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Beautiful Fall Hairstyles We’re Loving Now!


If you are preparing to say "I do," chances are you have invested significant time and effort in finding the perfect wedding dress for your special day. Whether you have chosen a patterned wedding dress or a simple slip, you have already envisioned your must-have wedding day moments. From how you will glide down the wedding aisle looking like a dream to your favorite bridal style coming to life, every decision is precious and can add up to your big day. While your wedding gown choice undoubtedly plays a crucial role in reflecting your personal style, the bridal hairstyle you choose adds the ultimate finishing touch. Your bridal hair is a finishing touch that has the potential to elevate any look to the next level.


From elegant bridal ponytails to voluminous waves, there is a plethora of modern bridal hairstyles to consider for your big day. For a glamorous black-tie soirée, soft and romantic curls cascading over your shoulders may be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are planning a beachy bohemian ceremony, effortless waves tied up in a half-up style will beautifully complement your aesthetic. Seeking a bridal hairdo that stands the test of time? The classic chignon is always a safe bet, seamlessly harmonizing with any wedding dress silhouette or party theme. And if you wish to add an extra touch of grandeur to your big-day 'do, why not incorporate exquisite bridal hair accessories? A pearl-studded headband or a bridal flower crown of fresh flowers can transform any hairstyle into something truly special. These glamorous bridal accessories have the power to transform your bridal look!


As the fall wedding season approaches, time is dwindling, and decisions need to be made. If you find yourself still uncertain about which fall bridal hairstyle to rock on your big day, worry not, for this roundup is precisely what you need. We are here to share the hot and trendy wedding hair looks, complete with various wedding day accessories and even without them, all of which exude sheer beauty. These fall wedding hairstyles cater to different hair lengths, wedding styles, and themes, ensuring they are not only stunning but also comfortable to wear. Perfectly suited for the fall wedding season, these fall wedding hairstyle ideas are bound to make you feel like an absolute vision on your special day.


Fall, with its crisp air and a touch of magic, can inspire you to embrace nature's beauty and create unforgettable memories. Fall wedding hairdos exude elegance and sophistication, seamlessly blending natural elements and timeless charm. The fall season provides an array of hairstyling opportunities, drawing inspiration from the seasonal elements. For instance, the windswept bridal look, often accompanied by loosely woven braids and delicate tendrils, perfectly captures the essence of fall. This casual yet refined bridal style complements outdoor weddings amidst picturesque foliage, effortlessly harmonizing with the natural setting. The windswept fall bridal hairstyle adds an element of grace to the bride's appearance while letting her individuality shine through, as though she has emerged from the embrace of the autumn breeze.


Similarly, for fall brides seeking a touch of vintage charm, a classic bridal chignon intertwined with gilded hairpins and adorned with autumnal flowers creates a timeless appeal. This timeless updo symbolizes sophistication and elegance, reminiscent of the iconic Hollywood glamor of the 1950s. The chignon's versatility allows it to adapt to various wedding dress styles, from flowing ball gowns to sleek mermaid dresses, ensuring a seamless and stunning bridal look. Also, nature's bounty takes center stage in the fall season, and it offers endless inspiration for autumn bridal hairstyles. Likewise, crown bridal braids adorned with delicately intertwined leaves and berries epitomize the natural beauty of the season. This ethereal look transforms the bride into an autumn goddess, effortlessly embracing the spirit of the season. The crown braid style complements bohemian fall wedding themes, creating a magical charm that captivates both the bride and her guests. 


Feeling uncertain about choosing your own big-day hairstyle? While celebrities walking the red carpet might serve as a source of inspiration, we are here to give you some of the latest bridal hairstyle ideas we have seen. Check out the list of our favorite wedding hairstyle ideas that real brides adorned as they walked down the aisle. 


Our Favorite Fall Bridal Hairstyles: 


High bridal updo


High bridal updos are making a comeback but with a modern twist. Both celebrities and brides have embraced this iconic '90s style, previously worn by stars like Cindy Crawford and Alicia Silverstone. The bridal trend gained traction at the end of 2022 when Kim Kardashian sported a Pamela Anderson-inspired hairstyle, courtesy of her hairstylist, Chris Appleton, who often recreates the look for his celebrity clients. This modern bridal hair look is tailor-made for brides who want to exude sensuality and make a bold statement on their wedding day. While it complements long hair exceptionally well, it can be adapted for various hair textures, whether curly, straight, fine, or thick. You can pair a high updo with a silk slip dress featuring a high halter neckline or a V-neck gown adorned with a statement necklace for a reception look that is sure to turn heads.


Elegant and relaxed wedding chignon bun


A classic wedding chignon is a classic and timeless hairstyle that exudes simplicity and sweetness, making it a perfect match for most facial structures and any bride. This romantic wedding hairstyle offers a simple and elegant charm that can be authentic and captivating effortlessly. The relaxed version, slightly undone, adds an extra touch of allure to its appeal. This versatile wedding style can be fashioned as a knotted bun or the traditional chignon, but with a gentle looseness that creates a unique and elegant effect.


A sleek bun 


The signature "model off duty" look is still gracing the runways and continues to be a favorite among brides today. From Hailey Bieber to Paris Hilton, this sleek and sophisticated bridal hairstyle has earned its place as a preferred wedding day look. If your style is all about refined elegance, the sleek and architectural bun is the epitome of sophistication. Its simplicity ensures timeless appeal and works beautifully for both medium and long hair lengths. This chic style complements various wedding dresses and venues, whether you opt for a sheath dress in a contemporary loft or a ball gown at a picturesque chateau. Plus, it's adorable for flower girls too! You can keep the sleek bun minimalist, or add a statement hairpiece to elevate the look further. Bridal headpieces and accessories like crowns or combs effortlessly enhance this hairstyle, acting as a canvas for adding that extra touch of glamor to your bridal ensemble.


The classy high ballet bun 


The classic high bun is an excellent hairstyle choice for brides wearing a wedding dress with a high neckline. It elegantly pulls the hair away from the face, providing a beautiful and sleek finish. This versatile style complements various wedding hair accessories, such as tiaras, combs, or barrettes, adding a touch of glam to the overall look. You can also match the accessories with your fall wedding bouquet ideas. Whether you have medium-length or long hair, the high bun is relatively easy to create and maintain, making it a practical and stunning choice for the entire wedding day.


Side-swept curls 


Side-swept bridal curls have remained a timeless red carpet staple, gracing the heads of celebrities like Rihanna and Jessica Chastain. This look is adored for its easy-to-achieve yet polished appearance. To give it a modern wedding upgrade, consider adding a pearl or rhinestone clip to the side opposite the curls for an extra-glamorous effect. You can also opt for accessories in fun and fresh rustic wedding colors. Thick hair is an ideal match for side-swept curls as it adds fullness and volume to the style. However, if your hair is on the thinner side, don't worry. You can opt for bridal hair extensions. This red carpet-worthy 'do is versatile and complements various bang lengths and hair types, making it suitable for brides, bridesmaids, or guests alike. To create side-swept curls, use a solid, yet flexible pomade to slick back the sides and secure the look with bobby pins. Then, drape the gorgeous curls over the pins for a seamless finish.


Center-parted hair with tucked bangs 


The classic center part has long been a popular choice for brides due to its balanced and symmetrical effect on the face. As per modern bridal hairstyles, this classic wedding hair trend takes a nod from old Hollywood by tucking the bangs back, drawing attention to the face, and enhancing the overall look. This classic and sophisticated hairstyle carries an air of cool-girl charm. Its practicality keeps tresses away from the face, making it an excellent option for nearly all hair types and textures, whether you are a guest, a bridesmaid, or the bride herself. You can go for glossy locks with a center part and tuck the bangs behind your ears. You can add an accessory like the barrettes and other bridal head accessories for an extra touch of chicness and nostalgia. 


Elegant wedding ponytail


A bridal ponytail is another stunning option for wedding hairstyles, particularly for those with long hair. To elevate this classic wedding hairstyle for your special day, you can add a touch of creativity and uniqueness. A half-up wedding hairstyle with a ponytail positioned at the top half of your head creates an elegant and charming look. Alternatively, you can opt for a regular ponytail but tie it with a bow or accessorize it with a delightful scarf for a playful twist. If you have shoulder-length hair and desire a longer ponytail, hair extensions can help achieve the desired length and volume. The ponytail remains a timeless bridal trend that continues to be popular in modern times, making it a fantastic choice for brides seeking a stylish and timeless look on their wedding day.


Wispy tendrils 


While long curtain bangs have been popular in recent years, face-framing wispy tendrils are making a comeback. Actress Sarah Hyland donned this style for her California winery wedding, showcasing a slightly undone updo with textured tendrils. If you want to infuse your wedding hairstyle with personality, this wedding hair trend is made for you. The strategically cut and styled textured tendrils add dimension and charm to the look, making it an excellent choice for both half-up styles and traditional updos. If you are hosting a beach wedding, you can opt for this next hairstyle by using dry texture sprays for tousled texture. Simply spray, tousle, and go for that effortless finish. 


Long bridal braids 


Braided wedding hairstyles continue to be a strong trend today, showcasing the versatility and beauty of braided hairstyles. While braids have been a classic choice for weddings, it's refreshing to witness the various creative renditions they can take. From elegant French braids cascading to the side to ethereal loose braided crowns and charming half up half down wedding hairstyles adorned with braids, there are countless stylish ways to incorporate braids into your bridal look. Also, braids offer a delightful canvas for accessorizing your wedding hair, making them even more captivating. For beach wedding hairstyles, braids can be adorned with seashells, combs featuring nautical motifs, tiaras, slides, clips, and other decorative elements. Regardless of the style and accessories chosen, one thing is clear: braids have set their place as a perennial favorite and are here to stay as a cherished wedding hairstyle trend in the coming years.


Effortless curls 


Today, natural beauty continues to reign, and effortless waves are at the forefront! Celebrities like JoJo Fletcher and Madison Prewett opted for natural waves on their wedding days, proving that simplicity is just as stunning as intricate hairstyles. If you are a minimalist at heart, effortless waves are the perfect choice. They require minimal styling products and are low-maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your special day without worrying about complex hairstyles. Effortless waves look stunning on various hair types, making them suitable for brides of all styles. To achieve effortless waves, use a curling wand to curl sections of your hair. Alternate the curling direction for a natural finish. You can gently brush out the curls for a soft and effortless look.


The gorgeous fall wedding colors of rich and deep hues can also serve as an inspiration for more daring and artistic bridal hairstyles. For instance, copper-toned hair adorned with subtle golden highlights embodies the essence of autumn's fiery spirit. This captivating hair color adds a touch of drama and individuality to the bride's overall look, celebrating the uniqueness of her style while harmonizing with the season's brilliance. Copper tones, in all their variations, create a mesmerizing glow that accentuates the bride's natural beauty. For a touch of modernity, a sleek and sophisticated ponytail with intricate braiding details presents a contemporary take on fall bridal hairstyles. The sleek ponytail elevates the bride's appearance, providing a polished and refined look that complements modern wedding aesthetics. The addition of braiding details adds an element of delicacy and charm, striking the perfect balance between classic and contemporary elements.


Fall bridal hairstyles bring a blend of elegance, romance, and natural beauty to a bride's special day. With options ranging from whimsical braids and enchanting updos to modern and daring styles, fall brides have a plethora of choices to create their perfect look. By embracing the seasonal elements and incorporating natural touches such as flowers and leaves, these hairstyles effortlessly enhance a bride's allure, capturing the essence of autumn's charm. Whether opting for windswept braids, vintage chignons, or floral-infused buns, fall brides are sure to radiate elegance and sophistication as they embark on their journey of love.


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