Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center WEDDING PHOTOS

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center Wedding Photos

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A True-blue DC wedding in the Elegant Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center!

Love makes the world go round and results in wars and treaties as well as songs, movies, and poems. It is also love which makes us dream of the future ahead in technicolor hues and leads us to build a castle in the air. Once bitten by the lovebug, it is only a matter of time until you start planning for your wedding! Once you and your sweetheart are engaged, you will find just how much fun and exciting planning a wedding can be. From choosing that perfect dress to matching the linens to the flowers, it is a riveting journey and full of wonder. While there are millions of different decisions you will be taking during this time, one of the most imperative ones is choosing your wedding venue. Your wedding venue is one of the most crucial parts of your wedding day. It provides a home for your dream wedding to come alive in. Having the perfect wedding venue match your wedding theme will give flight to your imagination and will help you express your vision perfectly. 

For a couple planning for a wedding in Washington DC, the city provides so many opportunities for you to choose from. Brace yourself because this is a city that needs no introduction and will bring no disappointment. The capital city of the United States and home to several important trademark buildings like the White HouseLincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument, this is a place full of political significance. Being named after George Washington, the first President of the United States and a Founding Father, Washington DC is full of historical richness, and subsequently has a lot to offer in terms of photo opportunities. Having this majestic city as a background will add significantly to your wedding photography. Perfect for couples who enjoy a bit of historic references or just love the grandness that the city serves, Washington DC plays the perfect muse for both lovers and photographers. Let our Washington DC wedding photographers capture the historical marvels and the subtle romanticism that the city offers. Apart from history, Washington DC also comes with several serene wonders of nature, exquisite golf clubs, charming sanctuaries, enchanting wineries, and more! Adorned with architectural marvels and the best of touristy spots, this is a city equipped to provide you with a wedding backdrop which is unlike any others. There are several remarkable wedding locations dotting the city, each one more charming than the last, and with Washington DC, you will never be pressed for options!

Speaking of wedding locations in Washington DC, there is no other wedding venue like the famed Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. A stunning venue that provides the best of everything for hosting an elegant wedding, be it the contemporary design, the sophisticated touches of the interiors, or the jaw-dropping panoramic views overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue. Located at the heart of downtown DC, this stunning DC wedding location promises a wedding that will impress and be memorable! Choose from the range of signature spaces to complement your specific view of the ceremonies and receptions. Each of the event spaces is adorned with high soaring ceilings, stunning architectural touches, and an abundance of natural light, ensuring our Washington DC wedding photographer is able to capture the details of the wedding in all clarity and in all of its glory! Perfect for that textbook DC wedding, the historic building is perfect for a wedding of any size or stature-intimate or grand. A perfect place to kick-start the new chapter of your life, Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center is sure to inspire and awe both you and your guests. 

Whether you’re hoping to host a few close ones or a few thousands of guests, Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center will provide you with the wedding you want. Featuring 21 event spaces covering 65,000 square feet of contemporary and elegant space, the wedding venue is equipped to accommodate up to 5,000 guests comfortably! With 21 event spaces at your disposal, a couple looking forward to getting married will be spoilt for choices. Let us take a peek at those event spaces! The Amphitheater is a multi-tiered auditorium with a capacity to seat 595 guests, VIP access, and a green room. The Atrium is a stunning dramatic space with glass ceilings and soaring skylight along with terrazzo marble and granite flooring and has the capacity of accommodating 1,550 guests. The Arium Ballroom is a stunning contemporary ballroom with a maximum occupancy of 1275 guests and features a grand staircase and tons of natural light. The Atrium Hall is a modern hall with a two-level foyer along with dual entrances and natural light exposure and can entertain up to 1500 people. The Continental is a three-room suite with a large pre-function space and multiple options and has the occupancy of 100 guests.

The wedding venue also comes with Hemisphere Suite, Horizon Ballroom, International Gateway, Meridian Suite, Oceanic Suite, Polaris Suite, each bearing different occupancy capacity, and providing different provisions for an indoor wedding celebration. The Pavilion is a dramatic space abundant in natural lighting and perfect for the Washington DC wedding photographer to click some delicate captures. It is surrounded by six balconies overlooking Wilson Plaza. The Rotunda is another brilliantly lit circular space with a 28-foot dome ceiling providing panoramic views of Pennsylvania Avenue and large foyer space. Lastly, this stunning venue also comes with the Woodrow Wilson Plaza, a four-acre courtyard adorned with neoclassical architecture and stunning hero-sized artwork. This also connects the Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues with metro access. With so many event spaces, one is bound to find an event space that expresses their unique style the best. 

While many determinants into making a wedding location an absolute favorite, the most impactful impression comes from a staff that knows how to treat their guests in the most special manner. Sure Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center is a gorgeous place that is sure to rate high on its aesthetic value, but it is the welcoming nature of the venue which will make it stand out from the pool of wedding venues. The splendid service provided by the skilled team of professionals makes one feel like they are esteemed and taken care of. The team is committed to providing you with the best of services while they ensure that your day goes by smoothly, as they pay close consideration to every little detail of the day. They are experienced and skilled in what they do and are determined to bring to you the wedding day that you have always dreamt of! The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center bring in an exciting range of services for couples on their wedding day which includes several comprehensive packages. Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center offer a range of catering options, as its culinary team is adept at preparing multi-ethnic cuisines and menus flavored with a modern-day twist. The on-site professionals are there to deliver to you the vision you hold close to your heart and focus on those tiny details to ensure that you get just the wedding that you wanted! The venue’s highly skilled catering director works closely with the couples to plan their décor and all the little details which makes up their big day. With all these services at hand, you are sure to have a wedding of your dreams in the gorgeous Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center!

A perfect wedding venue is more than just a hotel banquet or barn to host your wedding in. It is the words to your narrative. It provides a platform for your dreams and helps you achieve the wedding you have been dreaming of. By saying yes to a wedding venue, you say yes to having a particular venue forever be a part of your love story. It is a name that will forever be a part of your wedding narrative, and hence, your life, and choosing the right place will make you excited every time you reminisce. Having Ronan Reagan be a part of your wedding will make looking back at your wedding day a happy occasion every single time. A gorgeous wedding venue that speaks of elegance and timeless class, Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center will make your wedding memory a precious one. Every time you flip through your wedding album, we assure you will be happy you chose this location as your “the one.”

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC   20004
(202) 312-1300

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