Spring Preview: Wedding Trends for 2020-2021

As L.M. Montgomery aptly said, "That is one good thing about this world... there are always sure to be more springs!" Every year, spring is relentless and brings us a veil of optimism to lift our hearts. Like the first ray of sunshine after a dreary long winter, spring brings tales and whispers of fresh blooms, pink lemonades, and hopes for future tan lines. 


Spring allows you to do away with the winter blues and the warm tones and bring in colors and trends which are fresh out of the oven. With the arrival of spring, it is only natural that we prepare and finally get excited about the year that lays out in front of us. ‘Tis the season of looking forward, planning and prepping, and with 2020 wedding trends, there is surely a lot to look forward to! With so many wedding trends coming in and out every day, let us make a list of all the things that we can expect at weddings soon! Listen up, 2020 and 2021 brides, and take notes because we have a lot for you for your wedding inspiration!


Intricate detailing: Lace and detailing in the wedding dress is not a front-pager, however, we are paying more attention to detail this year and bringing out the intricate designs of the wedding dress to its full glory. Modern lace designs that don’t look dated and unexpected detailings seem to be what we will be seeing a lot in 2020 weddings.


Lush greenery: 2020 has ‘go green’ written all over it. And it is surely no leisurely afterthought now, as people are now going the whole mile, and with a frenzied panic! This means, no extravagant amounts are spent shipping floral arrangement from across the planet and rather going sustainable with lush greenery and local floral arrangements, or choosing a destination which is already blessed with abundant foliage.


Vibrant hues: 2020 has a lot of pretty colors that are most likely going to find their way to your wedding theme. The colors which are expected to blow up are neo mint, which is a pastel pistachio tone, cassis, which lies in the sweet spot between pink and purple, a mellow yellow which is a little heavy on the earthy undertones, a milky orange color to resemble a cantaloupe and a misty blue which is crisp yet moody. 


Go large in floral: While cutesy ditsy florals are always in vogue in the warmer months, this year, the florals bloom a little larger! When choosing floral arrangements or flowers for decor, go dramatic and large, and the effect will be very current yet classically appealing! A smaller bunch of just a couple of oversized flower stems is refreshing and minimal while being high on impact.


Renaissance dress details: Dresses are big on shoulders and sleeves this year. Off-the-shoulders details, puffy balloon sleeves and delicate renaissance details in wedding dresses are predicted to be huge this year. Bring in this poet sleeve that meets the milkmaid inspiration to the aisle and you will end up with a look so feminine, romantic and dramatic, it is heartbreakingly beautiful!


Antique and rental furniture: About time! Think antique or rental furniture, preferably in a mismatched group that looks quaint yet goes together perfectly! It will give your wedding a last-minute strewn together elopement look, and also will make the guests feel more at home and at ease. It will give your wedding a character while being more sustainable and save a ton of money.


Garden inspired venues: Think victorian rose garden meets Alice in Wonderland and voila! 2020 brings in a secret garden vibe with it which is enchanting and does away with the perfectly-perfect decor and gives in the naturally pretty touches that a garden provides. It simultaneously makes you feel like you have taken a trip to the yesteryears and have also fallen down the rabbit hole.


Unsung bridal accessory heroes: While jewelry has had its moment, it’s all about the statement bridal accessories right now. Think intricately designed ear cuffs and pretty-as-a-picture barrettes in pearly details and regal hair combs. 2020 is about unexpected touches of accessories that will complete your look.


Floral patterned ties: The grooms of tomorrow are going to be owning every trend and are not scared to try anything. Mirroring the floral wedding dresses, the floral trend will be creeping its way to making its presence felt in the groom’s ties, and the effect is eclectic without being costumey. Think a watered-down Mad-hatter vibe, and you are right there! 


Magical mysticism: Did you hear? Mysticism is in! Tarot reading, crystal healing or aura cleansing, bring it all in! However, the catch is to get the vibe just right! You can’t force such a vibe and it’s best if you let it be led by the natural inclination of the couple. The point here is to believe in the unknown and get the good vibes flowing free!


Inclusive menus: So you are a gluten-intolerant vegan with a nut allergy? 2020 has you covered! The menus are expected to be more inclusive and considerate of people with variable food choices. The same goes for the drink menu, as the weddings are going to whip up delicious non-alcoholic drinks too so that everyone is taken care of!


Trends are transient, yet they bear high on influence! They are bound to impact our decisions whether we like it or not. From here, the fate of wedding trends in 2020 and onwards looks quite promising. It seems like we are going back to the natural organic vibes, going big on florals and greenery, looking inwards and are intrigued by the mystic unknown. There is a thread of ‘save the planet’, responsible consumption and eco-friendly decisions that are not limited to just weddings and have found their feet in every sector. And that is not only a pretty sight, but it is also great for our planet earth. Now, isn’t that a heartening sight!