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Your Best Wedding Photography in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, lovingly named 'The City of Bridges’ is a photographer’s paradise, as it's quite easy on the eye! Strategically situated at the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers, Pittsburgh is surrounded by water bodies and the thread of blue water runs through the city like its very soul. Photographers and bridges are a time-tested love affair and boasting 446 bridges, Pittsburgh provides photo opportunities abundantly.

From colorful riverside attractions and shops to unique museums and tourist attractions, Pittsburgh is bustling and soothing all at once. From The U.S. Steel Tower standing tall at 841 ft to the Cultural District, Pittsburgh has so much to offer, it's amazing!

If you think Pittsburgh is where you want to weave your love story, we understand why. Just one look around and it's easy to see why you would love this city and why so many weddings and engagements end up happening with its panoramic views as a backdrop. The deep blue of the water, the steel of the bridge cutting through the skyline as the sun dips down, there is something about Pittsburgh and you want that to come through in your pictures. If you are looking for options to frame your wedding and engagement photographs around, we come with the most perfect locations below. Skim through our expansive list and take your pick!

Top Pittsburgh Engagement Photography Locations

Frick Park If you are in Pittsburgh and looking into engagement pictures, Frick Park is an easy favorite. Set foot into the Frick Park and you immediately are embraced by the greenery! Spread across 561-acres, Frick Park is one of Pittsburgh’s four largest historical parks and is filled with abundant green foliage, rolling grasslands and extensive trails running through the woods and is quite picture-friendly. A recluse from the buzz of city life, Frick Park is a welcome environment filled with picturesque corners and having your engagement pictures taken here is quite the treat. From romantic stone-lined paths to cozy nooks in the woods, there are photo opportunities by the bunch here. Catch the best of Frick Park during the golden hours and the place comes alive with a romantic golden glow you see in romantic movies. Frick Park is the perfect engagement location and will add greatly to your Pittsburgh engagement photography. Whether it is the springtime when the trees gleam in their greenest best or it’s the fall where the photo-ready trees change colors, Frick Park is a photographer’s dream in every season-to get everything from the spring engagement photography to the winter engagement photography and everything in between!

Point State Park With ridiculously romantic corners, long trails, and lush picnic-worthy grasslands, Point State Park can give your engagement session an apt background to get those perfect clicks. Situated at the infamous Golden Triangle of Pittsburgh, this park sits right at the merging point of three rivers. Having an interesting history, this park was once an industrial area and was later transformed to this album-worthy beauty that it is today! From dramatic fountains of water shooting skywards, the gorgeous bridge which adds height and dimension to every photograph, and white loveseats to catch a pretty picture or two, Point State Park has a lot of interesting elements and makes your engagement photography come alive with character and life! Overlooking gorgeous scenery spread all around, from rivers and hills and green spaces, there is a reason why this engagement location is the one that leaves a mark in people’s lives! Let you Pittsburgh engagement photography come alive with abundant greenery, interesting architectural structures, and serene waterfronts, and you will be left with an engagement album that you will love flipping through in the years to come! Let Point State Park paint your engagement pictures in bright brilliant strokes!

Station Square Something about this engagement location is hearteningly refreshing. The gorgeous skyline of the city which sits elegantly on the edge of the Monongahela River looks stunning as you pose for pictures with your partner by the railing. Situated in the South Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this lovely engagement location is a sprawling 52-acre hotspot for eating and entertainment purposes. A celebrated spot for the city-dwellers to spend a lovely weekend with family and friends, this location has a lot to offer both in terms of photo opportunities and fun activities. Weighing heavy on railroad history, this location is quaint is the most picture-friendly way possible, and from Landmarks Building to the Freight House Shops, everything looks like it's just sitting there, looking pretty for your Pittsburgh engagement photographers to shoot. On a sunny day, when the sunshine is just right, the river sparkler like it has pennies in there for grabs, the storefront greenery adds to the picturesque quality of this location, while the fountains add to the structural dimension of your engagement shoot. This urban playground is conveniently current while taking you on a wild train ride to the yesteryears. The photographs by the bridge will look sweet and timelessly charming.

Downtown Pittsburgh What better way to capture your love story than against the pink cherry blossoms which will add that dreamy ethereal vibe to your engagement photo shoot? Situated at the angle where Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers embrace each other, Downtown Pittsburgh is surely the livewire of this amazing city and is packed to the brim with shops, restaurants, lush parks, and inspiring architectural elements. No wonder this engagement location will add a dollop of fun to your engagement photoshoot just with its sheer textures and vibrant colors, capturing your love story in a paradise-like setting forever. Whether you head to the Point State Park area, with its alluring fountains and lush foliage or you go towards 6th avenue, adored by the historically charming buildings and romantic bridges, Downtown Pittsburgh grabs the cake when it comes to Pittsburgh engagement photography, and for all the valid reasons. Whether it's the cotton candy blossoms or the twinkling lights which adorn this engagement location at night, this location is a postcard frame, waiting to be captured!

Top Pittsburgh Wedding Photography Locations

Bella Sera The kind of wedding venue which immediately embraces your senses with warmth and reassurance is always a good sign and Bella Sera is just that! Sprawling yet comfortable interiors in warm tones which are perfectly challenged by the stone details provide the perfect background for your wedding day. The sweeping staircase and the neutral-toned walls enable your Pittsburgh wedding photographer to spin magic and create perfect images! As you step out of the warm blanket of the wedding venue, the outdoors is just as magical. Rolling beds of grass, aging trees, and tall grass tufts add color and texture to the outdoors and create perfect photos. Pictures taken by enchanting ponds end up looking magical and make your wedding album a pleasurable experience. Situated just mere minutes from Interstate 79, Bella Sera in Canonsburg stretches across seven acres of a picture-friendly journey of landscape packed with plenty of photo opportunities of wedding photography. Enabling you to accommodate 400 guests, this grand wedding venue is an event space of 18,000-square foot, and is an extremely photo-happy one at that! Its unique cozy Tuscan decor teams with the abundant outdoors filled with wild corners and make this wedding venue a treat for sure!

Futules’ Harmar House Build memorable wedding imagery with the epic Futules’ Harmar House. This stunning Pittsburgh wedding venue ticks all the boxes and ensures a wedding day filled with a series of delightful moments captured in the most stunning images! The wedding venue comes with a 44-foot motor coach which can be the perfect spot for your bridal party to chill and get ready for the wedding while the bride gets some amazing photographs clicked as you do so. This is when you can let your Pittsburgh wedding photographer capture you and your girls in the most creative shots. The ballroom, on the other hand, accommodates around 500 guests and is perfect for the wedding reception. Adorned with exposed brick and warm wood paneling, the interior gives a vibe that is contemporary and inviting. Let your Pittsburn wedding pictures capture the cozy atmosphere of the wedding venue as the wedding party has the time of their lives. The moody dark corners of the interiors provide opportunities to incorporate abundant lighting in the form of enchanting string lights, glowing candles, and pops of colorful lighting, creating the perfect photo backdrop. The warm tones of the dance floor are inviting and as you and your partner sway to the music on your first dance, let your engagement photographer capture the same in the most inviting light! With Futules’ Harmar House as your wedding venue, you will be creating a memory to last you a lifetime!

Carnegie Museum of Art You will feel like you are drenched in opulence as soon as you walk into the Carnegie Museum of Art. Claimed to be one of the most significant U.S. museums of contemporary art, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh is a cultural playground to ensure that your wedding images come out looking stunning. If you and your partner are perpetually fascinated by the wonders of art and want the marvels to lead to artistic images to be featured in the fabric of your love story, Carnegie Museum of Art is the place to be! For the engaged couples who are a little out of the usual clan, this venue will fulfill all the artistic and aesthetic parameters. Your Pittsburgh wedding photographers will love capturing you in this ethereal setting, reserve those moments, and create art of their own. The elegant marble sculptures, marble staircases, and columned pillars add to the staggering beauty of the building. This enchanting wedding venue also provides awe-inspiring views of the city along with customizable décor to incorporate into your wedding, ensuring your wedding album comes out looking perfect. Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh provides you an assortment of choices within the location for you to choose from. Choose the one which suits the mood of your wedding day the best, and no matter what you choose, your wedding pictures will come out looking like absolute perfection.

Georgetown Center Just a little south from Century III Mall, Georgetown Center is an epic wedding venue in Pittsburgh and is one of the prime choices for most of the people in the city. Adorned with a contemporary design that allows ample natural light, it's no surprise that this wedding venue is favored by engaged couples and photographers alike. The chic and modern design which displays an elegant and sophisticated streak which translates beautifully in the wedding pictures. As soon as you walk in on the day of the wedding, the entrance foyer takes you by aback with its grandeur. The high glass atrium, the plush lobby, and two venue houses, all showcase a classic setting waiting to be captured in photographs. Georgetown Center comes with photo opportunities by the dozen and can easily accommodate around 200 people. The neutral tones, the crystal chandeliers and the quiet elegance which ensures your Pittsburgh wedding photography is forever infused in one’s memory for years to come. Let your wedding photographer take advantage of the neutral palettes and abundant lighting to create perfect images to last you forever.

Whether you are a city dweller or a visitor, whether you want a huge hotel wedding or a more intimate BNB style one, this city is certainly equipped to make your special day memorable in the most beautiful way. Pittsburgh with its deep blue water lines, towering skyline and the reflection of the buzzing cityscape in the water paints quite a pretty picture in one’s mind. Also, there is no denying that this city is uniquely romantic and is the perfect backdrop for a love story to play out. The City of Bridges surely tugs at the heartstrings and bridges two hearts just as easily as two banks! Let our George Street photographers capture the magic in the camera lenses and create perfect photographs that you will treasure for life as husband and wife! Love stories are forever, and having a city as charming as Pittsburgh gracing your love story is truly precious. Let your Pittsburgh photography come alive with an expansive range of textures, colors, and character and let our professional wedding photographers based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania do the job with finesse! Visit our price and availability page to see our skilled photographers’ availability and prices!

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