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A Romantic Green Affair In The City Of Boston: Dario & Roberta’s Wedding Day!


Some people are there in your life for just a season, and then there are others who are in your life for a reason. Some come to teach you something, some come to make you realize your worth, while some just come like a fresh breeze and stay there like the warm and cozy sunlight of summer days! The kind of sunshine that brings calmness to the soul and soothes the mind and brings inner peace and fills the heart with joy, happiness, and lastly endless love. The one that comes into your life with the motive to stay forever by your side might make you feel surprised by their gestures and all the little things they do to ensure that they stay close with you for the rest of their lives. And that is the moment when a sudden realization strikes you and makes you believe that you are in love. There is no denying the fact that love comes in the most unexpected ways. There is a time when you are on your own, indifferent about every romantic thing, and then, someone simply just walks into your life, and then you start meaning, feeling, and understanding every romantic thing, which might once make you cringe. Love is beautiful, and being with the person you love deeply, madly, and truly, is something that everyone desires, craves, and wishes. 


Your love does not have to be perfect and does not need to make sense to the world, as long as it is making sense to you, it’s just perfect. Love is a surreal feeling. It has no proper definition or an ideal way to describe it. With the person with whom you are head over heels in love, you will witness the purest form of love. Because once you are in love, that one person becomes the most beautiful thing that ever happened to you. Not just a charming and heart-throbbing face, but an entirely beautiful person, inside out. Once you feel that that person is everything you ever wanted in your life, you start to plan your happy moment with your happily ever after. All you want is to start the next beautiful and romantic chapter of your life as soon as possible. And that is where our professional wedding photographers come into action and secure your memorable day in swoon-worthy frames for you to cherish later in life. Our talented wedding photographers have documented endless weddings, and every wedding portfolio has something unique in them. Just like no two love stories are the same, with our creative team of wedding photographers at George Street Photo and Video, no two weddings and wedding portfolios are ever going to be the same. We at George Street Photo and Video, love, love in every form, and also love documenting every essence of love in the most magical frames. 


Just as we mentioned, every love story has something unique, and special about it which is an extremely beautiful and everlasting feeling sliding deeply into the hearts of two head over heels in love with other souls! Our Boston wedding photographers got the opportunity to capture a beautiful summer wedding of our adorable Boston couple, Dario and Roberta, in heartwarming frames. 


Talking about summer weddings, everything about this season is just whimsical and romantic, giving a lot of stunning wedding photography to wedding photographers in and around Boston. With temperatures slightly rising, and the snow (hopefully!) disappearing, summers in Boston truly feel like life is beginning anew, which indeed makes this season a pretty exciting time to get married to the love of your life. With days longer and the grass greener, everything about summer weddings is just mind-blowing and breathtaking. With stunning outdoor panoramas and incredible settings, a summer wedding and especially an outdoor summer wedding offers great outdoor wedding photography opportunities


Whether you are planning your Boston summer wedding at the start of the season in late June, or want to host it at the tail-end in late September, or just in the middle during either the month of July or August, your summer wedding date will afford you tons of possibilities to embrace the season on your big day. All you have to do is to make sure that you have all your wedding planning out of the way early if you wanna have a splendid Boston wedding. And if you want to seek some romantic and breathtaking summer wedding inspiration, Dario and Roberta’s wedding portfolio is the best. 


With plenty of suns, a magical golden glow, and a ton of fun waiting to happen and to get captured in lovely frames, Dario and Roberta’s summer Boston wedding was a blast and a delight for our professional wedding photographers of Boston to document. For their memorable and romantic summer wedding, our beautiful couple, Dario and Roberta, chose Saint Joseph Church Lincoln to have a traditional indoor wedding ceremony. Saint Joseph Church was one of the earliest churches to be established by settlers in Lincoln. Well, if we talk about getting married in Boston, then trust us, Boston indeed boasts various stunning wedding venues for couples to have the wedding of their dreams. From waterfront hotels and museums to a rooftop aerie and a fleet of tall ships, Boston has something for every couple. Resonating with your style, personality, and wedding dreams, you can choose the desired Boston wedding venue and host a wedding that your wedding guests will cherish for years to come. 


The choice of our Boston couple’s wedding venue was not unique and distinct but was very elegant and subtle. Instead of going all grand and lavish, our couple decided to have a romantic intimate wedding ceremony in the presence of their loved ones and then a fantastic wedding reception at their private property. 


This blog is entirely dedicated to our couples, Dario and Roberta’s wedding day. In this blog, you will be able to have a lovely sneak peek of their summer Boston wedding and can also seek some great inspiration for your upcoming summer wedding. While you will be going through Dario and Roberta’s Boston wedding portfolio, we will share some of our most-loved wedding pictures with you. So, take a deep breath, and let’s start scrolling and reading! 


Small Details That Make a Big Difference

Talking about our professional wedding photographers in and around Boston, all we want to say is that they are detail lovers. They never forget to capture the details including the smallest ones, as small details always make a big difference. Our creative Boston wedding photographers captured a beautiful shot of Roberta’s stunning flowing wedding dress hung over a beautiful hanger over a rustic wooden background. A beautiful designer wedding dress hung over a beautiful hanger is a kind of must-have shot for a wedding portfolio, and our wedding photographers did a fantastic job in capturing Roberta’s wedding dress. Moving on, they also captured the beautiful grey stain robes of Roberta’s bridesmaids in the best of frames. From our couple’s wedding, day invitation to our bride’s bridal accessories, her beautiful and glittery wedding shoesbridal bouquet, the wedding venue, the wedding decor, and everything in between was gracefully captured by our wedding photographer. There weren't any details left out to be captured. Everything was so perfect and creatively captured in great frames. 


Bride’s Getting Ready Moment- The Perfect Photography Opportunity

Before our gorgeous bride and her bridal party got all dolled up for the big day, they took full advantage of the bridal suit and posed for some pre-wedding photos. Roberta along with her bridesmaids posed for some pre-wedding photographs, being in robes and then holding a glass of champagne. Once our photographers were done capturing Roberta along with her bridesmaids, our creative wedding photographers captured stunning pictures of Roberta getting ready for her big day celebration along with the help of Maid-of-Honor!


We just loved the picture where Roberta’s bridesmaids helped her with her wedding dress and once all decked out for the day, the hug and the emotional moment between her and her M-O-H was something very special. 


For her summer wedding, Roberta chose to wear a deep-plunging sweetheart neckline ball gown wedding dress. The classic and exquisite floral applique on the front of her wedding dress and the illusion back with intricate floral embroidery made her look nothing less than a princess. For her bridal hairdo, she preferred them in a curl up-hairdo, with the loose curls framing her face in the right way while highlighting her stunning and sharp facial features! Roberta went with a nude makeup bridal look with rose pink lipstick and a beautiful neckpiece with a drop pendant. She completed her entire wedding day look with a long, floor-length wedding veil. When all dolled up, she looked incredible and breathtaking. 


Time for Family, Bridal Portraits, and Groom Portraits

Once a bride is all done with her dress, hair, and makeup, it’s time for wedding photographers to capture some really special and unique bridal portraits. Capturing Roberta's beautiful bridal portrait in a lovely frame, our Boston and nearby wedding photographers also captured some heartwarming family photos with our bride’s dad, her M-O-H, her bridesmaids, and the two little cute flower girls. Once done with family and friends, our talented wedding photographers captured some amazing and mind-blowing bridal portraits with a stunning green background. Roberta all decked out in her bridal wear with her lovely white bridal bouquets with green accents with a green backdrop, looked mesmerizing. Her bridal portraits made her look like the epitome of beauty. 


The picture that we love from her bridal portrait section was the one where she was creatively captured by our wedding photographers while sitting in that white vintage car. The one where the window of the car is the frame with her face smiling inside feels like a breath of fresh air on a summer afternoon! We also loved the picture where the door of the car was open and she put out her one leg to step down at the wedding venue. It was unique and she was slaying! She gracefully rocks that pose with utmost ease. In that exact picture, Roberta looked sexy and beautiful at once. 


While our bride was all set to walk down the aisle which indeed turned every head towards her in the crowd, our handsome and charming groom, Dario was also set to steal the hearts, too. We loved the picture where Dario’s mom helped his son to look nothing but the best for his wedding day groom look but fixing his boutonniere. For his wedding day groom look, Dario chooses to wear a stunning summer colorblue. We went for a blue tuxedo with a crisp white shirt, white tie, and dark brown shoes. His alluring look and cute smile were enough to set his bride’s and the guest's hearts on fire. Both our bride and groom looked a perfect match made in heaven in their wedding day outfits


The Indoor Wedding Ceremony

Our lovely bride made her way through the aisle walked down by her dearest daddy, whereas, our charming groom with all the excitement and anticipation waited for our bride. Our couple has a simple and traditional indoor wedding ceremony. Our Boston wedding photographer did capture beautiful indoor wedding pictures of Dario and Roberta’s indoor wedding ceremony. 


Our Favorite Moment- The Outdoor Photography Session

We just loved each photo captured once Dario and Roberta were announced, as husband and wife. After their indoor wedding ceremony, both heads inside the classic white vintage car shared a kiss inside it and allowed our professional photographer to capture those cute moments in the great frames. 


Our couple’s classic white vintage getaway car did offer a great backdrop for various romantic couple portraits. Dario and Roberta made the best of their getaway car and posed for various romantic and kissing pictures. We just loved the picture where they both stood close to each other with the car in the background while Roberta’s long wedding dress train on the clear road felt like a blanket of white pristine snow. That exact picture was so whimsical and beautiful for our Boston wedding photographers to capture in great frames. 


Once done with capturing a few couple portraits in the lavish green outdoors, it was the turn of family members to pose with the bride and the groom. Both the families posed for some heartwarming photos. Well, a wedding portfolio is incomplete with fun-filled photos of bridesmaids and groomsmen. The groom's squad color-coordinated their outfits. They all chose to wear blue pantsuits with a light blue shirt, pink tie, and a white rose boutonniere. All the groomsmen looked handsome and charming. Well, our pretty bridesmaids looked breathtaking too! They also had their dresses coordinated along with their bridesmaid's bouquet. All the bridesmaids choose to slip into rose pink long gowns with different neckline styles. In short, the team bride and team groom looked just too amazing when captured together in a frame. Once done with the family and wedding party photo sessions, our wedding photographers of Boston came back to our couples again!


This time, our couple ventured into the lovely green spaces of the private residence where they planned to have a classic green-filled outdoor wedding reception. Their back shots heading towards the greens while holding each other's hands gave us a strong couple of goals. We loved those photographs very much. With endless greenery and towering trees, the outdoor setting for their post-wedding photography was just incredible. At the private residence, there was a cute bride in the shape of a hut, which served as a great photo op! That hut bridge gave a lot of photography opportunities to our professional Boston wedding photographers to capture cute wedding pictures of our lovely couple, Dario and Roberta. Our couple went inside that hut bridge and posed for various kissing pictures and every picture turned out so great within that rustic setting. 


Time for The Wedding Reception Celebration

Looking at our Dario and Roberta’s green outdoor setting, it was pretty much clear that our couples are nature lovers! Their outdoor wedding reception did not need much decoration, as mother nature worked her magic well, in every possible and beautiful aspect. The lush green towering trees, the stone pathway, the string lights, satin drapes, and seasonal flowers, did create a magical or we say fairytale-inspired setting for our couples and all their wedding guests to relish every moment of the night. 


Before making their dramatic entry into their wedding reception, our couples ventured into their wedding reception area and did not leave any stone unturned with our wedding photographers. We are completely in love with the picture of Dario and Roberta, sharing a kiss on a beautiful balcony, while the green trees in the background and the golden ray of sun shining through it, lend perfect and whimsical frames! 


The celebration of the most beautiful day of Dario and Roberta heading towards the night, our lovely bride shared some beautiful and precious dance steps with her dearest daddy on the dance floor! That father-daughter moment was not only beautifully captured by our wedding photographers but also left everyone in the audience with teary eyes! It was such an “aww-moment”! 


Our newly married couples also had their share of fun on the dance floor. They did share some practiced moves and spins and of course a beautiful kiss before heading for their cake-cutting ceremony. Their simple and elegant two-tiered-white wedding cake adorned with natural green accents looked delicious. Our couples shared a kiss, then sipped their champagne and ended the memorable night of their life on a sweet note!


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