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Beachy LA Love Story Told In Dreamy Frames!


This world would be a fairly dreary place to live if it weren't for the love stories that pepper our existence. Love brings out the "human" in humans and heightens their emotions, whether it's the excitement, wrath, grief, or exuberance. Everything is intensified as if someone has amped up the volume or added vibrant streaks to our pastel watercolor portrait!  Love keeps our hearts beating, and blood rushing, and makes us all feel alive because of the amazing feelings of joy and tenderness it gives. Love has sparked wars, caused tragedies, and inspired art and literature. It has also strewn love stories throughout our lives in the form of films, television series, and love songs. It has added magic to our fairly ordinary lives, making it worth living thousand times over!


With hell’s fury and heaven’s beauty, love is a powerful emotion that, despite its magnitude, seems like the sweetest feeling whatsoever! We are lucky to be in the love industry because we get to see examples of smitten couples every day, their tell-tale twinkle in their eyes, and the things they say about one another, truly melt our hearts. When two lovers decide to spend the rest of their lives together, it can be a significant turning point in their relationship. It's natural to become lost in the vortex of wedding planning after saying "yes" to a forever with your SO. Is it thrilling? Absolutely! It can, nevertheless, be extremely overwhelming!


Choosing the best caterer, finding the perfect color of flowers for you to carry down the aisle, selecting the perfect prints for your formal invitation, or booking your dream wedding location are all items on your wedding checklist that require your attention. But, before you start planning your wedding, taking some time for an engagement photoshoot can be the smartest idea ever! After all, you won't have this amazing season of life again, so take full advantage of it while you can. An engagement photo session is without a doubt the best opportunity to take a step back and savor the incredible sensation of being engaged.


Andrew and Kimberly’s stunning outdoor engagement photo shoot is the perfect hideaway for them to absorb their recently engaged emotions while also getting photographed! Whereas every love story is unique, there is something about this duo that instantly brightens one's day with unmistakable positive energy. Gorgeous against the lapping water on the beach and the magical setting sun, the nature of the duo does perfect justice to the ethereal and gorgeous setting! This engagement photo session has it all, from the smallest of details to capturing the perfect atmosphere for a memorable love story! Let's get a closer look at the wonderful pair and the photographic depiction of their sweet love tale!


Andrew and Kimberly had their engagement photoshoot in Los Angeles, the land of palm trees and bright days! Los Angeles is a beautiful city full of artists and art, with wonderful palm trees, mild weather, and the tinsel town "Hollywood" living and breathing just a short drive away. The city is a foster home for every emerging talent and a playground for artists as well as a canvas for creativity. Los Angeles, a city full of alluring possibilities, is eclectic and artistic, adding bold strokes of character and richness to the tapestry of your love tale. LA is situated at the crossroads of numerous terrains, giving it the best of both worlds! LA is a goldmine for a couple in love, sitting right on the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by magnificent mountains and deserts. From the thrilling Disneyland Park to the gorgeous Hollywood Sign, from the Griffith Observatory to the Universal Studios, there is so much to see and do here. Whether you're looking for the perfect setting for your engagement photos or the most beautiful site to host your dream wedding, LA will not only accommodate your needs but also deliver the most amazing backdrops. Armed with a nonchalant coolness and creativity and the dashboard of the coolest trends in the country, Los Angeles has a lot to offer to a couple in love, and every LA wedding or LA engagement session promises to be special in its own unique way! With so many beautiful locations to choose from throughout the city, it's no surprise that every photo of Andrew and Kimberly's engagement session turned out beautifully.


Taking time away from their busy schedules and overwhelming checklists, Andrew and Kimberly met our engagement photographers for a day on the beach, because what better than the beach to provide those calm and peaceful moments that the couple needed? Needless to say, the beach didn't disappoint and delivered just the perfect setting for the couple to pose against. The splashing waves leaving behind white foam, the rocky beach, the furry friend, and the general mood of the day were comforting and calming like the sound of ocean waves! It took one look at the couple to know that the beach was a special place for them, as they both drew each other closer and took the sights and scents in as their eyes twinkled! Andrew and Kimberly sure took special care as they dressed up for their day by the beach! Kimberly was dressed in a true red midi dress with straps on the shoulders and a fit-and-flare silhouette that twirled and whipped around her legs on this breezy day by the water, adding to the whimsy of the setting. Her barefoot and sandy toes gave us a refreshing peek at her personality- carefree and nature-loving! Her chocolate brown hair was left open, air tousled, and gorgeous and her makeup was natural. Andrew looked handsome in his blue jeans and gray long-sleeved T-shirt, and he wore a pair of black shoes to complete the look. Their lovely pet dog accompanied them on this fun day out by the beach as they got some amazing pictures taken. 


Our Los Angeles photographers really worked wonders with their cameras and captured the magic that this couple brought to the location in the most beautiful way. The color composition of the pictures turned out beautiful, with the grayish blue from the water and the black from the rocks being balanced by the sandy beige and the fiery red of Kimberly’s dress beautifully harmonizing every frame. The couple was a true trooper and delivered amazing poses one after another, and were having fun along the way. They started with some warm-up shots by the sandy beach area with a small lighthouse in the backdrop and our photographer caught them as they looked out into the waters from behind, reminiscing and thinking and talking about their life ahead, holding hands gently. As they realized they were being captured, Kimberly and Andrew both looked back and gave us the brightest of smiles. It is then their tiny fur ball joined them, and they all posed for a couple of “family portraits”. Our engagement photographer also experimented with a couple of silhouette shots as the couple held each other and kissed. There were moments when the couple held on to each other as they looked into the water and they seemed like too good of a shot to not capture. We loved how our engagement photographers in Los Angeles took a variety of different shots, whether it is from a wider landscape shot or a more zoomed-in one, allowing the couple to have a diverse range of pictures. 


We also adored when the couple really came out of their shell and exhibited a more playful part of their personality. We loved watching them run along the shoreline, as they squealed and held each other's hands, and how Andrew spontaneously lifted Kimberly in his arms and swung her around as waves crashed at his feet, and it was then that they exchanged a lovely kiss! It was a beautiful moment that our engagement photographers were able to witness and capture! We also loved how the couple kissed as the water lapped in the background and the parasailers speckled the sky, adding to the drama of the frame. After several kissing shots and goofy ones too (we especially love the one where they held each other's and looked at the camera), the couple posed by the crashing waves and we love how the photo came up so dramatic with ocean waves crashing on the couple as Andrew help Kimberly from behind and held her close! Such an amazing shot!


As the sun started to go down, the couple spread out a sheet by the beach, arranged some mason jar lights, and snuggled up for a picnic by the beach as they watched the sun go down. The mood instantly shifted from youthful to mellow, and we loved capturing them as they took the sights in, heads on each other's shoulders, as they whispered sweet nothings and enjoyed the moment. They also pulled their cute pup into their laps which adorably completed their unit. After a couple of snuggled shots of the duo along with their pet, Andrew and Kimberly’s engagement photo session came to an end, and oh, what a day it was! With perfect addition of youthfulness and intensity, the couple seemed like the definition of balance and their pictures sure tell their story beautifully.


While we all look forward to the dreamy, long-awaited wedding day, an engagement day is just as important in the calendar. It's an important milestone in your love story's development, and it deserves to be celebrated before we go on to the wedding day! While a wedding day is wonderful, an important day for creating lifelong memories, with its well-thought-out theme, dreamy color palette, and romantic traditions, there is something special about the day your sweetheart asks you to marry him or her. An engagement photo session commemorates the couple's engagement and is wholly their own. It is less on the social side of the experience and more about the couple and their love story, so it has a whole different dynamic.


An engagement photoshoot gives a glimpse into the couple's personalities and synergy together, as well as how they interact and display their love for one another in public. While it's natural to want to remember details from your wedding day, such as how your dress fluffed around you or how the music made you feel like your new husband twirled you during your first dance, or how the flower was aromatic and dewy, or how the flutes of bubbly champagne looked like little stars as you toasted, you'll also want to remember your "being engaged" era. You want your engagement photographer to capture you in all your newly-engaged glory because it's likely the final time you'll be captured in a frame before the wedding day! It's the feeling of joy and anticipation for the future that you'll remember for years to come! Having the greatest engagement photographers on hand to capture these fleeting moments is a crucial component of your wedding narrative. You'll want to remember the unbridled joy of your engagement for the rest of your life, and you'll be able to smile as you remember it decades later!


The engagement photo session also allows the pair to be their true selves and tell their story in their own distinctive manner. Whether you want an early fall picnic or a woodsy nature engagement shoot, whether your style is more bold or glam, the choice is yours, and the possibilities are truly infinite! So, before a wedding, it's a rejuvenating and much-needed exercise to let a couple truly loosen up and bond. If you and your spouse are debating whether or not to get your engagement photos taken, this is your clear indication that you should go ahead and do so, because the physical memories you will receive in return are truly priceless! About Andrew and Kimberly's wonderful engagement session, the Los Angeles engagement photographers did a fantastic job capturing the day's spectacular and endearing nuances and beautifully portraying the duo in fresh, vibrant, and artistic frames!


There's something spectacular about two people getting together and taking an oath for the rest of their lives. It is pure, lovely, and uplifts our spirits. While each love story is wonderful in its own way, there are a few that make us wish on the stars for their brighter tomorrow. Andrew and Kimberly's fun nature-filled engagement photo session appears to contain all of these characteristics and more, whether it's their youthful approach toward love or the imaginative approach that they bring to the table. This couple has a refreshing and adorable effortlessness about them, and their eyes twinkle with adoration whenever they interact. This is a couple with a relaxed demeanor that shines through in every shot the photographer captures. We adore the couple's gentle, dreamy vibe, as well as the way nature cooperates by providing them with the most beautiful spread of vibrant and brilliant backdrops. The beach vibes were immaculate and the setting sun by the end of the day really added those golden shots which the couple will treasure forever.


The city of Los Angeles, with its innate coolness, serves as the ideal prop, ensuring that the couples get those perfect photos and gently become a part of their picture. Our Los Angeles engagement photographers took the opportunity admirably and developed an engagement photoshoot that will transport the couple to a sunny day in the city, strolling through parks, bustling neighborhoods, and attractive spots! We love the sunny feel-good vibes which beautifully display the season's bounty. There is something unusual about this couple that sets them apart, from the love in the air to the easy relaxed vibe that they emanate. We wish them a life of love, enthusiasm, and joy as they leave their wonderful engagement session and look forward to their wedding ahead!


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