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Chicago Marriott O'Hare Wedding Photos

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A Chicago Marriott O’Hare Wedding for a Timeless and Classically Appealing Memory!

A wedding is your one shot of making your creativity come alive. It is your one shot to live your fairytale. It is your wedding day. If you want a wall made up of 1000 red roses, you very well can get it! It is probably a day you spent a good part of your life planning towards and it is your closest encounter to a fairytale. This is exactly why couples have such a strong vision in their mind about how their wedding day should look like. Because this is not just a day like the many other days of your life. This a pivotal moment, a day you will be creating lasting memories for years and decades to come. This means every detail that goes into the wedding matters, some more so than others. The wedding venue is surely one of the important elements of the wedding day because it provides a backdrop for the most important day of your life to take place in.                                                                                              

If you are a couple from Chicago or its suburbs, you are probably spoilt for options when it comes to wedding venues and picturesque locations for engagement photography or wedding photography. A city that comes with its world-class architecture and stunning artwork, a range of awe-inspiring statues and sculptures, Chicago is full of interesting elements that provide the city the stature that it flaunts. Having always been a photographer’s muse, Chicago is undoubtedly a pretty city to look at, with each of its numerous random frames making pieces of art with every click. Aptly named ‘Windy City’, Chicago comes with its iconic breeze which sometimes changes to a temperamental windy nature, painting quite a pretty picture. Being home to one of the most epic skylines in America, Chicago boasts some of the most amazing city sunsets! Starting from the infamous Chicago deep-dish pizza to Chicago BullsChicago is all about going big or going home, and that can be witnessed everywhere. Embedded with stunning pieces of architecture like the Cloud Gate and Sears Tower along with refreshing touristy spots like Navy Pier and Shedd Aquarium, Chicago is a fun experience all in all, which promises to leave behind only smiles and good memories at its wake. Situated by the stunning Lake Michigan, Chicago is a bag of fun and there is always something to do here, with its ravishing white-sand beaches and fun parks and beguiling museums. A vivacious city, full of energy and charm! Having Chicago as the background of your love story will add a bit of zest to your Chicago wedding photography. Whether it is for a fun and quirky engagement photography session or a wedding venue full of grace and splendor, this is a city that delivers abundantly. 

Just a short drive of 15 minutes from Downtown Chicago sits Chicago Marriott O’Hare, one of Chicago’s most celebrated wedding venues. Located at a comfortable distance from the Chicago O'Hare International Airport and the Blue Line Train Station, this stunning wedding location is easily accessible for both the city dwellers and out-of-town wedding guests. The hotel also comes with complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport for the easy convenience of its precious guests. The Marriott O’Hare gives off a chic and urban feel which comes with a modern hotel. Dipped with luxurious elegance, hosting your wedding in this location will give your special day a sophisticated edge. Your guests are ensured to have premium experience throughout the stay, as they dine at Brickton, the hotel’s all-day restaurant serving delicious American cuisine and handcrafted cocktails. One can hop into the hotel's 24-hour gym or swim in the indoor and outdoor pools. Chicago Marriott O'Hare also provides a variety of rooms and suites options, both for the couples and the guests. Take advantage of the luxury hotel amenities and we promise it will be worth it! With a lineage of 50-years of serving, this hotel wedding venue provides a memorable experience for every soul who steps into the property, be it travelers, families, or love-struck couples waiting to be married. 

As soon as you step into the property, you are greeted by lush green grounds, giving you a peek at the elegance waiting inside. The stunning and elegant lobby space and the grand ballroom give off an opulent vibe, adding a sense of regality to your special day. The interiors are expansive, as the Grand Ballroom provides 27,500 square feet of space and can accommodate up to 600 guests. Perfect for any style of event with any of the diverse themes, the Chicago Marriott O’Hare is the perfect hotel wedding venue to host your wedding celebration in Chicago! From a wedding of any size, be it a guest list of 50 or 600, the wedding venue will step up to the challenge. The hotel interiors will leave you and your wedding guests with a jaw-dropping effect, with its elegant draping fabric and eloquent floral arrangements, and custom lightings. The Chicago Marriott O’Hare comes with its sculptural lighting fixtures throughout the building which adds to the overall elegance and aesthetic intrigue of the space. The majestic modern ballroom boasts elegance and stylish charm from every corner, ensuring your Chicago wedding photography turns out amazing! Whether you focus on the Chiavari chairs, or the round tables, the wooden walls, or the dome-shaped chandeliers, everything in this space is built keeping easy elegance in mind. Chicago Marriott O'Hare ensures that your customized wedding experience is nothing short of perfect and will exceed your expectations! 

A wedding lasts a day but it's the memories which last forever. While the memories of your wedding day are not the ones you will forget quite as easily, it is the photographs and the videos which last further than a memory ever would. While some might think it is just a photograph, wedding photography is much more than that. It is a pocket full of memories wrapped up in a time capsule to be treasured forever. This is exactly why getting married in a wedding venue which provides plenty of photo opportunities is always a great idea. Chicago Marriott O'Hare is a place that provides a lot of scopes for our Chicago wedding photographers to capture you and your partner in flattering angles. The majestic interiors of this Chicago wedding venue instantly captivate you with its elegant opulence and grandeur, making every photograph a classically timeless piece of art! With the neutral color palette of the event spaces and the abundant lighting brought about by the majestic lighting, our wedding photographers in Chicago suburbs will be able to capture the magic of the night in the most glorious frames. 


A beautiful wedding venue without an eloquent staff is just a building, and there are enough of those to go around. Chicago Marriott O' Hare comes not only with settings that will wow all your guests but also will have them talking about it for ages. When you choose a wedding venue over a dozen others that are treated well, it's worth every bit of the search. The helpful and prompt staff at Chicago Marriott O'Hare is more than happy to help you design your dream wedding just as per you envisioned. Not only are they there to help you through every event related to your wedding, but they will also help you troubleshoot any problem which crops up, big or small, and help you organize an event that is unique to you. In addition to their attentiveness and attention to detail, they have a marvelous in-house catering group that offers custom menus for your wedding. The wedding venue also provides event rentals along with lighting and sound equipment. There is also a provision for you to stay in the hotel before and after your wedding events. In short, they do every bit in their power, and more, to make the wedding of your dreams a reality.

There are some wedding venues which do a great job of hosting the wedding and it can’t find anything to complain about. Then there are some wedding venues which will have you feeling extra special, not just on the day of the wedding, but for every time you think about your special day. Not only is it a perfect aesthetic placement for your wedding day, but it is also the perfect addition to your forever memory. Choosing Chicago Marriott O'Hare as your wedding venue of choice will ensure that your wedding day is one of the dreams. When all of the guests have left and when you finally head out with your brand new spouse, chasing your happily-ever-after, you will leave with a heart full of memories and eyes full of dreams!

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