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Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square Wedding Photos

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A Perfect Spot for a dream wedding in Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square

Dream weddings might be something that has been brewing in your mind for a long while. You see them with utmost clarity, but little details and definitions are left up in the air. It is those little definitions which suddenly click when you find those perfect locations to home that dream. In other words, most dream weddings find their destinations when a perfect location is chosen. If you are from the stunning city of Pittsburgh and you have forever nurtured a dream of getting married in a grand waterfront hotel with exquisite details and an understated luxury, your search might just end which this read! 

Pittsburgh, lightly nicknamed 'The City of Bridges’, is a beautiful city, and it a muse for the photographers across the globe. Tucked away strategically just at the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers, Pittsburgh is enveloped by water from all sides, making bright blue waterlines a usual sight around here. Boasting over 446 bridges, this city is abundant with gorgeous bridges, conjuring deeply romantic sights everywhere you look. Can we all agree on how there is something irresistibly melancholic and romantic about bridges that manage to touch the heartstrings every single time? From the shimmering waterline and the colorful riverside attractions to the vibrant museums and tourist attractions like U.S. Steel Tower to Cultural District, Pittsburgh is a joy to be in, especially when you are trying to capture the city and weave it into your love story.  

And that is not all! The city is also abundant in the most gorgeous locations for you to tie the knot in! Among the huge array of hotels, parks, gardens, and museums, one such gem happens to be the beautiful Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square. The perfect destination for your romantic riverfront wedding, this Pittsburgh wedding venue will bring to life that picture in your head regarding your dream wedding. Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square also happens to be in close proximity to some of South Shore’s most impressive attractions like the Highmark Stadium and Point State Park, providing your wedding guests the opportunities for a quick touristy vibe if they are feeling it! Loaded with myriad photo opportunities for our Pittsburgh wedding photo experts, this charming wedding venue in Pittsburgh is just the scenic setting to let the most important day of your life come alive, as this is a location that forever brings back sweet memories into your mind as long as you live! 

As a glorious waterfront venue casually overlooking the beautiful Monongahela River, this 52 acres of sheer beauty offers the best of man-made and natural wonders from the architecture and fine decor which will take your breath away to the gorgeous skyline which will take your breath away a little more. The perfect blend of tangible comforts and the beauty of nature, this Pittsburgh wedding venue renders the best of both worlds not only for your wedding photography but also for your wedding day. The sprawling hotel rooms laced with state-of-the-art facilities and its unmissable luxurious vibe, along with its tastefully elegant decor, everything makes this charming location a huge win. Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square has been freshly renovated, leaving it all bright and sparkling like a shiny penny! Whether you are thinking of a small intimate ceremony with the dear ones or a big old wedding extravaganza, this wedding venue is equipped for both. Comfortably accommodating anywhere between 50 to 725 wedding guests, this venue comes with over 20,000 square feet worth of event space, providing you with a lot of flexibility in terms of your wedding events. 

The drop-dead gorgeous Riverview balcony gives you a wrap-around view of the city and can provide a cinematic backdrop as you say ‘I do’. This setting also works wonders for your wedding portraits. Let our Pittsburgh wedding photographer capture the charming view in the best of captures. Whether it is the shimmering brightness of the daylight or the gorgeous dramatic allure of the nightfall, the balcony view adds a vibe of magic to your already special day. Hello! ‘golden hour’ photography! One of the primary event spaces of the Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square is the Grand Station Ballroom, which is perfect for your reception celebration. Complete with stunning contemporary decor and enchanting floral displays, this event space sets the tone for a celebration which is remembered by your guests forever, With its classy romantic vibes and neutral touches, this space will fit into any wedding theme that you can think of! The Reflections Banquet Hall and the Admiral boast wide spacious spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows bringing the gorgeous skyline of the city inside. Posing for Instagrammable photos with your bridesmaids and groomsmen against these massive windows could be a great idea. The fact that it offers you charming views of the gorgeous city trademark, the iconic Smithfield bridge, is just the icing on the cake.

Immensely committed to helping you design a wedding day which will be the closest you can get to your dream wedding without actually dreaming, Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square is a place that will forever claim your heart. Supreme elegant interiors and majestic views aside, the wedding venue boasts a staff that takes care of everything. From ensuring your special day progresses with no bumps at all, to being on-hand, should you need any crisis averted, the staff is on top of their game with a smooth planning and seasoned execution. From the in-house caterers to the experienced wait staff, from the bar services to the cleanup, everything is done without breaking a sweat. Everything feels like a breeze in this wedding venue, giving you a taste of what true luxury feels like. All packages can be customized to fit your dream and vision, making them immensely personalized. 

After the magical day is almost over, you can relax in one of the hotel’s luxury suites, extending the sheer luxury of the location even further. Adorned with gorgeous views and current modern amenities, this elegant suite is built for luxury and comfort. Order in-room service and take in the day which just passed, and the night is not yet over! By choosing this amazing wedding venue in Pittsburgh for your wedding day, you will forever be etching this place in a cozy corner of your heart, thinking back of its easy luxury and stunning views with a full and happy heart! Isn’t that what dream weddings are made of?

Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square

300 W Station Square Dr
Pittsburgh, PA   15219
(412) 261-2000

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