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Your Best Wedding Photography in Harrisburg

Harrisburgh is a photographer’s paradise and it’s easy to see why! Sitting pretty and proudly on the banks of Susquehanna River, Harrisburg is the state capital of Pennsylvania and is quite the colorful and textured city, making it a perfect addition to a photo frame. Peppered by gems like the National Civil War Museum to the state museum of Pennsylvania, this city seems to have quite a lot to say, and it does so with the most beautiful art depictions which translate beautifully in images! However, it is not all art and has a myriad of other additions, making this a pretty glorious city. Known for its vibrancy and beauty and treasured for its rich historical relevance, the city of Harrisburg has played a significant role in the Westward Expansion, the Civil War, and the Industrial Revolution. And that's not all. It is also a beautiful city pictorially speaking, and is known to be quite a treat for a photographer! The tall piercing cityscape teamed with the glimmering reflections of the city lights makes Harrisburg a perfect backdrop for your love story to come alive. If you and your partner have your heart set on Harrisburg and want to explore the city further, we approve of your call! If you are looking for some of the best spots around the city to weave into your love story and let the photography tell an epic tale, wait no further because we are here with the best of options.

Top Harrisburg Engagement Photography Locations

City Island & Market Street Bridge

There is something about getting those engagement photographs shot with the picture-worthy Susquehanna River in perfect view, and it's heartwarmingly romantic. City Island sets the perfect setting for your Harrisburg engagement photography session and does so with such panache, you will feel like you are in a romantic movie. The Market Street Bridge is quite a sight as the sun goes down and opens the door to countless photo opportunities for your engagement photographer to take advantage of. The bridge showcases panoramic views of the city skyline throughout the day and night and each frame in the camera is bound to be prettier than the last. The City Island is buzzing with activities ranging from riverboats to village strolls and beaches and surely will add character to your photographs. From refreshing blooms to green grassland with white fencing, this engagement photography location is jam-packed with photo opportunities. Catch a snap or two with your partner around the golden hour and your pictures will end up looking sunkissed and ethereal. The real party starts at the sundown, when the twinkle lights come out in the bridge, giving the entire area a twinkling iridescent glow.

Harrisburg Riverfront

An oasis of greenery and the serenity of the quietly flowing water makes this engagement location quite the precious one. On choosing Harrisburg Riverfront as your preferred engagement spot, you essentially choose tranquility and chill vibes for your Harrisburg engagement photography. The spot is a slice of paradise with its beautiful swaying trees, the strip of blue waters, and cozy riverfront benches which make for the perfect romantic spot to click those pictures. Go in for a stroll along the stretch of greenery and you will find a treasure chest of scattered art, intriguing sculptures, and inviting gardens. You will also find the cutest little bridge which will allow your engagement photographer to capture a moment or two. Whether it's the glass archways or the stone backdrops, Harrisburg Riverfront will provide you photo opportunities by the bunch and will add a clean and natural feel to your engagement pictures. The images taken along the marble stairway with the metal railings, add that dash of class to your Harrisburg engagement photography, making them a timeless addition to your engagement album. There is an unmistakable air of calm in this engagement location which seeps through your engagement photography ensuring you will be surely glad you chose this place as your preferred location to showcase your love story. 

Linwood Estate

One step into Linwood Estate and this place will take you on a quick sprint to the yesteryears where you and your partner can take long walks in the walkways, as you take your surroundings in. Tucked away across 121 historic acres, the treasure cove of nature Linwood Estate can be found in famed Pennsylvania's Great Appalachian Valley. This engagement location is surely a treat to the senses, as you are immediately enveloped by the best of nature. Linwood Estate is surely nature’s playground and provides your engagement photographer with tons of photo opportunities to capture you with the best prop that you can ever find, the vibrant greenery presented by mother nature! With so many places to wander and so many angles to be explored, your engagement photographer will surely be spoilt with the places for choices. The white picket fencing lined by the most vibrant greens makes the perfect backdrop for your photographs.  The long walkway lined by the prettiest of trees with shades of green as varying as you can imagine can transport you to a romantic movie. Let your engagement photographer capture this postcard-perfect moment in the prettiest of frames. 

Lititz Spring Park

Looking for a recluse in the hustle-bustle of the middle of Harrisburg city? A park that is an epitome of beauty and charm, this is a location that will surely weave its magic on your engagement photoshoot. Adorned with natural beauty lent by the green grass beds and the sweeping trees, Lititz Spring Park is one of the popular choices for your Harrisburg engagement photography, especially for those dreamy portrait shots. Packed to the brim with scenic walkways, charming and serene water bodies, romantic fountains, and the cutest bridges, this engagement location will surely not disappoint when it comes to photography opportunities. This engagement location gets the best of nature and great to visit in almost all the four seasons. The colorful flowers bloom with happy abundance in this location on a breezy spring day, and the changing colors of the leaves look charming and pretty in those balmy autumn afternoons. This engagement location will surely match up with your expectations and will suit most engagement photography themes quite seamlessly. From the abundant greenery, calm sheets of water, bubbling fountains to cozy niches, this park is a photographer’s playground and can add gems to your engagement album.

Top Harrisburg Wedding Photography Locations

Cafe 1500

Cafe 1500 is wildly famous for its unique and delicious food settings, and having a wedding in this location is probably the best idea ever! Cleverly designed with both indoor and outdoor options, this wedding venue is a smart choice if you consider the temperamental nature of the city of Harrisburg. This is surely on event spaces which are equally enticing in both the indoor and the outdoor experiences! The gorgeous rooftop garden is sure to knock the wind right out of your breath with its sheer beauty. The sprinkle of greenery in the location lets you stay close to nature, event, and the unlikely choice of setting. The simple openness of the industrial-chic terrace surely promises a wedding day you will think of fondly forever. The clean modern lines of the location teamed with the stunning views from the terrace paint a dramatic picture and look epic in your engagement photographs. With the gorgeous views of the Susquehanna River teamed with the glimmering cityscape lacing the backdrop, there is something about this engagement location which leaves an impact. Choosing Cafe 1500 as your wedding venue lets you explore the experience of floating in the sky, as this gravity-defying location backed by stunning views surely is a memorable experience. 

Appalachian Brewing Company

Looking for a wedding that stands out from the stately mansions and floral details? Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company is a party on its own and will play the perfect host to your wedding day. The warm wood detailing teams well with the cozy wedding vibes, resulting in wedding pictures that exude warmth and a sense of inviting assurance. The Abbey bar is decorated with shiny hardwood flooring, exposed beam ceilings, and warm lightings. Appalachian Brewing Company is perfect for a cozy wedding with a capacity of around 75 people in a seated gathering and around 250 people for a cocktail-style reception and is just the right size for a gathering which feels intimate without feeling cramped. Let this bundle of joy of a wedding venue bring some spark to your wedding photography by hosting your wedding here. The wedding venue is just perfect for a small-sized wedding without compromising on the feel-good vibe of a wedding day. Your wedding photographer will be elated to be able to capture the magic that this place delivers and we promise, the results will be amazing. If you are looking for a courthouse wedding with a small reception, this wedding venue is exactly what you need to explore.

City House Bed & Breakfast

City House is a quaint little bed and breakfast and tucked away in the midst of Harrisburg, this location is perfect as a wedding location. Sitting pretty around Susquehanna River, the City House Bed & Breakfast comes with all the bearings to ensure your wedding day is a grand success! With four guest rooms to accommodate the wedding party, this wedding location is quite a charming place for your love story to be set against. With abundant space both indoors and outdoors, the City House Bed & Breakfast gives you the nostalgic feel of a vacation home, and the quaint red-bricked building with the white accents and the green natural elements makes it quite a win in the books of wedding venues. The location is quite photo-happy and every frame captures your beautiful wedding comes out amazingly in the wedding photographs. Add in some string lights, and this location will make you feel like you are throwing your wedding party in a french household backyard, and we love it! The clean architectural build of the location is refreshing to the palette and brings in a comforting and inviting feel to the wedding venue. Most engaged couples also love the fact that City House Bed and Breakfast comes with a lot of customizable options, providing a lot of flexibility to the couple, and making it a favorite in the city of Harrisburg.

Colonial Golf and Tennis Club

There is something about this location that instantly reassures you that you have made the right decision when you choose this location as your wedding venue. Not only does Colonial Golf and Tennis Club stand at par from its competitors by the sheer beauty of the landscaped golf course, rolling grass beds, and a vast openness but also it is a staggeringly beautiful piece of property on its own. Dotting the endless greenery are trees just majestic and you instantly know your wedding photography will be unmatchable, thanks to the sprawling beauty of the terrain. The garden wedding in this amazing wedding location will look stunning on your wedding album. Accommodating around 300 guests, this wedding location ensures a grand wedding with the ease which comes with being such an elegant and stunning property. Let your Harrisburg wedding photographer catch the wedding details in the most intricate manner, adding gems to your wedding album.

Harrisburg is the best of nature put together in the prettiest bundle, and works as the best canvas to paint your story on! There are so many reasons to love this thriving heartbeat of a city, be it the glorious riverbeds, the historical treasure chests, and the natural playgrounds. Whether Harrisburg runs deep into your skin and is an integral part of your life, or you are just a big fan of the city in general, Harrisburg has a place for every love story. Let the lush natural beauty of the city reflect in the deep blue of the river, and lush flora and fauna of the parks and gardens, the vibrant colors of the sky, and the twinkling of the city lights provide the best of opportunities to your Harrisburg wedding photographer to weave a tale which is memorable and intriguing! Let our George Street photographers based in Harrisburg capture the magic in vibrant hues. Visit our price and availability page to see photographers’ availability and package prices. 

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