolutely be a great treat for your wedding guests. You can consider making them even more delicious just by serving some delicious and unexpected dips as a pairing for your twisted wedding day treats


Oktoberfest Inspired Wedding Day Invites

You can never have a wedding without invitations! Your wedding invitation sets the overall theme of your wedding day. It will also give your wedding guests a brief idea about the theme you have chosen for your wedding day. And, if you are planning an Oktoberfest-themed wedding, there is no better way to design your wedding day invites other than with booze! After all, Oktoberfest is a big beer festival. If you need ideas and inspiration for your Oktoberfest-inspired wedding day invitation, you can consider checking various temples online and choosing the one that suits your personality best. 


Oktoberfest-Inspired Festive Photo Booth

Not only advised by various famous wedding planners, but even our professional wedding photographers would also love to capture you, your sweetheart, your lovely bridal party, your handsome groomsmen squad, and all your wedding guests in a great photo booth! Having a festive-inspired photo booth for your wedding day reception is indeed a great and inspiring way to keep your wedding guests entertained and also give them some fun activities to relish while they have little chit-chat and great fun. Having an Oktoberfest-inspired photo booth as an element of your wedding decor will surely elevate your wedding decoration and will also give great and swoon-worthy wedding photography opportunities to our talented wedding photographers whom you have hired to capture the most special day of your life. A photo booth will also give a chance for your wedding guests to pose for some fun-filled wedding photographs. Your wedding guests love a little ice-breaker, so what is a better way to up the ante than to deploy a unique and creative photo booth with Oktoberfest-inspired props to pose with? Just think of suede lederhosen, knee socks with beautiful tassels, heavily-braided blonde wigs, corseted dirndls, and much more. You can add as many photo props as you want to have a great photo booth. Well, if by chance you are on a budget wedding, you can think of bringing just stein, some pretzels, and of course, your sweetheart and your lovely bridesmaids to pose for some extremely fun-filled Oktoberfest wedding photos with these unique festive photo props and photo booth! 


Give a Thought of Brewing it Yourself

There are endless easy ways to personalize bottles of beer that you love for your wedding day to bring some personal and DIY touch to your wedding day. Well, the thought of labeling the bottles of beer that you are going to offer to your wedding guests during your wedding day cocktail hour will not only bring in some personal touch to it but is also a great way to bring in the Oktoberfest vibe to your wedding celebration and also give some unique and creative wedding opportunities to our creative wedding photographers to capture magical wedding photos to add into your wedding portfolio! There are endless ways to replace the actual labels on the beer bottles and rebrand your wedding day cocktail hour brews with the most fascinating and creative names that you like! Well, it’s your wedding day, you have the power to do everything and anything that you want. If you want to do something really out-of-the-ordinary and bring in the Oktoberfest vibe to your wedding day celebration, you can consider going the extra mile just by brewing beer yourself which will surely make for the ultimate and incredible customization for your wedding day cocktail hour. In fact, you can have the option to allow your wedding guests to brew for themselves as it will not only be a fun activity for them to enjoy but will also be a delightful experience for them! They can try their hands at brewing something that they like and prefer, most importantly, of their own taste! 


Bring In Some Beer Cup With Oktoberfest Written Over it

It’s your Oktoberfest-inspired wedding, so, of course, there will be a lot of beer for your wedding guests to chug during the cocktail hour. Of course, you have already decided over the glasses and other cutleries for your wedding day reception and cocktail hour, but how about bringing in beer cups with Oktoberfest written over them? It will not only be a unique addition to your festive-themed wedding but will also bring in the local Oktoberfest vibe to your wedding day celebration. With these kinds of beer cups, your wedding guests will have full fun while quenching their thirst with beer. Don’t forget to raise a toast to your happily-ever-after with your friends and family and give endless and heartwarming photography opportunities to our talented wedding photographers. You can even consider personalizing these beer cups with your and your darling’s first name initials. With endless ideas and options available online and also in the market, we can assure you that for once you will find it a bit challenging to buy these cups, as all the Oktoberfest beer cups are just too amazing to not buy! Ranging in various colors, choose the style and color of beer cups resonating with your wedding day color scheme


Cool Beer Mug Accents To Match the Festive Vibe

You can also consider bringing in some really chic and cool drinkware to spruce up your Oktoberfest-inspired wedding day reception. All you have to do is to try shopping for the traditional beer mugs in more modern materials, like copper, to use for festive table numbers! This will surely elevate the lovely wedding day reception table setting that your wedding guests will surely love. Trust us, you can never go wrong with this kind of table setting decor idea if you are planning a classic and amazing Oktoberfest wedding. This kind of table setting will be something new and extraordinary for our professional photographers to capture in the most lovely frames. 


Oktoberfest-Inspired Yard Signs for Your Wedding Day Decor

For all the couples who are planning a romantic backyard wedding in the great outdoors, which have something that might elevate your Oktoberfest-themed backyard wedding, Oktoberfest-Inspired yard signs! Oktoberfest-inspired yard signs will surely be a cool addition to your backyard wedding decor! Let everyone amongst your wedding guest list where the celebration of your big day is by installing Oktoberfest yard signs that will bring the true and authentic vibe of the Oktoberfest to your wedding day celebration in the best possible way! These signages will definitely be a great addition to your overall wedding decor, giving unique details to our experienced wedding photographers to capture some really chic and unique wedding decor pictures! 


Elevate Your Wedding Decor With Some More Oktoberfest Decorations

Of course, your wedding decoration will have the latest color combinations, beautiful seasonal flowersstring lightssatin drapes, and everything in between to make a setting that is nothing but whimsical and magical to look at and also to capture in the most lovely frames! Apart from the traditional wedding decor elements, for your chic and fun Oktoberfest wedding day celebration, you can consider bringing in some Oktoberfest-inspired decor ideas to the real vibe of the festive to your wedding day celebration. Like, you can consider bringing in matching napkins to adorn your wedding day reception table setting, and some can coolers if you are up for a chic or backyard wedding. You can also make use of banners, maybe with certain romantic love quotes over them, and some creative hangings to adorn the corners of your wedding venue with some craft paper plates! With these kinds of wedding decor, your wedding will have so much of a DIY vibe that will be great for our wedding photographers to document in the most glorious frames. 


Lederhosen Onesie

For your cute and extremely adorable ring bearer, we have something that you will just love! On your wedding day, we can assure you that those little Jungens or we say ring bearers will look extremely adorable in their hearts felt Germany lederhosen short sleeve onesie in the “Strap Lederhosen'' style with a beautiful and color-coordinated ribbon picked by you to resonate either with your designer wedding dress or with your darling’s wedding day wardrobe! Do you know that each lederhosen onesie comes with a matching alpine hat with an adorable feather that gracefully compliments the colors in the ribbon? These hats and coordinated lederhosen onesie will absolutely make your adorable little ring bearers the showstopper of your wedding day celebration. They will look extremely adorable, walking down the aisle in this cute and cute outfit during your wedding day celebration!


Dirndl Aprons for Your Cute Flower Girls

When you are having something special for your ring bearers, how can you not have something actually cute and adorable for your little and adorable flower girls, especially when you are planning an Oktoberfest-themed wedding for your big day celebration? For your lovely flower girls, you can ask them to wear pretty dirndl aprons to bring in the cool Oktoberfest vibes to your wedding day celebration when they will make their way down the aisle. You can get them color-coordinated dirndl aprons along with the same colored-floral tiara to have an incredible look for those cute little dolls for your wedding day! With this kind of attire, the little flower girls will look stunning and mesmerizing. Apart from the wedding decoration, this is also a unique and cool way to incorporate Oktoberfest vibes to your wedding day celebrations and also have your wedding photos highlighting the same.  


Oktoberfest-Inspired Cookies for Your Wedding Day Dessert Table

We are sure that you are going to have an eye-appealing and of course yummilicious wedding cake for your Oktoberfest-themed wedding day. To make it more festive-oriented, don’t forget to add one dozen sugar cookies, vanilla, and almond-flavored, perfectly topped with some mouth-watering buttercream icing! This is indeed one of the best ways to make your wedding guests happy and excited about your Oktoberfest-inspired wedding day celebration. You can even consider sending them as wedding favors. Just get them wrapped individually, and they are good to be gifted to your wedding day guests as wedding favors! 


A Beer Garden is a Must

Lastly, if you wanna go all out for your Oktoberfest-inspired wedding day, then you can think of decorating your wedding venue like a beer garden to have the full vibe of the Oktoberfest and that too in abundance. All you have to do is, simply need to book one location for your wedding day celebration or for a fun-filled bachelor or bachelorette party to allow your squad to have endless fun. 


Summing everything up, all we want to say is that if you can’t make it to Munich, Germany to enjoy the ultimate Oktoberfest, you can plan to have your Oktoberfest-themed wedding celebration with your favorite German beers, sausages, and pretzels! These were some of the rocking ideas if you are thinking of hosting an Oktoberfest-themed wedding celebration for your big day!


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